New TLP?

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  1. code-zero Augur

    How about a server where the GM's and Dev's get to grief the players who've been so miserable for so may past TLP's?
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  2. Tweakfour17 Augur

    HoT start with AoC and no Truebox wouldn't be the worst idea.
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  3. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Time to bring back some oldies but goodies:

    Bait Masterson server - Fish up awesome loot from rotating water areas

    Niami Denmother server - Tradeskill items added or buffed up to raid level

    Doug server - Human is only playable race

    Undertow server -- all zones are now fully underwater, and all races have evolved innate enduring breath

    Quillmane server - no Levitation
  4. Machen New Member

    If history is any guide, they will do this exactly when Rizlona is about to hit HoT.
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  5. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    I hope they slow the release rate of at least the next TLP. Take that time to merge as many of the live servers as need it, as well as all of the pretty much defunct past TLP servers. That should free up a good amount of hardware, from a strictly armchair dev perspective, with absolutely zero practical experience on the matter.

    I know the common saying is, gotta keep krono sales up, implying a new TLP is the ONLY thing that drives sales. But get people together as much as possible. If Mischief and Thornblade are still going strong after PoP, then wait to launch a new TLP. Have it ready to go, work out the bugs ahead of time.

    • Start with Luclin, with hybrid classes open to gnomes and halflings, and beastlords open to wood elves.
    • Enable berserkers. I've looked at several epic quest guides, and all of the NPCs and mobs are in old world or Kunark. Just enable them.
    • Enable either the Harbinger of Fear to trigger spawn the epic mobs needed for classes that cannot progress their epic 1.0 due to perma-farming Fear, or allow those mobs to spawn by using the Agent of Change to spawn a DZ. I know wizards are specifically impacted by this.
    • New alchemy from the start.
    • Enable frogloks as a playable race, starting city in Rathe Mountains. We won't be playing the Troll eviction/froglok eviction anyways.
    • Consider keeping the firepots active after PoP. I can see that it might have undermined the "new" quick travel system that came with the initial launch of PoP, but that was a LONG time ago now.
    • Very seriously consider never activating defiant gear, and never activating the Mines of Gloomingdeep. The gear rewards are too OP, especially in a world without defiant drops.
    • Allow boxing, maximum two accounts simultaneously per computer. People that are going to circumvent the rules won't be held back by that.
    • Very seriously consider slowing the rate that expansions unlock, especially since the server would start with Luclin. That's a lot of content.
    That's something I would like to see. Perhaps the addition of the loot rules from Mischief, after all the bugs have been worked out there.

    There are some other things I think should get some consideration that don't specifically have to do with a TLP. This past year+ has proven that productivity can be maintained while working remotely. I have nothing to back it up but my own desire NOT to move to San Diego, but it is possible that were DBG willing to hire more GMs, their insistence that they live locally is definitely a hindrance. Instead, allow, at least on a limited basis at first, GMs to be hired from around the country, and work remotely. Also, reinstate the old guide program. Limited powers to assist players in the game world. The ability to "sneak" into a zone where a player has petitioned, to investigate grievances. Allow them to collect evidence, and escalate it to a GM for review and decision. GMs can't be everywhere. Guides can. And as a retiree, I'd be willing to be either a guide, or hired as a GM and work remotely.

    At any rate, this is al theorycrafting, and as history has shown us more often than not, will never come to pass. Yet, we still put our ideas out there, hoping not to get flamed into oblivion, but also knowing that we will.
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  6. Nolrog Augur

    Except Plane of Fire.
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  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Which tlp are defunct? What are you suggesting they do with them as they would be in a wide range of expansions.
    How will they police 2 per machine when they couldn't even police 2 per person with truebox?
  8. Madae Elder

    Guise still drop on Mischief?
  9. Stymie Pendragon

    First month of the new TLP's isn't even up yet lol.
  10. Madae Elder

    I think it's a perfectly valid question considering the nature of this TLP. Not everyone is going to like the new changes. This isn't the first time a question like this has been asked, either, and it certainly won't be the last, so I'm not quite sure how anyone could find it funny at this point? This type of useless response doesn't seem necessary, especially when I acknowledged the fact that it was recently released.
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Look again, Stonebrunt Mountains needed for the Berserker Epic is a zone that launches with Velious on TLP.

