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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Mendel, May 17, 2023.

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  1. Arial New Member

    Yeah, the flickering is annoying, but the blurry, smeared text font is the biggest issue for me. It's already given me a headache very quickly, and if I hadn't known they did a UI upgrade, I'd seriously be wondering if something was wrong and I needed to go to the optometrist ASAP for new glasses. It's so glaring, I don't understand how this made it to live.
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  2. Dadbod New Member

    This new ui is awesome... y'all are the bestesteestestess
  3. chocster Lorekeeper

    A friday discussion in the office...

    Boss: "O.k. EQ Staff, its friday, before we leave, did we work out all the bugs and input from the TEST and that new UI for EVERQUEST?. Its going live next

    Developer 1: "We didn't get to fixing any bugs or issues from test, BUT...we were
    able to change the font."

    Boss: "Whatever, I still get paid, See you guys Monday


    1. Flickering of inventory bags when opening them.
    2. lag spikes from various issues
    3.Crappy FONT
    GREAT ROLL OUT, was sooo ready for LIVE...
  4. Kudladar New Member

    I run a custom inventory window, no idea about html5 nor anything that this converter tool is/does or how to fix it. I'm assuming that my custom UI is still running cause it works but I get this message in UIErrors.txt which indicates to me that the game is NOT using the new interface. Tons of "rule errors" and I have no idea what that means or how to fix. I will not use default and looks like this is the end of my 23 years with EQ if this is the way the company is moving with the product.

    UIErrorLog created at Wed May 17 20:49:15 2023
    [Wed May 17 20:49:52 2023] Warning: Custom SUITE Inventory window file detected. Please consider removing this file, replacing it with a customized Gameface file if needed.
    [Wed May 17 20:49:52 2023] Warning: Custom SUITE QuantityWnd window file detected. Please consider removing this file, replacing it with a customized Gameface file if needed.
    [Wed May 17 20:49:52 2023] Warning: Custom SUITE SelectorWnd window file detected. Please consider removing this file, replacing it with a customized Gameface file if needed.
    [Wed May 17 20:49:52 2023] Warning: Custom SUITE StoryWnd window file detected. Please consider removing this file, replacing it with a customized Gameface file if needed.
    [Wed May 17 21:09:34 2023] Error: Could not find child SDW_SpellDurationLabel in window SpellDisplayWindow
  5. dreadlord Augur

    Came here to see if this was a general problem or a 'just me' thing....

    The flickering every time I close/open a bag is making whole aspects of the game very unpleasant to play, if not unplayable.

    Another 'new' thing - I've always been able to put any window 'on top' but just clicking on it - any of the chat windows, overseer window, pet etc etc. Now my inventory window and the window selector window seem stuck on top of anything/everything - ie I can't put my chat window over my inventory window (I like my inventory window open all the time, bit now I can't because it's just in the way ) - is this intentional? a bug? something else?

    Overall, a heap of things don't seem right after this patch. In addition to the above:
    toons are taking longer to load, especially from char select;
    I've always played in windowed mode which I resize frequently - ie every few minutes. That's always worked instantly - now it goes black for a few moments before opening at the new size;
    Generally everything 'feels' off, less precise, rather like i just substantially downgraded my graphics card (there may be a tech term for this, but I have no clue about such things)

    Edit: and as others have said the text on the inventory window is so blurry/fuzzy it's almost unreadable - like wearing someone else's prescription spectacles. Looks like something designed to give migraine!
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  6. Emilari UI Designer

    So, the top 4 errors are simply EQ saying "Hi, we've swapped from xml to html5 and we still see you are using xml files." Your custom pieces will need to be updated to the new html5 format if you want to continue using them after the new UI engine port is completed. For now, they can be ignored.

    The 5th error is an out-of-date custom SpellDisplayWindow that is missing an element.

    Nobody nowhere, including the devs has said "no more custom UI's ever!" They're simply changing the format; so... either contact whoever made your custom pieces, or if you are the author yourself, update them.

    Most custom UI authors are still trying to learn the new system and haven't pushed updates yet, which is fine since the old files should continue to work fine for now. The LayoutConverter tool however is still a hot non-functional mess which doesn't help people that are refusing to learn html5 manually.
  7. Inagaki Elder

    Alt-Enter with a 2 sec delay at Character Select Screen is acceptable.

    But Alt-Tab with the same 2 sec delay is the difference of life and death.

