Next EQ expansion be more EQ

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    Can the next EQ expansion be more EQ.

    It's very broad but the EQ expansions of late haven't really had that EQ touch.
    One thing is Charms, rather than being EQ like, its all bland, and other MMORPGs.

    Charm, increases in power when you wear armor from this expansion.

    It's like the current expansions are setting the tone, got people to accept low quality effort. Lack of creativity. EQ in its early days was all about creativity. Doing the hard things.
    Talking about weather, game will be include unique weather system, to set the bar high.

    Lately, the bar is set very low and everyone is accepting of it.
    Increases in power when you wear from this expansion. Zero creativity, couldn't think of anything else so we just use this very low bar that they got everyone to accept.

    Please be more EQ in the next EQ expansion.
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  2. Hekaton Augur

    making all the charms 64 bits would be a good start
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  3. Soulbanshee Augur

    There are 3 charm types per tier, with each type having a distinct power method. "Unique" charms stopped being made because everyone min/maxing wasn't using them, and they were just generating complaints because they weren't able to always be at max power.

    Would you go back to using a charm that powered up to how much coin you carried (which is nothing in modern game)? One that powered whether it was day or night (which would be not at all on Luclin)? One that powered according to how encumbered you were (again nothing in modern game)? One that powered according to how many players were in your group (I think I remember this being a thing)? When its raining (people love to cancel rain while they are grinding in a zone)? Or would you continue just choosing the charm that had max power from the least amount of work?

    Devs take feedback from players sometimes for new ideas. If the armor method were completely dropped next year, what would you create to replace it that wouldn't be complained about being too difficult to max comparatively?

    You can miss the old days, but unique mechanics stop being made when they are continually passed over. Creativity has been re-focused elsewhere than mechanic itemization.
  4. Cicelee Augur

    Hot take- there will never be an original content expansion like TBL was. It will all be rehashed expansions with some old zones revamped combined with a couple new ones.
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  5. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

  6. Celephane Augur

    What? You mean the modern expansion that had a carbon copy of Plane of Fire, not even remade but exact... then a remade version of Plane of Air. I don't complain about these things, they don't bother me, but your statement sure does. Did you even do it?
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  7. uberkingkong Augur

    Exactly my point, you listed the creativity from the game.
    Modern MMOs they are 100% all about min/max mindset like you mentioned.

    Wheres the creativity?

    Also, I do not have full set of ToL gear, does that mean I should not use the charm because its only useful if you have full set of ToL gear.
    You assume everyone has full set gear too. I'd benefit more from "the more full you are the more it gains" than a "wear expansions specific gear for more power"

    Conflagrant, to 125 charm (next expansion if it remains bland) "expansion specific", thats a big gap.
    The one thing many many many of you here on the forums do not take into consideration is people catching up, not already at end game.
    Probably going to have to wait for a saving grace expansion like TBM 2.0.

    TBM was a creative expansion. Had perfect model for returners, people catching up.
    But what they do? Go into CoV, or RoF model?
    Low bar setting,
    Increases in power when you wear stuff from the expansion?

    Do they ever think long term? 3 years from now? You think people will be all in on some expansion gear or a mixture? That's their flaw.

    Again, many many many of you here on the forums do not take into consideration is people catching up. What do you expect? People goto 106 they buy full conflagrant gear, now 111 buy full velious gear, now at 116 buy full tol gear? Thats a lot of plat, and people catching up don't have that kind of plat. The charms they aren't as powerful as if it was something else where its EASIER to control than be determined on how much plat you have to be able to get a full set of expansion specific gear. Also, complete more quests/missions? Get that garbage outta here.

    Also, creativity is swapping out, say charm works in night, swap it for the day charm. There is NO ROLEPLAYING with a wear expansion specific.
    EQ is a RPG not a min/max mindset raiders circuit.
    Make EQ more like EQ in the next expansion.

    That's just gear though. Theres more to expansion than gear, like I mentioned earlier, rainfall,
    Weather is on Imago-Qeom's to-do list. And I know I spelled his name wrong. Sorry...
    My first MMORPG I ever played was the original Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC). I was immediately drawn into this game because of its huge environments, real-time weather/day and night, cool enemies, and how easy it was to play/communicate with other individuals
    and EQ set the standard is because the newer MMORPG’s take everything EQ did and they tried to improve upon it.
    EQ hasn't been setting any standard as of late. It's been in low bar expectations mode and people are cozy with that.

    Make EQ more like EQ in the next expansion.
  8. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You talk like they had a crystal ball, predicting the future. NO ONE thought EverQuest would last this long. So many MMOs/Games have done everything right, yet still failed. It's against all odds thatEverQuest has the staying power it does. You'd do well to remember that.
  9. Fanra

    It's not easy to drain the swamp when you are up to your behind in alligators.

    EQ devs want to be creative. It's just not easy when you have enough work for 30 hour days to get done. The sad fact is that there are not enough devs to do the job beyond just getting the expansion out.

    At this point, we are lucky the game is still here and still issuing expansions.

