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  1. Bobbybick Augur

    Patch notes aren't posted yet so here's most of it that I copied. I have underlined things that have a big effect on TLP servers. Pls forgive typos as I was in a hurry.

    May 17, 2017

    -Corrected a bug where some types of throwing items could not be placed in bandolier containers
    -- Bandolier Containers will now increase the speed of throwing attacks in teh same fashion that quivers increase the speed of archery attacks.
    -- The 'Bandoleer of Luclin' has been renamed 'Bandolier of Luclin' and has had its weight reduction reduced from 100% to 10%
    - Corrected a bug where 'Darkened Blackburrow Trinket' could only reach 98% of its potential power
    - In classic zones (Velious and earlier), many weapons, shields, and other held items have reverted ot their classic appearance.


    -Non-progression servers can now create imbued Black sapphire Silver Necklaces.

    **Quests & Events**

    -Fixed an issue where a number of achievements (primarily those in Rain of Fear) would not complete as expected.
    - Atrebe Raid: Everything Reborn achievement Fix
    - Hardcore Heritage zone, Sebilis will be available 5/16 to 6/20.
    -- Anniversary decorations in PoK will take no more than one minute to popualate or depopulate when the anniversary has started or ended.
    - Demi Lich Skullcap (Quest) - It is no longer possible to have quest or dialogue interactions with Ixpacan or Harbinger Glosk related to this quest until you have handed in the necromancer sullcap to Ixpacan.
    - All necromancer skullcap (quests) - Quest steps that require handing in a skullcap can no logner be multiquested.
    - The details and dates of many seasonal, anniversary, and other special events have been changed. See the in-game calendar for details.
    -- Bunch of holiday stuff im not going to type

    - Most lower level druid and shaman DoT spells now do as much or slightly more damage as the equivalent spell plus the two spells before it when the spells originally stacked. Mana cost of these spells have increased accordingly.
    -- These changes apply to the shaman Curse, Blood of Saryn, and Breath of Ultor lines and the druid Sunscorch and Stinging Swarm lines.
    - Corrected a bug that prevented some combat abilities that trigger a short-duation buff on the caster from being usable while a disciple was running.
    - Frenzied resolve has been changed to function as a discipline and has been renamed "Frenzied Resolve Discipline".

    - Fixed a kobold that was spawning outside the world in nagafan's lair.
    - Classic monsters across norrath celebrate! In classic zones (Lost Dungeons of Norrath and earlier), many creatures have reverted ot their classic appearance. This includes the following models: Skeletons, bat, rat, snake, spider, drake, orc, goblin, puma, lion, kobold, zombie, mummy, basilisk/gator, spectre, and wolf.

    **Progression Servers**
    -The enchanter spell Apathy is now avaialble when Planes of Power unlocks.
    - Agents of Change on the Agnarr server will take on a more thematically appropriate appearance.
    -Calendar events on the Phinigel and Agnarr servers will show when future expansions will unlock.
    - Maestro of Rancor (Raid) - Pre and post revamp versions of Maestro will now have MoTM and can use MooTW.
    - Innoruuk (Raid) - Post revamp version of Innoruuk can use MooTW.


    - Addressed an issue where sometimes Replay Timers were improperly increased.
    - Addressed an issue that could cause Real estate Anchors to not properly function.
    - Hunter and raid achievements have been added for original Everquest and Ruins of Kunark zones.
  2. MaestroM Augur

    I was bracing for bad news...

    I am so excited!
  3. Protocol Augur

    Please extend the skeleton changes to Necro pets.
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  4. Bobbybick Augur

    If I had a necro of the appropriate level I would test that for you when the servers came up. I'm hopeful that the pet models will also revert when the owner is in the older zones.

    Test is up, I'm running around checking out the replaced models.
  5. Syllestrae Elder

    Does that fix the shaman dot dmg issue?

    I like the old NPC models :)
  6. Dandy Augur


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  7. Brelic Elder

    they should just make all models pre-ldon optional instead of forcing it on people.
  8. Jaera Augur

    I'm running around Gates of Discord and not seeing any AoCs...

    The more time we have to poke at these, the more time we can find glaring bugs. Any word on these devs?

    Edit: Found an AoC! Txevu looks like its instanced!
  9. Bobbybick Augur

    So pets are still the new models for those that asked. And the hunter achievements for Classic/Kunark are EXTENSIVE, they even got ol Dunedigger and King Xorbb on there!

    Good luck completing all of those ;)
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  10. Xanathol Augur

    Was hoping with this change that troll beastlords would get their aligator pets back but sadly, they did not.
  11. Brelic Elder

    Are the classic models a toggle or they are mainstream for everyone?
  12. Bobbybick Augur

    All the NPC models in the oldworld are the old models by default, I don't believe there is any way to toggle between new/old.
  13. Brelic Elder

    Is your stream still up? Keeps saying your streaming but when try to watch says your offline.
  14. Bobbybick Augur

    No, I finished checking out the old models.
  15. Raltar Augur

    They going to make us use the ugly old player models, too? I'm not a fan since I can't opt out of it.
  16. Bobbybick Augur

    Those are still a toggleable option that each player can choose what new/old player-character models they want to see.
  17. Aegir Augur

    Damn and they put Shellara Ebbunter in Kedge keep too. Ouch!
  18. Bobbybick Augur

    And Bilge Farfathom in Dagnor.

    I thought it was pretty funny that Lord Grimrot in South karana got tagged too, gonna be some mad clerics that try to do Aegis of Life.
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  19. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Thank goodness they brought back the stuff that really makes the game feel like it's in its heyday!

    For me, it was never the sanctioned RMT or the rampant automation that made the game lose its charm. It was the new skeleton models.
  20. Brelic Elder

    Don't worry I'm sure hey will take away that option to; in a future patch...

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