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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by CatsPaws, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Tappin Augur

    If you love WoW so much, go play it instead of wasting your time here.
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  2. Tegila Augur

    multiboxing is oppression. coffee is a gateway drug. and gnomes are gigantic.
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  3. Strawberry Augur

    If you love multiboxing and playing on your own so much, go play a single player game instead of wasting your time here. MMO are meant to be played with other people, not on your own with 6 PC in your basement. Go away.
  4. Tegila Augur

    oh now it comes out. if you box you live in your mother's basement, thats the assumption being made and someone cant get groups bc boxers are somehow preventing that. Guess what: if you can play well and arent annoying as all get out, you will get groups with boxers bc its one less thing for them to do. I, however, have only found a small handful of people that both can play AND dont annoy the catpoo outta me in all my years, and those very players are the same ones ill group with at the drop of a hat, at least 1 of them every single time i go play if hes on we go together and will both drop whatever to do so even though we both main tanks. But i have also played with innumerable ppl that are horrible people, horrible players, or just plain annoying...and i make quick note of that.cant be any of the above and remain in a group with me, i wont tolerate it. Maybe i just spent too many years watching the various playstyles and personalities come through raiding and the fallout from ..less-appealing habits, or i jsut refuse to spend my time on a game being annoying by someone in my group instead of enjoying myself. I have added more accounts as I have run out of things to do taht didnt require sitting around waiting for other ppl to get their crap together, or be on the same step or page as me, i wait for no one. if what im doing meshes with what youre doing and i dont hate you...ok.

    maybe the problem isnt the boxers.
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  5. Strawberry Augur

    If you can't get groups and need to resort to boxing to remedy this, then MMO are probably not for you.

    Like I said, if you resort to boxing to get away from people, why even play an MMO. Might as well play a single player RPG, would save you the hassle of multiboxing.

    You're literally paying for multiple accounts to log into a server without wanting to interact with people, telling us how horrible and annoying EQ players are. What is the point of that, some kind of self-masochism. Play Skyrim instead or something.
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  6. Tappin Augur

    Do you even play EQ or any MMO? You clearly don’t understand content design and what player experiences are essential.
  7. Strawberry Augur

    Why are you so angry. MMO are meant to be played together with other people.

    Why are you so opposed to interacting with others in a game.

    You argue you can't find groups, you argue other players are "horrible", "annoying" and that you refuse to play with other people. It is like a kid in a playground who doesn't want to play with the other kids. This usually signals a deeper problem that first needs to be resolved.

    Boxing 6 accounts just to avoid interacting with anyone is not a solution to your issues that run a lot deeper than a game can fix.

    I don't think MMO are for you.
  8. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    No offense but I think you've taken your argument to the farthest extreme. I don't think I am putting words in your mouth by saying you basically want truebox for all EQ servers (and games).

    You won't get much traction here as a purest. The moderate, pragmatic, and majority position allows for boxing (with a gray area for non-exploitive use of I S Boxer) as the norm for EQ1 Live Servers. Aradune and P99 are options for pure truebox ideology.

    Maybe I've misunderstood you.

    Disclaimer, I am not a fan of Tappin.
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  9. Strawberry Augur

    I have no illusions, the playerbase on veteran servers is much too slanted towards boxing (and botting) to change anything at this point.

    Everquest did make a big mistake to allow it to get to this point. They lost many players because of it. You can see that a large part of the returning players who come to TLP are categorically opposed to boxing. EQ lost those players, not all of them due to boxing, but a substantial part of them left due to boxing and other shenanigans.

    The bad turning of some EQ expansions was also the result of multiboxers who were doing single player or small group content that cause it to be tuned incorrectly.
  10. Strawberry Augur

    And let's be real, people aren't playing 6 accounts because it's "fun". Of course it's not fun, no one enjoys booting up multiple PC, paying for multiple accounts, multiple sets of hardware. If you explained this to anyone not aware of MMO they would call the whole concept insane.

    Multiboxing is not a way to enjoy a game, it's just a means to an end.

    When you are in charge of a multiplayer game where everyone ends up playing on their own, you failed as a developer.

