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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Gortar Augur

    It was a decision, right or wrong. Similar to having OMM grant you xp from 65-85 insantly. I believe the gear was irrelevant, but jumping 20 levels was a bit of a mistake :)
  2. Tarrin Augur

    As a self proclaimed super casual player, how much current raiding experience do you have? In any expansion.

    Or is everything 2nd hand knowledge?

    The way I see it, is you haven't given any valid argument as to why orc pawns and dragons should drop the same exact loot items. I think "time investment" should never be the only factor involved when calculating what should drop what.
  3. Phrett Augur

    I think by now everyone is pretty much disregarding his comments anyhow
  4. Tarrin Augur

    Its a slow day and I need something to distract myself from this beat down Tennessee is giving South Carolina atm.
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  5. Gortar Augur

    How much current? Oh 1-2 RoF raids, all the anniversary stuff. 1 CoTF raid. I skipped VOA entirely.

    As you state, my experience in the matter is limited. I tend to not punch my way out of paper sacks to gain that experience though.
  6. Gortar Augur

    I sure could use a raid force right now.. moloing the enraged feralings is kinda hard ;(

    They hit alot harder than the TOFS raid adds do :>
  7. Cicelee Augur

    Numbers are fun. They can be manipulated and twisted around to make whatever point a person wishes to make. Here are the numbers I am most interested in:

    1. How many of each of these rare drops are entering into each server per week.

    2. Elidroth stated T1/T2 quality raid loot. But all the pieces that have been linked are T4 quality raid loot. Which is it supposed to be?
  8. Gortar Augur

    That says to me Elidroth is looking into what gear is dropping in relation to what he/they thought was being done.

    Edit: I can't get quotes to work for me.. read page 12 :)
  9. junglenights Augur

    Yes you're right, but the decimal value (for the ratio) is 0.0002. I just mistakenly added '%' to it.

    0.02% is just confusing to me. 0.0002 or 1/5000 is clearer for some reason. I guess I'm just not used to thinking like that. 1% = 1/100, 0.1% = 1/1000, 0.01% = 1/10000 <- drill this into my head.
  10. junglenights Augur

    I like this comment, but...

    This assumes they don't do the 0.02% check ONCE per kill (and then randomly rewarding one of them).

    I've also NEVER been rewarded more than one defiant piece per kill.
  11. Abazzagorath Augur

    It isn't giving loot to the masses. People are being dumb. This is a great thing, it is a lottery ticket chance on every mob. Its fun, and doesn't hurt raiding one bit.

    But if t1/t2 rof level stuff is supposed to be dropping, it does not seem to be.
  12. Cerris Augur

    Trivia time - defiant actually has two loot tables and it is possible to get a piece of defiant armor and a defiant weapon from the same NPC. I think I've seen it happen exactly twice. :)
  13. Bigbear Augur

    i am one of those that you have seen complaining about raid gear being to much... and i am not happy about this raid gear dropping in group content.... however... if i killed the mob that had this gear on it... i certainly would be wearing it .. its not group gear its raid gear... so i am not happy about it but i would still wear it cuz i still earned it by killing what dropped it...1-4 raid level items isnt making me over powered for any group zones

    and i really dont think the raiders sky is falling if groupers get 1-4 raid level pieces of gear

    the worse part of these new items is that they are attunable... so its not that soe is catering to us casual groupers... but to the plat farmers that will be selling these items for 3-5 million pp..
  14. Yinla Augur

    The raids themselves aren't hard, but the mobs in them are, they hit stupidly hard with insane wild rampage, which is why raiders need raid gear. Even with raid gear there are still events where players take multi deaths, but the raid manages to recover to proceed.

    The only thing which has got easier is the decrease in emotes and stupid annoying mechanics. I just hope those mechanics will now stop finding it into the group game. Though I do miss jumping out the temple window. :)
  15. Axxius Augur

    Please clarify: is it 1/5000 chance to drop one random item from that table, or does each item have a separate 1/5000 chance to drop?
    • A) Killing 5000 mobs (on average) yields one of these items.
    • B) Killing 5000 mobs (on average) yields approx. 1 copy of each of these items.
    As you see, the difference is very significant. If there are 10 items on that table (people from Test say there are 11), then the B option means you only need to kill about 500 mobs to get one of these items. That's not rare at all. And since they are tradable, you can get a full set of them after about 5000 kills (trade the duplicates for the ones you miss).

    Even if the answer is A, that is still not 'VERY VERY' rare for an item of that quality. Even a casual group can kill far more than 5000 mobs in 1 week. Raiders don't get anywhere near to averaging 1 raid loot every week. Not only you break one of the major design principles of this game ("raid loot can only be obtained by raiding"), but you also create a way to obtain raid loot FASTER THAN BY RAIDING.

    Why? Please explain this decision.
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  16. Tarrin Augur


    Dropped for me a few minutes ago.
  17. Falos Augur

    Based on Item database numbers its looking like there are around 40 different rare drops (this is a rough estimate though but i know for sure it is more than 11, the 11 rare drops in question are tied to the plane of war and are separate from this i believe.

    The lowest item number ID in the database of rare drops discovered thus far:
    The highest item number ID in the database of rare drops discovered thus far: (Terebro)

    Item ID 93864 is a heroic character food item, 93865 has yet to be discovered and is *probably* a rare item

    The range from 93866 to 93903 is 37 though, so there are presumably at least 37 items (more if there are items that come after terebro)
  18. Xirtket Augur

    I found the differences, Lore/No Trade!! what do I win?!
  19. Xirtket Augur

    Shouldn't the aug slot read slot 7?
  20. Falos Augur

    But that would mean that the dev had to do more than just change the items name and color of the icon.
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