NEW Yelinak PST Guild

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by BoblohBlah123, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. BoblohBlah123 New Member

    Raid times updated!

    Tuesday, Thursday at 8:30 and Sunday at 7:30 PST!
  2. BoblohBlah123 New Member

  3. The Brit Canuck New Member

    bump, going strong!
  4. ISupportGuilds Journeyman

    Great group of people. All over the spectrum when it comes to skill and playtime. Something for everyone so far that I can tell!
  5. ISupportGuilds Journeyman

    I hear if you sign up early you might get featured on YT!
  6. The Brit Canuck New Member

    still going very strong, have approx 78 mains signed up to date! still plenty of room and plenty of time to come join us!
  7. The Brit Canuck New Member

  8. c313 Augur

    Best (and only?) Late PST on the server

    Continue the 1 shots
  9. Trizek Augur

    Stop Yelinak Us

    great name choice
  10. The Brit Canuck New Member

  11. The Brit Canuck New Member

    Nows the time to join prior to Kunark - still lots going on!
  12. Quik Augur

    So I am curious, I am playing a druid with the intention to make a Shaman when Kunark drops. The druis is only lvl 26 but he is only 2 days old so I've been grinding away.

    You said DKP would be the method for raiding, by entire reason for coming back to EQ was to play a Bst when they drop in SoL and I was wondering, if I play the druid or shaman in raids and earn DKP, would that DKP transfer to my Bst?
  13. The Brit Canuck New Member

    hi quik

    yes you can transfer dkp - we have that all explained in our discord! come in and say hi and ask anyquestions!
  14. The Brit Canuck New Member

    still going very strong! prepping to do VP very soon now!

    join our discord , come say hi as the original and only prime PST guild is here for the long haul!