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  1. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Please dont try to mix up the issues of boxing and botting. Thats dishonest.
    Botting is cheating. Its automating characters to play without you even being there.
    Boxxing is just playing more than one character. Even with key broadcasting you are still playing.
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  2. Nadisia Augur

    Very limited bots, really.
    Yes, technically, a simple keyboard macro, or any scripted macro made with AHK or any scripted language can be considered as a bot.
    You can make a auto-cast bot,a fishing or foraging bot, a very limited AFK-stand still killbot too, in trivial grey zones, yeah.

    But without memory access, it's very limited.

    So Angharan is right.

    I haven't used macaroni quest since ... uh, Planes of Power era maybe, but I know how it works (and the old sources are still available on the net, it was open source, and not hidden on some crypted, and cryptic location)

    And you're perfectly right on ISB, your description is 100% correct, but with ISB, even if you code some specific LS stuff, you won't make a real bot, at least not something I would consider a bot, or really really painfully.

    If you just want to move a character, let say a group puller, and not get stuck on the 1st wall or tree, you'll need to spam /loc, parse the logfile, make a ton of triggers, pull a mob without any real way to know how many you'll pull ... or train lol, etc, and good luck to come back to camp hehe.
    And that for almost every action.

    All DPS parser users pretty well know how *efficient* (lol) is a text file real time parser.
    It *could* work, yeah, but very unefficiently, and it would be the worst bot ever hehe.

    With macaroni ... so with memory injection, you have access to all the game objects (and code objects), their positions, in real time, zone wide, the size of hit boxes, where is the *front*, the *back*, and so on ...

    Not really the same story, not at all even ;)
  3. Strawberry Augur

    That's just your perspective.

    Blizzard considers multiboxing and broadcasting cheating too now.

    So do most mmo, EQ is one of the very few games that allow you to launch more than one instance of a game on the same PC.

    That's not the argument, people who hack are playing too.

    The argument is if you are actively and directly involved with the character. If you are just sending keystrokes to boxed characters from a different instance of the game, not even looking or directly controlling your character, you are completely circumventing the gameplay design of the game where you are meant to actively take control of a persona.
  4. Nadisia Augur

    Broadcasting is now forbidden (not yet, you just get a warning atm), but multiboxing, and multiclienting, is still allowed.
    And from their annoucement, it will stay that way for multiboxing.
  5. Strawberry Augur

    The mere fact that multiboxers are so vulnerable to trains, shows they are not directly in control of their characters.

    Any single account player who is aware of their surroundings and in direct control of their character can easily avoid a train.

    But multiboxers get easily wiped out by trains unless they can quickly gate their group. In fact multiboxers on TLP often seek out desolated zones or obscure spots, away from other players, to mitigate their vulnerability to trains.

    That alone shows multiboxers are not directly controlling characters and thereby breaking gameplay rules, which state that a character needs to be directly controlled by the player.
  6. Tegila Augur

    and THAT, your last paragraph is EXACTLY why boxing is not the same as botting. It is unbelievable just how little you read your own posts or the posts you respond to. Boxing, which is usually say i am doing (but i dont because each has own computer) requires alt+tabbing to directly interact with each instance 1 at a time. within those instances perhaps you have a macro built WITHIN the game (5 lines max) that you hit then tab back out to the next etc, but it is not botting any more than using a 5 line macro on a single instance is. Botting is completely automated and is most certainly cheating because you are using the reaction times of a computer isntead of a human, you do not require bathroom breaks or sleep or food, just electricity and internet. Botting is an insanely different critter than boxing or hydraing (which i guess is "truebox" from what i gather, but i will never play on a TLP so idk for sure) Botting is teh reason when you log into your account you have to select streetllight pictures...because bots cant do that without human interaction. a Bot is short for a Robot, boxing though it only has 1 different letter, is not remotely the same. Whether or not many or most boxers use or agree with the use of broadcasters to assist them by eliminating the 2 keys of alt+tab is completely beside the point because that isn't botting either.
  7. Tegila Augur

    you mean staring at every screen withotu a second lapse. nothing to do with control. ppl dying to trains are usually a surprise factor not a boxing factor lol. all i have to do to avoid a train is evac, an that only takes 1 toon. but, you know, im cheating bc i play morethan 1 account. i have 4 keyboards 4 mice 4 screens 3 towers and a laptop all lined up on my desk and look like liberace playing the keyboards bc im playing them all, but nope, im cheating bc im playing more than one account.

    my main pc could handle playing all on one, but my brain cant lol. i have to have my toons spacially arranged to keep track of what im doing, so if i had a big wraparound monitor and my current setting of auto-switching windows when i mouse over them, the nsure i could box fine, but i also consider boxing to be LESS efficient, much less efficient, than playing hydras, because i cant have different keystrokes and timing on multiple keyboards at the same time. i also dont use a broadcaster, i hate them, but not their concept, i jsut dont like them much like i dont use twitter or tiktok.
  8. Strawberry Augur

    Well, thanks for proving my point. You are only in full control of 1 toon when you multibox.