    And you can hardly blame the current developers, multiboxing is something that became too prevalent years ago. At that point developers should have looked at the gameplay and realised that there was something wrong when players preferred playing on their own instead of with other people in a game that was created to be enjoyed with others.
  11. Tegila Augur

    i never said thatt. i said i dont want to GROUP: with people that are ANYof thosethings, not that i dont want to interact with them or that all players are all of those things, not by a longshot. I have great friends in the game that i wouldnt group with in current content, but ill go help out, because theyre jsut not competent players. And in a raid im prefectly happy to play with horrible people that can play their toons. But, i refuse to play in my personal enjoyment and productive time with anyone that i dont like as a person AND as a player. If i didnt want to interact i wouldnt be in a guild (i have 4 guilds of my own but i am in a friends much much larger guild on my playable characters, the others are just for babies i use for other purposes)
    and guess what: if i could play eq all by myself, id hope i could do so offline, and id have done so these last 5 years that i couldnt feasibly play eq due to being on satellite (briefly i did on 4g but that wasnt very good), but that doesnt mean id prefer that. It's not all or nothing with socializing honey. You're not either a recluse or a social butterfly, there are many levels in between, and that includes in MMOs.

    so lets go back to the beginnign of this tangent: bad players, bad people, and annoying people have very hard times getting groups. if you have hard times getting groups despite playing the game for a while and knowing enough people that are active..perhaps you need to stop blaming others.
  12. Strawberry Augur

    This whole idea that you present, that you box as a result of a playerbase that is (at least partially) not to your liking, is not something I believe in.

    I don't believe in it because you see people group on TLP, you saw everyone group in early EQ, you see people group in other MMO. It's not like EQ attracts the jerks of the gaming world that would explain the huge amount of boxed accounts.

    Boxing is a means to an end
    1) it gives people groups they otherwise wouldn't have
    2) it allows people to play at any time of the day
    3) it allows people to keep all the loot for themselves avoiding long static camps

    You want to progress in the world, you can't do it on your own, you don't have the friends to help you do it, you don't want to waste 10 hours camping a static NPC only to give the loot to someone else, so people box.

    All of these are design problems and boxing is a means to an end.

    I dislike the concept of boxing, but it's not like I don't understand why people do it.

    However, no one is going to convince me they "enjoy boxing" or that paying all that money on multiple accounts and hardware is money well spent. Of course it's not. If you could combine all your boxed characters in a single character, no one would say no to this. Boxing a (very ridiculous) solution to a multifacet problem in the game world.
  13. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    You are 100% entitled to your opinion but your opinion (truebox only for all) is in the extreme.

    Some people suffer from time and work constraints, family issues, social anxiety and social phobias, social stressors, anti-authority streaks, physical medical issues (e.g. slower reaction times), and a plethora of other RL issues that may preclude social engagement or make real group involvement uncomfortable. Boxing is the solution for these problems.

    People are free to play games with mechanics they agree/conform with. If you disagree with EQ1's design philosophy, then find a suitable alternative.

    These utopian arguments (such as Tappin's criticism of achievement XP/"forced progression") goes deep into a rabbit hole of circular reasoning which achieves no purpose other than to argue for the sake of argument.
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  14. Tegila Augur

    not me. i didnt play early eq, i started in TSS. i grouped with the same person al lthe time, maybe with a different one here and there early on but *I* was the inexperienced one at the time. and then like many people, i found a usual couple players that i preferred to play with both as players and as people so..i didnt change it up jsut to make other ppl happy like you seem to expect people to do. then..well lets see i lived with one of my guildleaders at one point but i absolutely couldnt stand to group with himno how no wa, and his ..lack of...communication skills made me take over raidleading from him after a while too, but i didnt kill him irl lol. not everyone that gets along plays well together, not everyone that plays well together gets along, and not everyone that gets along irl gets along in game haha. i had merc healers and a raid druid...but i never said no my cleric friend you cant gorup with me bc i dont need a healer, i mean if she sucked or i hated her yeah, id say that and itd be true, but always happy to group with anyone i get or got along with so long as theyre not going to make playing the game a miserable experience due to ineptitudes.

    irl: i find most people to be highly annoying or stupid. am i supposed to change that view in a video game? where..its played on the internet and most people are even more annoying or act more stupid? of course not. im not going to suddenly become desperate for companionship bc i happen to be in a game. people that dont find the bulk of the word to be below optimal intelligence probably dont notice it so much in game lol, but im a little more easily agitated than that lol. im a lot more particular about who i do and do not interact with on and offline, so i should go play..skyrim? a game i absolutely had zero itnerest in. i shoudl play a game i dont like because i dont like enough people to please YOU in EQ. Wow. Just, wow.

