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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Mendel, May 17, 2023.

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  1. Corinthus New Member

    Fix this dumpster fire of a UI revamp that's been forced on us.
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  2. Fenanebae Terrwyn Lorekeeper

    What is really strange. Same UI, same PC, same EQ install, same account, UI is totally fine no issues on these characters. No flashing at all. It is only on my main character. Even tried deleting INI files and UI files no love.
  3. Bernel Augur

    Maybe that character has some kind of vision enhancement that the others don't. You could try removing your helm to see if that helps. Or maybe get a shroud, since that would get all your gear to a basic state.
  4. Bernel Augur

    Maybe that character has some kind of vision enhancement that the others don't. You could try removing your helm to see if that helps. Or maybe get a shroud, since that would get all your gear to a basic state.
  5. Joliet New Member

    My fix was to do the following:
    • Create new folder under Everquest/uifiles like disableNewUI
    • From Everquest/uifiles/default, copy EQUI_Inventory.xml, EQUI_QuantityWnd.xml, EQUI_SelectorWnd.xml, and EQUI_StoryWnd.xml to Everquest/uifiles/disableNewUI folder.
    • Launch EQ and enable the new disable UI skin by:
      • On Options->General tab click Load UI Skin button, then select disableNewUI skin, with Keep Your Layout option depressed, click Load Skin.<- OR->
      • Enter in chat window: /loadskin disableNewUI 1
    Thanks to Emilari for this.
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  6. Corinthus New Member

    Thanks, now I can play without my eyes hurting trying to read blurred and squished together text. I don't know if this only affects us poor 1080p users and it looks better on 1440 or 4k monitors, but I felt like my vision was going trying to look at that inventory window.
  7. Cloud the Third Augur

    The source of the flickering I believe is any new UI element that uses dispatch="InvSlots". The dispatch="SelectorWindow" actions don't seem to cause any flickering which leads me to believe there is some kind of issue in the InvSlots dispatcher. Anyone who can roll back the UI using the copy 4 old window UI files into a folder and load it avoid using this InvSlots dispatcher since it is only on the new UI elements. What this dispatcher is doing only a dev can say!
  8. Tserstrahd New Member

    Is there a fix for Radeon issue?
  9. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Curious, do you work for the company or are you a player?
  10. Emilari UI Designer

    I'm a player. I've been using and designing custom UI's for years, though most of my work remains unpublished at this time.
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  11. Leex Pewpewer

    You may call her the UI queen.
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  12. moldydruid New Member

    Getting the exact same thing with my inventory screen. Using an ATI card. Game is pretty unplayable right now and there doesn't seem to be a way to backout/opt out of the new UI.

    If you try to move a stack of items, the little pop up window is bugged too, so you cant move some stuff around even if you can guess where the slot ought to be.

    I was looking forward to playing the TLP this year but looks like that wont be in the cards.
  13. daBlubb Elder

    Perhaps not a bug: Normaly i play in fullscreen. Now testing windowed mode and i dont find a solution to hide the windows task bar. I like to play seemingless windowed, like in other games.
    In the option i can activate or deactivate "Overlap Windows Taskbar". This does nothing for me. Is this not working or is it just me?
  14. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Thank you very much for your dedication and lookin out! :)
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  15. Klucifer Journeyman

    Confirmed, it works on the side that indicates the stat (explaining what the stat is), but it does not work on the side of the actual number value of the stat (as Vynoth siad, you need X amount more...) Here is a video link for reference:
  16. Khaalm New Member

    Please fix the flickering, its going to give people seizures and headaches.
  17. StarSamurai New Member

    (Alt-Enter) Full Screen - Window goes black and minimizes to task bar. Window will not maximize.

    Only some windows scale (Inventory ....) all the others ignore UI scale settings (Hotbars, Chat, Bags, Ext Targeting, Player Stats, Target, Target of Target.

    Chat entry will not change size when you choose font size.
  18. Mendel Journeyman

    Full screen mode is very useful if you don't box. Alt-enter from the character select screen also prevents the windowed mode from rearranging your UI elements at the top and bottom of the screen. That's very important to me because of vision issues.
  19. Knifen Augur

    For sure if just playing 1 toon I would run in full screen too.

    The windowed mode rearranging is easy fix thou and can have both working no problem.

    If I do play in full screen using just one toon my ui is/was as i left it before i started 2 boxing. When i first went into windowed mode the ui was all over the place. Once I moved it to mirror my full screen setup and camped out normal no rush camp, it saved a windowed version. So now regardless it shows correctly no matter what way I load in.
  20. fortuneteller Augur

    only 4 windows are converted, why the scale is only on the 4
    There should be individual scale for each window, not use the same scale for them all
  21. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    You must have missed it.. for now (as Emilari and others said) , a fix is by finding 4 files in "Default" folder found in '' uifiles '' folder in your EQ folder.(EverQuest / uifiles / default )
    Copy the 4 files into your new folder (create one or custom UI folder )
    The 4 files are:

    There are a lot of files in default folder, so just search for the file name alone each time.
    Search Default folder for these 4 files, lets do one at a time:

    We are going to create a new folder on desktop by right clicking, chose new folder (I named it 'New folder on desktop')
    Open that folder, right click and chose paste so the EQUI_Inventory copies into it.

    Now back to default, you know how this works now, find the other 3 files one by one and right click copy, paste into New folder on desktop.


    The result will be 4 files in your New folder on desktop.
    We will get back to that in a minute. Lets continue below.

    Next step...
    Let's make a new folder in uifiles and rename it to BARD (for example)

    Find the folder in your EverQuest directiory UIFILES inside there will be a folder Default*

    Create another folder beside Default (not IN default), for our example we will call it "BARD" (You can not have spaces in the name)..Simply right click in uifiles off to the right side and chose New Folder.

    As you see below it made a New folder. Now we right click and rename typing BARD and hitting enter.
    You will end up with folders: default, classic_spell_icons, BARD and maybe one you created before like I did called 'myUI'.

    Now that we have BARD we are going back to the desktop to find 'New folder on desktop', copy the 4 files from it.

    ..and now back to BARD, right click and paste.

    You are done.

    Enter EQ

    In game type /loadskin. This will bring up 'Load a Skin' window. Select BARD make sure you see 'Keep my Layout' is IN and yellow. Click the Load button.


    Just a fyi, my custom UI " myUI " does not have anything it it customizing the 4 files:
    So I just copied them into "myUI'' and it worked. I have the normal inventory window back, no flickering UI when opening a bag, nice /chatfont on the stats ect. Also the Window Selector hides again so I can push it out side the window to hide the title bar.
    One bug is, the Window Selector shows my mail is lit up as if I had new mail. I'm not bothered to fix it.

    Sorry for the pictures, this is for the person(s) that has no clue what to do or custom UI's. As I spent a long time lastnight in game with Discord explaining this fix to someone else, I thought it would be better to SHOW others howto here..
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