    Beastlords can't do any Epic stuff until Luclin unlocks the zones needed for it.
  12. Machen New Member

    Agnarr is pretty clearly defunct. Coirnav is too. Selo. Mangler is getting close. If your server is low pop consistently whenever Thornblade is high pop, that's a pretty clear indication.
  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Selo hit live and is no longer a TLP in my opinion, it's lost everything that made it a TLP and is being merged into Povar next month. Coirnav/Agnarr/Mangler still have people on them and guilds still clearing in era content. The only TLP I'd have considered defunct was Fippy which had literally 0 active players when they merged it.

    The 3 servers you mentioned still have paying players actively playing daily, what happens to them? If devs were concerned about population and regaining that hardware they'd have merged Coirnav and Ragefire into 1 like I suggested months ago since they are currently in the same expansion it would be the least disruptive to the progression aspect of a TLP. Agnarr was always destined to be about as populated as it is, but that was the point. Mangler has at least a dozen guilds still clearning content, not exactly a dead server.
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  14. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    Yep I mistook that for something else. Still, if the server started in Luclin, then it wouldn't be an issue.
  15. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    You're assuming they ARE policing two per person. There's really no evidence of it. They don't show any proof they have taken any steps to punish cheaters on any level. The only game I have any first-hand experience with that has, is EVE Online. When I last played regularly, they were warping players they found cheating into hisec systems, and allowing players there to blow up their ships. Then they locked them out of their accounts before they could transfer assets, and permanently banned them.

    As far as defunct/dead TLPs, all you and I have to go by is three categories of population density at any given time during the day. The devs have accurate numbers, and I'm sure use those to determine which servers to merge. And in the past, it's not mattered that a TLP or other variation of progression server wasn't caught up to Live. They still got merged. Mayong, Combine, and a few others.

    There's no need to get defensive. As I said, it's ONLY theorycrafting. Putting ideas out there, that we ALL know have next to zero chance happening.
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  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    It would still require a bunch of changes & coding time - separating class/race combinations from the expansions that they were put into the game is not straightforward.
    Gnome & Halfling Paladins and Halfling Rangers were at some point already separated from Luclin but that was later reversed after Ragefire's launch.
    The devs have since made changes that have made class/race combinations even more connected to their expansions, such as removing Beastlord Plane of Fear itemisation until Luclin unlocks on TLP, and Berserker Plane of Fear itemisation being removed until GoD unlocks.

    Unless a TLP has Luclin unlocked I don't we wont see Beastlords in at the start and we won't see Berserkers in at the start until a TLP has GoD unlocked and that is because I think the current dev team are ideologically opposed to separating them from their expansions.

    That said, the devs said last year they wouldn't do a free trade server & then went and launched two this year so there's a possibility they might one day make a special ruleset TLP with Berserkers & Beastlords in from the beginning on a Classic-start TLP.
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  17. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    If you go back and read what I wrote, it clearly suggests they take the time gained by NOT releasing a new TLP a year from now, and make all these changes in order to launch with all race and class combos (minus Drakkin) available with a Luclin launch. If changing things is indeed as easy as just making one or two changes in a database, as many people suggest, then it shouldn't be difficult at all. Of course, I don't think it's that easy, thus the suggestion to take time to make it happen. At any rate, while they did change their mind and gave us not only a free trade server, but randomization on loot tables, I don't see them taking the time, unless somebody at EG7 tells them to do so.
  18. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Well, from what Dreamweaver posted before moving on the "cadence" or release schedule of launching new TLP servers is going to change, so we may well see them spaced apart by more time anyway.
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  19. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I think they were initially policing the 2 box limit, but it turned into too much to handle and has devolved into whatever they have now (more or less no enforcement). I'm just saying if they couldn't police that, they likely would not be able to police any other limited box server any better so whats the point?

    I'm not defensive, just poking holes in your theorycraft to see if you had thought about it or had solutions. Sure there are lots of low pop TLPs but none are at Fippy levels of 0 active players and to the best of my knowledge zero TLP have less than 2 raiding guilds still clearing content so a decent enough active playerbase. Well, I assume decent enough since they havent shut any down and they actually let Fippy get to 0 for a long time before dumping it's toons. Who knows, maybe they need 100 subs a month to break even and if a server dips below that they supplement the loss with the subs on the current TLP. We have no way of knowing.
  20. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Fippy was only at 0 for so long because their server merge tech was broken and they had to fix that before they could actually do any merges again.
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