New TLP starting a GoD. Great idea!

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  1. Crabman Augur

    I am not ignoring any of the reasoning you have given. But saying "only casuals would want 6 month tlps" is just a blanket assumption, not any sort of reasoning. I felt that the bigger thing i was saying was "I want a tlp that starts in classic" and the answer you gave was "go play on agnarr". I was comparing that to when people say the best reason against a GoD start is just to play catch up. I think I see now you were more going after the 6 month statement.

    I want to be clear I am in no way advocating for a 6 month expac release with how tlps are now. What I am very much advocating for is to go back to what Agnarr/Corinav/Mangler/Aradune all had which is 3 month cadence from classic to pop. Not a kunark start, not a trilogy start, a classic start. And then as we've covered, 1 of something else. We dont need two of any equal ruleset servers launching at the same time imo...

    6 months would be crazy with how fast XP is. You cant expect to get to max level in 3 days and still have things to do for 5 months and 3 and a half weeks. A bit of a tangent but I do think that a 6-12month/Velious locked server should be a server daybreak should have running, but with wayyyyyyy slower xp. With how many people play p99 (and how many ive talked to over there who want p99 with QoL), it seems they are just leaving money on the table not having a sub only server like that. It shouldnt be one of the may launches, it can be a miragul timeframe not to disrupt much of anything, except for people who want to go play there. I would turn into an agnarr but thats fine, poeple still play agnar and people have shown (on p99) that they will play velious forever as well.
  2. Hibiki Journeyman

    OOW or go home. OOW locked.... that's all.
  3. EQcleric Elder

    For anyone who says things like "I refuse to consider joining GiG" I would strongly suggest you reconsider.

    When I left my current guild and GiG was the only option for me I joined and will honestly say it was much different than I expected based on overall server drama. It's filled with really great people, and ignoring that there are a few annoying people who tend to char in discord alot, overall I would recommend them to almost anyone.

    Leadership is actually great, and the raids feel organized and controlled.
    Youre generally able to buy items for around 50-80% of the server value and if you can make a few batphones here or there will easily make more money than you will spend. Give it a shot.
  4. Sandrito Elder

    He gets it. By the time you are 65 you will be un-flagged for any pop content which will exclude you from some xp zones. You will also have difficulty getting a tipt group, since by then everyone will have progressed and moved on, and you will be trying to work on your aa's weeks later at a big disadvantage. I did all this some servers back, and it takes a lot of effort to catch up unless you are unemployed with nothing to do, then sure you can play 24/7 and get back to raiding in a week or so. But not for more casual players.
  5. c313 Augur

    So has it been officially confirmed that the new TLP will be starting at GoD?
  6. Vindar Elder

    No, but it's safe to say there will be some sort of classic start clone and then something different, which is probably what they haven't decided yet.
  7. Kahna Augur

    I am flagged for fire, I have done zero exping there. Paw is better. If you are casual you can casually work on gearing and AAing your character in GoD and pick up a raid in OOW. I mean, I know that there is currently a 50% exp bonus but I am making over 10% AA a kill duoing entrance mobs in paw. AAs are fast and easy. Most of what stops people from catching up is their own reluctance to try, they would rather just wait for the new server.
  8. Digler Elder

    Its not a matter of being unwilling to 'try and catch up'. Many people, myself included, enjoy the experience of launching on a new server. We enjoy the rush groups, we enjoy meeting complete strangers in XP groups over the first several weeks. You only get that on a server a launch.

    At the same time, we're also a little tired of the typical approach of sitting in classic for 3 months. Then Kunark for 3 months, then Velious, etc, etc.

    We're asking for the opportunity to launch on a new server, but accelerate past the earlier content and get to post-PoP EQ.
  9. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I went ahead and made my spreadsheet starting at GoD this time.
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