New TLP ruleset - Krono are NO TRADE.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by MMOer, Feb 26, 2023.

  1. MMOer Augur

    Make Krono on the next TLP No Trade.

    Thus you need to burn krono to play or buy from the store.

    Krono lords and toxic people that just play to only acquire and/or selll krono would have no reason to be on the server.

    You would have to trade items for.... plat! yikes! Imagine that!

    How popular of an opinion do you think this will be?
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  2. Crabman Augur

    people would just rmt outside the realm of the game using paypal or other less secure trades than krono transactions. this would make the tlp experience exactly no different for anyone other than more scams may take place.

    or, people would go to another server, trade the krono, then go back to this server and trade the item/plat they want to buy, again leading to possible scams depending on who "goes first"

    I'm sure there are other ways to circumvent no trade krono that I couldnt think of in the 2 minutes it took me to write this post...

    Edit: A perfect example of this is p99. p99 does not have krono, they also have gms who threaten and follow through on perma bans for real money transactions. Yet there are still multiple websites designated to buying and selling plat, items or whole accounts for p99. People there still farm things just to sell on those websites.
  3. MMOer Augur

    This would be fine. As long as you could not trade in game for it.
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  4. Crabman Augur

    You realize that makes this part of your OP incorrect then right?

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  5. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Exactly. The only way a "no krono" server could actually exist, would be if the sever did not accept krono as payment. That being, the account would need to have a CC on file and a sub paid via said CC.

    I doubt it would be "popular" nor would it stem the large box/bot crews. They could afford the out of pocket cost for 3-6 months and pull in enough krono revenue to offset and profit still. It would impact those who do actually use krono, purchased via plat, so as not to spend actual money. I've only known less than half a dozen or so people who supplement their income this way, but that is the only group that would feel the impact here.

    Additionally, there's no real reason to purchase a krono with real money to play EQ. Not from DBG at least.. It costs more for one krono than any of the subscription options, and only those who don't have/don't want/can't get a CC would even consider it an option.
  6. MMOer Augur

    It would be OK to use Krono for subscription... Just not trade it on the server.

    So much strawman. This was a NO TRADE server post. Not a NO KRONO.

    Really not that too hard to understand. There is a difference.

    Trade it on other servers would be OK. That would have to be able to be.

    This would not be to stop 3rd party RMTers so that argument can be put aside.

    It would stop transactions on the server... which would be a great ruleset the common folk could get behind.

    The farmers... not so much.
  7. Crabman Augur

    Ah sorry, I misunderstood then. Most times you see people not wanting krono trades it is because they think it would stop RMT.

    If thats not the point of making krono no trade then what is your point for doing so?
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  8. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    What's the point of it not being tradable on one server? Just make the trade on another. Same situation, small extra step. Easily done with a free account so the trade could be made in real time. What is this even stopping?
  9. filthytlpplayer Lorekeeper

    Why do we need to protect people from rmt scams? Hypothetically, let's say they did disable krono. I know they won't, but let's just say they did. If people end up trying to buy plat through rmt, let them get scammed. Buying is as against the rules as selling. The other server exchange is flimsy also. Both parties have to agree to that exchange. If there are no buyers willing to swap servers, then items won't sell for krono on other servers.

    I agree that a no krono server is unlikely, but it centers around daybreak not wanting to cut off a revenue stream. That's the only reason you need. The whole server swap rmt angle is often repeated but it's pretty weak IMO, something that wouldn't really be a barrier and could be designed around if they had any interest in going in that direction.
  10. Crabman Augur

    i mean sure, i dont care who gets scammed either. his post talked about how krono lords wouldnt play there and I was directly giving reasons that this wouldnt be the case. you took what i said and went off on a tangent, and i dont disagree with youre second paragraph and thats obviously the reason its never going to happen but that wasnt what i was talking about so its weird you quoted me and not OP.

    edit: I added the part about scams to address the fact he said "no toxic people would play there" or whatever he exactly said.
  11. brickz Augur

    Buy what from the store? The kronos that are functionally useless on the server? I don't think you thought this through
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  12. MMOer Augur

    To use for a sub instead of subbing up the normal way?
    What they do with the store ones would have no bearing to the server.
  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    You're aware that a krono from DBG costs more than a monthly sub costs right?
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  14. Mrjon3s Augur

    Heres what will happen. Trading x for a krono on x server pst. Selling plat x amount for x amount of money check out this website.
  15. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    The krono trades would just be forced to go down off server which would increase the risk of getting scammed and give DBG more work. Probably also sketchy legally - a krono was sold as an all access pass, then it's suddenly changed to a partial access pass? You'd have to read the small print but it sounds like bait and switch, imagine buying a prepaid gift card to a store then when you go to use it they say it can only be redeemed for select items.