    This needs to be solved instead of being thrown into the backburner. They cannot force everyone to play in windowed mode. Full Screen mode needs to remain as an equally playable option.
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  8. Vizhip New Member

    Category: Other [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Wed May 17 23:44:43 2023

    Character: Level 86 Ranger
    Zone: Guild Lobby
    Location: 480.64, 20.14, 2.99, 426.80

    Description: Since the new release, any time I open a bag or close it and whenever I delete an object, several of the panes flicker (group, extended targets, buff window, etc.) This can be very annoying and bothersome with the eye that has retina issues, but so far I have been closing it and only using one eye. Still, this could present medical problems for many people that react to flickers like this.

    Please note that if you are boxing on the computer, the flickers are much worse than when playing a single account with no other programs running. Interestingly enough, if you have a bag open when deleting the object, it doesn't appear to flicker. I discovered this when deleting a rod spammed by the local mages.
    In addition, on my other computer it could not find my graphics DLL and looking at the error log it said Unable to load EQGraphicsDX9.DLL (126). To resolve that, I ended up uninstalling the Everquest game and reinstalling it so that it would load the DX9 graphics properly. Fortunately I saved the previous folder so that I could copy my character UI ini files over and not have to rebuild them from scratch. Once it had been rebuilt, it too displayed the flcking bug.
    Also note that on the reinstalled game, it did not flicker when altering windows between accounts being boxed, but when the flicker did occur, it was much worse than the other computer.
    Both computers are running Windows 10 Pro and have at least 6GB memory installed with older graphics cards that have at least 2GB on the card. The game is installed on a SSD drive and the system disk is also a SSD drive, but the game is installed on a separate drive. Both computers are using an Intel I-7 processor.
  9. Fanra

    They may have reset the Window Alpha > Normal Level & Faded Level. Right click on the window and see if you can change it back to what you want.
  10. Fanra

    Inventory window Tool Tips (on mouse hover over Stats and Inventory tab) are missing/nonfunctional.
  11. Cloud the Third Augur

    This is a fix that works for most people but not everyone and will roll back the changes, I have no flashing or overlap problems after doing it. For those with the white you may want to try right clicking and unchecking background->texture box beause I think some grahpic cards are having problem rendering the graphics. You can then go to background->tint and see if changing from default 255,255,255 white will allow you to at least see the white text. You may also want to try copying the default folder under uiresources to a new folder and go into the img folder and alter the png files for some of the graphics to jpg or something other than png (must go into the main.css file and find all references to the png version and change it to jpg or whatever you want to test) and see if that fixes the rendering issue. Not sure if that will fix anything because my graphic card is rendering it fine but just a thought to try testing.
  12. Vynoth New Member

    Rollover tooltips like "You need 2635 hDex for more accuracy!" (or however it goes) - are all gone in the new UI.
  13. scaethach Scholar

    I had the same experience. I've had chronic migraines since I was a child so I'm not surprised, it was not an exaggeration when I said it was a near-instant trigger for me. Thankfully for now I rolled back at the recommendation of the linked thread, but this is a real mess and needs to be addressed, hopefully keeping ADA compliance in mind.
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  14. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    It's you, everything is fine.. honest!
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  15. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I don't understand why anything changed, I didn't convert my UI, but still things changed.

    I've still got a copy of my all my Prior UI stuff on a pen drive from putting EQ on a new laptop in January. I'l fight with it later and try and get the whole UI back as it was. If I can do that then all I need to sort out is the delay from tabbing in and out.
  17. Aghinem Augur

    I thought I was going blind. I literally called my spouse at work and told her I need to schedule an appointment with my doctor. My blood pressure must be through the roof because I could see everything fine the day before, now its all blurry.

    .... then I come to find out about this.
  18. Cicelee Augur

    I wish I had a 2 second delay in game. Mine is more 5-7 seconds
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  19. Kaliko Augur

    My character crashed when previewing new armor ornas, possibly ui related?
  20. Bonemelter Nemesis Enforcer

    Since the UI update on 5/17, I have a headache after playing for 3 hours.
    1. The entire game on one computer seems to make the screen graphics have a sort of intermittent "strobing" graphics lighting effect, even when it is at a loading screen.

    2. Opening a single bag from the inventory makes the ENTIRE UI Flicker so annoyingly.

    3. The inventory screen stays in front of all other windows and makes it difficult to see what's opened.

    4. The Font in the inventory screen is blurry, even when resized it's just bigger and blurry still.

    Is there any way to remove this Patch and keep the unbroken game version of the UI ? It's still a mystery to me why people would change something that works perfectly to something that is so broken.
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