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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Monkman, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Monkman Augur

    Finished the "Skull of Null" about 30 minutes ago...

    First off.. the 2HB (OT hammer) and Skull of Null have had their slots mixed up.... the 2hb should be Primary and the Skull should be Charm slot. Currently that makes the OT hammer the best charm in the game at 9k H/M/E I know that's not intended.

    Upon further review, the skull was able to click from inventory.

    Thank you.
  2. svann Augur

    Where did you get that quest?
  3. Monkman Augur

    Gnome in the caves just past the "earring" room.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yup., I oopsed. Sorry!
    Somewhere in there the items got partially swapped, and I thought I fixed everything, but I missed the equip slots :/

    It will be fixed.
  5. Bregan D'aerthe Journeyman

    Can those items be upgraded to raid format(Invested) with a Element of Kunark or a Flawless Diamond ?

    Also dont forget to put aug slots
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yeah. I ran out of time and didn't get the recipes in. The items exist, just not the way to get them.
    Sorry again. Part of the "got this done very last minute" and... I missed the aug slots. I'll add it to the bug.
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  7. Viperangels New Member

    Any hints or anything as to where the Required pieces drop or where they can be farmed at?
  8. Kohnn Elder

    Any chance of adding rogue to the Skull of Null. We're usually on the list with those classes, wasn't sure if it was missed as well.
  9. kinafe New Member

    What zone is this Gnome in?. cant seem to find him...
  10. Monkman Augur

    Veeshan's Peak just past Elder Ekron, something I noticed today about the rewards... seems like the reason rogue and bard are missing is because those classes on skull should actually be on the OT hammer which will ultimately be a 2HB weapon.. something unusable for rogues and bards. It seems seems however the charm (skull) will be ALL/ALL
  11. Lianeb Augur

    The spell cast on the skull is WAY under level. Can we get it to remove beneficial enchantments also verse normal dispell.
    Because the clicks is on a charm item you to equip it to cast it. Once equipped you can cast from inventory at least until you zone then have to equip again
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  12. Malstic New Member

    I have the quest, so where do you find a transiting stone at? Never see 1 drop from any mob in VP
  13. Orbital101 Augur

    Note: Rares as chance to drop the quest piece. They dont always drop it)
    Kluzen the Protector -> Inqisitorma Calcesa -> Kill Mudites -> Hoarded Worker Sledgemallet

    Milyex Vioren -> Inqisitorma Calcesa -> Kill Ghosts, Skeletons-> Sarnak Focus of the Elemental Deathseeker

    Ellarr Stormcloud -> Inqisitorma Calcesa -> Kill Karzoks -> Hoarded Blood Orchid Katana

    Elder Ekron -> Inqisitorma Calcesa -> Kill Skorpikis -> Skull of Null

    Travenro the Skygazer -> Inqisitorma Calcesa -> Kill Ghosts, Skeletons-> Apothic Dragon Spine hammer

    You get a text message after each kill that X quest as been updated if you do kill the right type of mobs.
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  14. Jumbur Augur

    Hmm, no aug-slots at all, maybe they really are phasing out proc-augs...:confused:
  15. Yinla Augur

    Ngreth posted else where he forgot to add them, they are on his list. :)
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  16. Brohg Augur

    as super as it would be to wield, I expect the 9k damage proc on the Katana isn't its final number, either, considering the "Hornscale Debacle"?
  17. Zerku New Member

    Does the 'ph namers' drop other quest bits, anyone knows?
  18. Fintank Augur

    I think all rangers everywhere would have a synchronized jean cream if Ranger was added to the Caster 2hb, either of those effects would be supah tight! Since we are constantly casting (heavy mana user) and have no class abilities to recover mana whatsoever. Wishful thinking, assuming we will just have to guard our precious Tome of the Obulus for the foreseeable future! :p
  19. blood & gufts Augur

    Sure rangers probably would, but then you would have to remove your bow, remove your melee skills ;-)
  20. Fintank Augur

    Well not really, all hybrids with the exception of Ranger already have a low-ish reuse timer mana back ability.

    Paladins - Marr's Gift = 35k mana back on a 10 minute refresh timer (I think, might be 15)

    Shadow Knights - Thought Leech = If no crits this is what 40k mana back minimum on a 20 minute refresh timer (I think, maybe a little less?) To a lesser extent they also have the group abilities like Vicious Bite of Chaos and Soul Flay which are decent sustained mana back resources.

    Beastlords - Consumption of Spirit = 17k mana back on 3 minute refresh timer. Even throwing out Paragons for self which most use this is pretty good. Also a melee DPS type like Ranger.

    Bards - Rallying Solo = I realize this is a dumb example but never the less it does exist and is a possibility for a bard to do for themselves.

    Rangers - Flowing Etheric Natureward Coat (BP) - 1500 mana "HOT" Maximum of 7500 total mana back every 10 minutes whilst cutting DPS by 25% for 30s.

    As you can see Rangers and Bards are quite neglected in this area. Allowing rangers to use a 7500 mana back click every 6 minutes would certainly help to close the gap in where other hybrids are currently at. Bards are weird so I don't know how they would be helped in this but they are also a hybrid so didn't want to leave out.

    Math time! If a ranger used this on CD (They would) on a 20 minute event here's how it would look in regards to other Hybrids using theirs on CD.
    Ranger - Total of 22,500 mana back for event. (3 Clicks, If using terrible COTF BP total of 30k)
    Beastlord - Total of 102k mana back for event. (Consumption only, no self paragons.)
    Paladins - Total of 70k mana back for event. (Assuming 10 minute recast, 35k if 15 minute.)
    Shadow Knights - Total of a bare minimum of 40k. (All the mana back stuff frightens me math wise.)
    Bards - I'm so sorry, we still love you.

    As you can see when it comes to sustained mana upkeep even using the only other class specific mana regen click Rangers have we still fall well below the other hybrids (Except Bards) WITH this new clickie. Also the focus effect on the new item seems to be 150 less mana back on the proc than the Tome of Obulus, so not exactly winning awards in another department other than the clickie in regards to mana.

    Save me Ngreth you're my only hope!

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