    Kind of just have to accept that it's part of the game at this point. RMT has always existed and controlled the economy whether you knew it or not, at least krono is more transparent about its influence.
  16. Appren Gnomercy

    Bait and switch indeed. There is no way DBG would be stupid enough to even try such a silly idea, that wouldn't even gain anything useful for anyone.
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  17. Hirbow Augur

    There's quite a few differences, I personally would like to see a No trade krono server & unique krono currency just for that specific server only

    I think its a complete different experience; because from day 1 on the server there's no Plat to ''buy'',(it doesn't exist yet, since it hasn't been generated, and the only thing that used to exist in the past was Kronos to trade in game until plat is circulated on a brand new server) this by itself would give it a fresh New TLP feeling; the struggle to raise tradeskills and gear

    -If a server only krono is ever created that would prevent people from even trading it on another server, thus eliminating backdooring the sales of transactions. Yes people can sell other things I imagine.... like plat but, plat has to be created by farming and by time. Not by past time that has already generated thousands of Kronos.

    -This kinda of server would promote either the subscription model generating steady revenue for the company and/or the purchasing of unique kronos to use for monthly use; (since no other kronos could be used for monthly payments for this server). Thus further creating more sales.
  18. Crabman Augur

    Let’s see…

    Every tlp there is no plat to buy… this is not different. Still has to be generated by farming. There is no npc you can sell krono to for cash.

    Again it would not eliminate krono or rmt sales as I and multiple people have stated above, daybreak would just lose out on any profit.

    And this server would promote nothing different although I guess if you want to be naive and say it would be more like classic eq in the sense that tons of items and plat were already being sold just not in the tunnel but on eBay and other sites then sure, that would make it a bit more like classic.
  19. filthytlpplayer Lorekeeper

    Bait and switch how? No trade krono would still be redeemable for a sub, just wouldn't be able to trade it on the server.

    For people that actually want to play these servers no trade krono is not a bad idea. The only real arguments against it are not being able to walk into a server with a financial advantage over others, and not being able to use TLP to farm krono for characters on other servers. For me neither of those things matter. Of course it gets back to daybreak voluntarily cutting off a revenue stream to improve player experience. Good luck with that one.
  20. uberkingkong Augur

    Played on Vaniki, kronos were ok, it wasn't filled with kronolords/boxers.
    I played Mangler, I remember ancient cyclopes being camped 24/7 by kronolord/boxers.

    So, the problem is lack of things open day 1.
    Expect people to be at lower guk camping and OOT camping 24/7.
    Every server has PL'ers too, if those are the krono kings you don't like well, get used to it.
    On Vaniki the PL'ers were usually in The Deep/SolB, they weren't camping the shrink rod, they were by mobs that give xp, not overrunning your item farms.

    I think future TLPs should be up to GoD that is open at start. Give it more time as well. Vaniki moved pretty quickly if you ask me. Especially lvl 50-60, 2 more weeks per increase would been nice. They could have really really used a voting system, not ready for more expansions. Many quit because they couldn't find the right guild. Too much guild hopping to the get the achievements, it was moving too quickly. No one could establish a strong guild. Also, the no boxing it was going well as well, boxing kind of ruined things, again voting system would have been really nice.
    Did anyone kill CBQ for achievement, I still wonder this.

    The guild hopping killed it Vaniki, people would hop because they want the achievement previous guild didn't make it, and they'd feel bad, so not even log in anymore.
    Feelsbad they leaving, feelsbad didn't get achievement, feelsbad they not logging in anymore. Understand the want for achievements as well.

    Everyday Vaniki was like we gotta get it done now otherwise we will be behind. Fun rush while it lasted. It moved a little bit too quickly in beginning. A voting system WOULD BEEN NICE.

    I think voting system would make wonders on a TLP if some TLPs are just overruned by something or its moving too quickly, should be able to vote.

    I feel like the GMs, devs, think tankers. They don't play the TLPs they don't know whats going on on the TLP, the vibe.

    This is where voting, the people on that TLP tell you, we'd like this or that the TLP is dying do you not see this, do something. If this happens TLP will hurt more. Pay attention to us. Give us voting so we can tell you the state of the TLP.

    If a GM took some time, like 2 weeks before the next increase, just talk to people I think that would long way. Even if its just 1 friday for 3 hours, thats it. That will go a long way.
    "Hows the TLP going, ready for the increase, hows the economy, hows everything, hows guilds doing, everything good. Great glad to hear."

    "GM can you take a look at this zone, there is boxer, suspicious, he's bossing us around on the server, other than its going great"
    "GM we didn't get the achievement yet we did not beat raids yet, we did not get our epics yet, we soooo close, give us more time please"