    You are not in full control of the boxed characters, because you need to rely on a full group evacuation to mitigate trains.

    The concept of multiboxing breaks the gameplay rule that states that players need to be directly in control of the characters they play.
  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    No, its just a fact that boxxing and botting are two different things.
    If you want to argue against boxxing then argue against boxing. Dont try to mix up the two different issues
  10. Nadisia Augur

    So much disinformation, and bull poopy.

    I'm 6boxing, all the time, with ISB, and I'm perfectly «aware of my surroundings» , and I control every single character in my teams.

    Sure, if you train 50 or 100 mobs on me, I'll wipe if my AE mezzes are resisted (well, maybe not my SK, cuz I'll FD first, and rez later hehe).
    But don't make a generality because you've met very bad boxers ... or mistake a boxer group with a bot group.
  11. Strawberry Augur

    Here is the full Blizzard statement.


    Launching a second client on the same PC is possible in EQ, not in WoW. Blizzard is clear that you can not use Virtual Machines to play WoW.

    I don't know their policy on running multiple distinct PC.

    As far as the interpretation of Blizzard's recent changes, the gaming media is clearly interpreting this as Blizzard denouncing the mere concept of multiboxing as being negative for the health of the game.

  12. Strawberry Augur

    Not even worth arguing about. Without a group evac multiboxers are incredibly vulnerable to trains. Everyone knows this, you can't run 6 characters to an exit all at once unless you have 40 fingers, somehow kept them all on autofollow or can FD 6 monks.

    Especially on TLP multiboxers are vulnerable to trains, most classes don't have abilities to drop aggro early on.
  13. Nadisia Augur

    Blablabla :

    Learn to read
  14. Tegila Augur

    um...i could be a normal ordinary group with my druid and ppl being taking a pee break and someoen come training and hit the evac to save them, is that cheating bc they went afk? lol. there are tools, like group evac, that are there for a reason. many classes simply arent as well equipped as others to escape danger either with fd or fade or evac etc, and fd pots certainly arent the best substitute, they just help, sometimes lol. id much rather let my druid die bc she sucks than evac my group.

    oh and as i said I AM NOT MULTIBOXING WHATSOEVER> i play 4 accounts, one on each of 4 computers. i can see and touch the keyboard or mouse of any toon at any point in combination with any other toon i want, and see al l4 at the same time without tiny screens etc, that doesnt mean my druid is as well equipped to survive a train without evac as my sk who can isntant fd or my bard or rgr who can both fade. classes, dear. classes. i also cant say the last time i died to a train...ok no i can say. i was playing 1 single toon and trying to talk to a quest npc wqhen someone trained said npc where there should be no KOS mobs, and she died. so your argument doesnt hold water. im more apt to die to a train playing solo lol
  15. Strawberry Augur

    Most multiboxers in WoW are violating the rules by using broadcasting software and software to launch multiple clients on a single PC, which is against Blizzard's rules.

    Are there multiboxers who don't use any 3rd party software in WoW? Maybe, but they would be incredibly ineffective (unlike in EQ) due to the gameplay speed of the game.

    Now that blizzard is banning broadcasting and other 3rd party tools to accomodate multiboxing, it killed WoW multiboxing for all intended purposes.
  16. Strawberry Augur

    Multiboxing in WoW without 3rd party software is simply dumb, the speed of the game is such that you gain nothing, you are actually less effective than a single character.

    Multiboxing in WoW hinges on the fact that you can broadcast keys. And even then, multiboxing in WoW is nowhere near as oppressive and effective as it is in EQ.

    In EQ even the worst player can gain power by running another character, a bard on autofollow playing songs is enough to give you a massive boost in character power without ever having to touch the bard. That's not how WoW works.
  17. Sissruukk Rogue One

    I know single toon players that are vulnerable to trains. While I am able to hit escape, my warrior buddy has to eat the train. We get lucky when we have our druid friend with us for evac, but when it is just he and I with mercs, if a train rolls by, he takes it to the face.
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  18. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Obviously he's 1 boxing which is illegal and horrible and nasty and wrong.
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  19. Nadisia Augur

    You don't need any 3rd party software to launch multiple WoW clients on the same computer at the same time, and it's not against the rules.
    No VM, nothing.

    But well, enough with your trolling, have a good night.

    And I don't care, I don't play WoW anymore, and never will gain, I left 3 years ago, and will never come back.

    This company is now a pile of crap, and led by a bunch of morons.
    I'm just sad for a couple of friends who were still playing, and more particularly my neighbour who was playing with his wife and son, and won't be able to do it again.
    But well, I guess he will move on a private server now.
  20. Tegila Augur

    when is strawberry going to say that being in a fellowship is cheating bc you can share xp ? or use a campfire after said evac isntead of running back individually?

    using evac is not cheating, its a too lof the game jsut as the above mentioned tools. running to zoneline to avoid a train is more apt to train others and i think much more frowned upon than an evac lol

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