New UI Engine mouse cursor issue with Inventory window

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Gnats of Stromm, Jan 26, 2024.

  1. Gnats of Stromm New Member

    Category: Video [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Fri Jan 26 23:30:41 2024

    Character: Level 125 Shaman (Main)
    Zone: Sunrise Hills
    Location: -505.76, 603.82, 6.55, 95.49

    Description: When the new UI engine went live, my using it was causing a weird error with the Inventory window and all associated tabs (such as Currency tab, and all bags in Inventory.) My mouse cursor and the items I was manipulating were not shown in the same space. For example, when I'd pick up a bag from inventory my mouse cursor would remain where the bag should have been but the bag itself would be shown above and to the left of where the cursor was.

    After several days of playing this way, where it was impossible to see my alternate currency, and very difficult to trick my mouse cursor into manipulating worn armor, or handing items to other players and my pet, etc, a friend recommended that I deselect the Use New UI Engine box in Options --> Displays. Logging back in again confirms this has immediately fixed my issue.

    I've never submitted a bug report and hope I have provided enough information. If you need further clarification please let me know. I can try to duplicate and give some screenshots or other info.
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  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Either turn off the new UI in Options, or set the UI scaling to 1.
  3. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I ended up turning the ui off til it gets fixed as i wasnt able to open my inventory bags unless i redid my ui which would of been fine but i had to redo everytime i logged on got real annoying.
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  4. Dyllwin Journeyman

    I had a similar issue after the UI update, but I found that the mouse cursor was actually selecting at a shorty distance to the upper left of where it was when over the UI window (but not bag windows). I was able to work around it by clicking up and to the left of what I wanted to select.

    I had forgotten that I had set the scaling option to 0.95 when the new UI first launched, so based on the comments above I set it back to 1.0 and the mouse problem went away - it was now clicking where the cursor was sitting in the UI window. I tested a few changes across my three accounts and found that it didn't matter what scaling I selected, the bug went away after the initial scaling change. I was also able to change scaling back to 0.95 and not have the bug recur. I tested camping out and back in, and the issue was still not present.

    A second cursor issue I noticed that went away after the above actions was that items on the cursor would 'drift' away from the cursor during motion across the screen. Changing the scaling (and changing it back) seems to have gotten rid of this effect, too.
  5. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    yea changing the scaling and going back does work but for some reason when i log back on i gotta redo it all over again. my ui when i was using was at 1.5 when it goes to 1.0 its way too small but really thinking about hooking up my 42 inch hdtv 1080p currently use a 4k 30 wide but everything in eq is so small. I read somewhere there on here somewhere there was a way to force eq into a certain resolution while keep the computer at its normal one but can seem to find it. They really screwed up this patch but for seme reason they want to wait a month before fixing it. Guess there forbidden to taking down the servers only once a month for some reason.
  6. Dyllwin Journeyman

    I can confirm, once you log out and completely close EQ, you will encounter the scaling bug once you run it again.

    So no when logging out to server select and back in, but yes when exiting out completely and re-running the launcher.