New TLP?

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  1. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Maybe, I can't say either way. They have the subscription trend data and I'd assume have a pretty good idea how many subs they lose per month/expac due to attrition and how many jump from old tlp to new tlp so should be able to somewhat accurately predict when to merge. I'd hope. I still maintain the least disruptive thing to the low pop servers would be to merge Coirnav and Ragefire since they're in the same expac. Phinny is live now and miragul is not far behind, if it's simply a 24h outage with a script to run I'm not quite sure they why only want to do that in a may-July window but you'd think they could merge those 2 into a live server sooner than later if it's going to turn into a ghost town like Selo did. Potential to clean up 3/4 of their oldest/furthest along servers and free up some hardware.
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  2. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Oh man, I missed that. Would be awesome to see. Especially if they dropped them in an ice belt and let the barges kill them with drones. Sweet revenge! I mean, I never got my barge killed in highsec by Goonswarm or anything, no... Not... Bitter... <argh>
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  3. Bardy McFly Augur

    TLPs are already like "seasons" in other games. I wouldn't be opposed to a periodic Selo speed XP and unlock schedule. Many people in TLP want to keep rinsing and repeating anyway (minus redoing Classic for the 50th time).
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  4. Machen New Member

    I'm not advocating for anything to change. Let them continue. I played on Fippy when we were down to just one guild on the server. I would have been pissed if they merged us to live while we were still trying to progress, even if there were only ~50 active players. I still think "defunct" would have accurately described the server at that point though.
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  5. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    My first solo pvp kill was in a Procurer in an ice belt. I had just finished up the skills to use T2 Hobs, and loaded them in the drone bay before I undocked that day. I also took the time to refit to a tankier build. He wasn't all that smart going after the tankiest mining barge solo, but he did, and I have a kill mark on that ship, even if it will never undock again.
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  6. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Nice! I once ran off a Heretic with a Procurer in W-space. Was living solo in a C4 and he caught me mining ice in a shattered hole next door. I used to blog about the adventure, didn't last long but was a lot of fun.

    My first solo kill was in a Beam Harbinger (or maybe a Prophecy, I forget), on an Assault Frigate. Doesn't sound awesome until you find out he had me in tight range, so I couldn't hit him with the beams at the transversal he was maintaining. Luckily I had packed a web, and a target painter, and normally being a Scimitar pilot, my TP skills were high. He turned on his MWD to burn out of web range, which spiked his signature radius, the TP multiplied that, and he popped like a tiny balloon just outside of web range. He probably couldn't have killed me, but my drones couldn't have killed him, so it would have depended who's reinforcements got there first. This was in low sec at a mission gate.
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  7. Wudahell New Member

    Pvp tlp when!?
  8. Celestian Elder

    I'd like to see a TLP server just like Mischief rules but remove Krono's from it. Don't allow them.
  9. bardybard Augur

    Yea, that is totally going to happen.
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  10. FranktheBank Augur

    God, more Eve nerds.

    Literally never, just stop thinking about it.

    There are a couple solid ideas. Luclin start was amazing on Selo. Enabling zerkers and frogs early would be cool, I just dont know how difficult it is for them to do that.

    Removing defiant is a terrible idea. At the stage of the game it comes in, old gear is trash and making people suffer through old dead zones is bad.

    The boxing argument is basically pointless because it always comes down to enforcement.

    Slowing expac launches is bad. 3 months is a LONG time to be in an expac.
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  11. Niskin Clockwork Arguer


    EQ and EVE, I always go back to them. At least I still have friends that play EQ though. All my EVE friends retired and are too smart to go back. Maybe someday if I ever actually retire I would have enough time to get into a decent alliance and go blow some stuff up. Or I'll just be one of those hermits that lives in Syndicate in an NPC station and harasses all the noobs. Dare to dream. :D
  12. Stymie Pendragon

    I read and enjoyed your blog even though I've never played Eve and was totally lost. :)
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If you want anything longer than a 12/8 schedule for a TLP you should really just go play on a Live server.

    The vast majority of TLP players are happy with 12/8 and a substantial portion of them would enjoy a 6 week unlock cadence but players who want 6 months are rare there is simply far too few of them to ever justify a whole TLP, there are likely fewer 6 month fans than there are PvPTLP fans and the PvPers didn't get a TLP so you definitely cannot expect one either.

    A 12/8 is already going to take 5 years+ to reach live right now, a 6 months one will not last long enough to reach live, what people who say this fail to take into account is how easy the game is on TLP now and just how rapidly boredom sets in, they are simply saying what would be perfect for themselves ignoring there are almost no other players this will suit. It's frankly ignorant and any such server would be DoA.
  14. Celestian Elder

    Why, you think having the most krono in a TLP makes you the winner? Thing is, no one cares. What is does do is dramatically effect the game is a negative way.
  15. bardybard Augur

    Because that is how DBG pays their bills .... Why is that so hard to understand?
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  16. Cainen Augur

    How exactly does krono "dramatically effect the game in a negative way?"

    If people didnt have krono they'd be selling for plat and then selling that plan on 3rd party auction sites for real money. It happened in 1999, it would happen again today. It happens in every MMO on the planet. At least this way everquest gets the initial krono purchase to, as others have said, help pay the bills.
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