    You might find that young children get along with many more other young children than slightly old children do with those their age, and teens even fewer other teens, etc etc. As a person grows, they learn what and who they do and do not like. The EQ playerbase has aged 20 years, we are much more picky about the people and skill levels of players that we play with, and we are much more independent and much less needy than we all were 20 years ago, at least I hope you are.
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  15. Tegila Augur

    BTW: You are responding to at least 3 different people as if we're all the same.... read the names honey, we are different people with different experiences, and different comments.
  16. Tegila Augur

    Actually: a lot are. Maybe not 6..thats a bit much, but you know how a lot of people have alts? and then they wanna do the same thing over and over again so they can do it on all their alts? well...playing all the alts at the same time is much more efficient, and you dont have to decide which one you wanna play that day or focus on. SO, maybe you should stop pretending you can read everyone's mind in the game and assuming you know everyone's motivations and intentions and just accept that Every Body Is Different. Some people are so desperate for human contact they have absolutely no standards whatsoever. Others are easy going but still have at least a modicum of standards. Then there are the loners that any loner..still have at least some people they are quite happy to engage with, and the perfectionists who may feel like nothing is done right unless they do it themselves..but they still want to do so amongst those "lesser" humans. These are all jsut a few possible ways people may play this game. This is called a sandbox game for a reason. It can be played with and shaped many different ways, it can be used wet or dry, molded by hand or plastic, and enjoyed by one or do not dictate how the game is meant to be enjoyed.
  17. Leigo You come here often?

    Woo 6 pages in a day, impressive.
    Straw.. you have been telling people how they should play a game because it is an MMO.. forget the rest of what eq is? MMORPG. If I choose to not interact or group with people because they annoy me or any reason, that's my choice.

    I don't get why you like the forum drama, but please chill out a bit. The only thing you've managed to do of late is hurt your credibility and incite others to further do the same.
  18. CatsPaws SMH

    Wrong. I am playing way more than 6 accounts cause its fun. I don't boot multiple PC cause computers have advanced and can handle numerous copies of the game on one computer. I also did not spend squat on any special hardware/software to do this. Have you never heard of F2P or Silver accounts? Those don't cost anything. Of course if your on TLP it would be different, but it still would not be a large issue as you make it out.

    In fact the dev's did not fail but are keeping the game alive by introducing more solo/molo options in the game.

    Play the game your way, group with people or not its up to you and we all have that choice because the game is still alive. If it were still based on human grouping it would not have lasted past 2008 when mercs were introduced. Dev's did that so players could have groups.

    And if price were an issue then the dev's would not have thrown out F2P in 2012 which also encouraged players to run multiple accounts.

    and always those TLP servers popping up.

    So as you can see, the dev's have kept up.

    As Bob Dylan sung: Times they are a changing
  19. Evertrek Augur

    of course it's control the market, to camp bosses, to farm anything, to help guilds raid, to have premade groups... yep it's fun and we have multiple free accounts because we make so much plat we can control the Krono market and always have our accounts subed....

    yes it's fun.
  20. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Good for you, you don't like it or understand it. YOU are not in charge of everyone else's gameplay. FFS... Quit trying to act like the gatekeeper of EverQuest. As for your points...

    Boxing is a means to an end
    1) it gives people groups they otherwise wouldn't have <- Ummm, yeah... it certainly beats sitting around LFG for hours.
    2) it allows people to play at any time of the day <- Duh?
    3) it allows people to keep all the loot for themselves avoiding long static camps <- Yup, and we also give away a ton of loot to others. So what's your point again?

    I don't CARE if you think it's ridiculous. That's YOUR opinion. Others have a different opinion.
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