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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Zunar, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Zunar Augur

    Soo, make Feralgia (Akalit's Feralgia) spell instant cast already...pls
    Focused paragon of spirits AA - Make this work on self if the mob is targeted pls (like many clickies work already)
    An FD ability with a fade would be swell, now that TL don't work on raids.

    One idea...maybe a proc buff ability, which procs a 6 second duration bloodlust ability, for some sustained dps flavor.
    An activated twinproc ability on a timer wouldn't be terrible either.

    Else...the standard upgrades I'd think...
  2. smash Augur

    Pact of wurine, 5k hps/mana/endurance upgrade, +5% accuracy, 85% haste like pact of wolf.

    Group bestial alignment, let the effect that hit beastlord/warder be better than what hit the group, the gba was nerfed let get some of it back.
  3. Waldagar Augur

    Focused clamor of claws could use an upgrade.
    Fero could use an upgrade. (More lucky crits, increased proc rate, ...)
    Would like to see more 2HB AA upgrades.
    Increase the duration on the pet heal proc.
    An upgrade to summon companion AA that doesn't break invis.
    Make clerics jealous and combine all three pet heals into one (Big direct, HoT, Delayed). Make the mana cost high and keep it "BST Only".
    AA to have Bloodlust also fire on the Warder, aka Shared Bloodlust. (Group version would be OUTSTANDING)
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  4. Garmr Elder

    Revisit mana cost on our spells and tune. Constantly OOM, with a bard singing mana, FoS and normal Para constantly on refresh. Maybe Im just terrible...hah
  5. smash Augur

    Bloodlust has NOTHING to do with group whatsoever. It should NOT do anything for group only warder/bst.

    About combined heal.. there situations you cannot use direct heals without wiping the raid, so that would have to be new spell. Not sure that is worth it.

    New focused claw is long overdue.

    Would like companion unity to also cast the offensive pet buff, but also a new unity that cast protection instead of offensive.
  6. Tuco Journeyman

    lol @ Group Bloodlust

    I guess it still wouldn't be as powerful as Dichotomic Fury, so why not?
  7. smash Augur

    Not sure there is need for change to mana cost for spells. The mana costs seem fair from my point of view. For any class it is about management of your resources.
  8. Waldagar Augur

    How about an AA that increases the chance of getting 4 temp pets when casting our spell? Five ranks of 20AA for a 4% increase for a total of 20% increase. It could be a minor bump to sustained.

    How about an AA that decreases the amount of spell grey out when casting DoTs? Am I the only one annoyed by fast casting spells that gray out the other spells for so long?
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  9. Suffer Journeyman

    More 2 hand AA please.
    Focused Paragon casting on myself if i have a NPC targeted would be super nice.
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  10. Waldagar Augur

    AA to upgrade our synergy to affect throwing/archery.
  11. Mazame Augur

    Please no.. I like the way it is. The last thing I want to have to do is get more weapons each exp to test and decide if I am going 1 hand or 2 hand and then flip flopping .
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  12. Tenken Elder

    Instead of group proc bloodlust, what about a group buff that act similar to the [Blood drinker's coating] heals base on the dmg per hit (5%) with the same duration as the click(3 mins)?

    AA: Unleash - Summon a secondary warder (flagged as a swarm pet) doesn't despawn (dies - when player dies or zones):
    --Course it be somewhat weak but a little beefy in hp, doesn't get benefits of buffs and what not--

    Now that swarm pets can be controlled with command (somewhat-should be possible to do something like this)

    AA: Companion's Discipline: /pet Swarmoff - back swarm pets off ---^^^


    AA: Grow (still for laughs)

  13. Mazame Augur

    With all the hot keys we are pushing already I would like to see them reduces rather then added to.

    AA: Unleash - I would rather see our swarm pets get beefed up a bit. Having more and more pets would just add to lag and other issue on raids. Having to control 2 miss behaving pets on raid would also be a night mare. you would need two /pet back off /pet attack keys because if you have 2 pets and want one to back off but not the other. We are becoming the new bard with all the other things we have to maintain and click. another pet would just make it a nightmare.

    AA: Companion's Discipline: /pet Swarmoff = not sure why this would be needed. On raids if I need my swarm off a target I just target something else and tell the swarm to it attack it instead.
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  14. Mazame Augur

    The #1 thing I would like to see is a Pet Tab. like the merc tab.
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  15. Waldagar Augur

    An additional rank of pet discipline that would make swarm pets honor ghold would be great.
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  16. Lifeshriek Elder

    Shorten reuse on our Venon's Vindication AA line down to 6 minutes.
    Meaningful choices on our skill/AA abilities such as Dragon Punch/Gorilla Smash with something like
    1000% accuracy mod for self skill attacks versus something like a Venomous Covenant type effect on Bite of the Asp that can trigger when 2 or more Beastlords have Bite of the Asp on the mob in question.
    Raise the hit mod % on our Feralgia/Growl lines of spells.
    Instant cast time for Feralgia/Growl lines of spells.
    Instant cast time for our nukes.
    A self only (hopefully stronger) version of Focused Paragon of Spirits that shares the reuse timer with Focused Paragon of Spirits.
    Group Bloodlust AA that shares the force proc effect with the group and autocasts a force twinproc effect on the beastlord who triggered it.
    A variation on Venomous Covenant that when it fulminates gives the caster a mana kick back rather than a damaging effect. Could possibly trigger from our nukes.
    Proc self mana boost from life tap procs on our h2h weapons.
    Proc self Hundred Hands effect when using 2 handed weapons.
    Proc self Force Proc effect when using 1 hand blunt weapons.
    Add a nuke component to the Endemic disease dot line.
    Focused Clamor of Claws upgrade.

    Summon Companion AA already doesn't break invis, by the way.
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  17. Suffer Journeyman

    Might want to check it out. I already parse higher on a full burn with a 2 hander. I am guessing overhasted and flurrying like crazy with Ruaabri's and Dichto in order makes the difference.
  18. Zunar Augur

    Pondering more, I'd like to see Savage Rancor disc timer halved, so we can use it more.
    Back when they nerfed Spell casting reinforcement AAs to exclude combat abilities (guessing to cut down defensive ability timers), our Savage Rancor disc got it's duration cut from 1min 10secs to 36 secs.
    We had that for years and years and suddenly it got taken away.
    This is abit lackluster now tbh, so either extend it back or, make it faster refresh (would be my choice).

    So much running around is required these days on raid mechanics, we are given less and less time to just stand there a burn dps as I guess extending the timer is the worse choice, if given one :)
  19. smash Augur

    With the introduction of evolving items and no type 3 slots on them, put those on visible armor as well or combine some of the type 3 shards.
  20. Zunar Augur

    Promised pet heal...could this be merged with pet heal over time spell and shorten the timer and beefen up the heal / tick.
    Or make promised heal cast on self and hot spell on pet.
    As it stands now both the promised heal and pet hot are lackluster and don't fit in the spell gem bar.
    They are obsoleted and stagnated beyond usefulness and we get new spells like alliance and dicho...not enough space on spell bar.
    Merging spells ftw. Could merge some nukes too perhaps.
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