    Go back 15 years and look at the expansions.

    Seeds of Destruction (released October 21, 2008) zones:

    Bloody Kithicor
    Citadel of the Worldslayer
    City of Dranik
    Field of Scale
    Kaesora Hatchery
    Kaesora Library
    Korafax, Heart of Discord
    Korascian Warrens
    Kurn's Stronghold
    Oceangreen Hills
    Oceangreen Village
    Old Blackburrow
    Old Bloodfields
    Old Commonlands
    Old Highpass Hold
    Rathe Council Chambers
    Temple of Bertoxxulous
    The Precipice of War
    The Void

    Look at all those zones. Night of Shadows (2022) we get seven zones. And they are mostly rehashes of older zones.

    It's not that they don't want to be creative. They do. There just isn't the time and people to do so.
  10. Buds Augur

    I thought you were going to say be more EQ, like EQ was when it came out. Talking about charms lol, charms are not EQ. EQ used to feel like a real world when it came out. Deserts, jungles, dungeons, plains etc.. Now it feels more like we are playing a Star Trek game, with all the aliens and other non sense. EQ being EQ would bring back the feel of being in a real world and traveling around it. Not beaming up to another planet and fighting some aliens. Just lost the feel that it had long ago, that made EQ last for decades. It was more like dungeons and dragons, rather than planets and aliens.
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  11. Iven Suggestions Bard

    I would definetly like a new expansion in the style of 1999 but with textures that have a higher resolution and with doors and tunnels where you dont have to duck or getting stuck when playing a big race. Zones likes Unrest, BB and Felwithe are iconic and could be used as templates for the three base zone types: Dungeon, outdoor, city.

    While rehashing TSoL is a good idea, the project is to big for such a small dev team. Splitting it into about five expansions is way to much because players do already get bored with the second part of a sequel just like it happened with EoK & RoS and ToV & CoV.
  12. uberkingkong Augur

    Gear, weather, lack of content, dungeons.

    Speaking of dungeons, Mines of Nurga place is litered with nameds. Pretty much every mob was a ph'er, and those nameds drop 3 unique items.
    Nowadays we have lack of diverse gear. Everyones wears the same stuff due to lack of diverse gear.

    I remember EQ days, whats that your wearing. I never seen that before.

    Now its like ah ToL gear. Refer to it by expansion because lack of diverse gear, its all tiered.

    Lazy gear approach, container and put in a item
    Lazy charm approach, quests/missions in this expansions increases power. 5 years from now someone catching up, I don't want to do quests/missions I'm trying to get to 135. Well sorry if you didn't do quests/missions from 106-110 111-115, etc. You don't get no power, basically no charm for a long time.
    10 nameds? thats it.
    using the lazy approach
    1 Tier 1 item for each thing.
    container for armor
    same procs and everything

    You thought spells are getting lazy, well weapons, armor, those too are getting lazy.

    Mine as well make EQ3 if next expansion is going to be
    Another set of containers for armors with same kind of stats focus
    Another set of spells same stats and focus
    Zone is pretty much 2.0 zone

    Mine as well make EQ3 if your just going to make 2.0 zones and do the same gear/spells over again.
    Put a lot of effort into 64bit, put a lot of effort into UI. What would that effort look like if it was spent into EQ3?

    Make the next expansion be like EQ.
  13. Febb Augur

    Please Daybreak, give us the same content that we got way back then, when the company was huge and we had multiple developers doing items. Just make the selected few developers you got work 100 hours a week to give us the same content, I'm sure they won't quit. Upgrade your developers brains to 64 bit!
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  14. filthytlpplayer Elder

    Please Daybreak, keep charging us the same annual price, but deliver less and less content year after year. Less content would be acceptable if it cost less. SoD was $39.99, the most recent expansion is $34.99 for half the zones. Is there really only a $5 disparity in "amount of content" between the two? Factor in things like mercs and new zone geometry in SoD while doing the math.
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  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Each year costs go up for Daybreak and the price stays the same. Just saying. Nothing wrong with asking for more but lets keep it in perspective.
  16. DeadRagarr Augur

    You can have all the Diverse gear you want, and it doesn't matter. People play by META and BIS now. People didn't in the past, because well players were worse in the past.

    You can say Types 5 augments are technically your "choice" for gear, but in the end it comes down to "Use this template for this class since its mathematically the best". It isn't 1999 anymore, and even on P1999 they have full BIS lists for every single class so in the end you would all look the same anyway.
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  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Creativity? When players express their dislike of the variable stat charms and refuse to use them? It isn't the MMO's that have that mindset rather it is the players themselves. And few players want items that randomly change in power as they play.
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  18. Celephane Augur

    So you are saying the 3rd expansion, "Shadows of Luclin" ruined it all for you?
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  19. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    HALAS BASED EXPANSION w/ Tribunal End Boss --"DROPS MIC and walks away"
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  20. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Software cost is all in the design. copies and distribution are functionally free. 100,000 people paying a combined $3.5 million will get you more design work than 10,000 raising only $350 thousand.