new system is NOT designed to help players catch up to current content

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Mazame Augur

    "As an Overseer, you will be able to send out agents that you earn on Overseer Quests to gain rewards. This new system is designed to help players catch up to current content by giving access to rewards that are found in past content. Its goal is to help you build up your characters faster. Overseer is accessible starting at level 85 and with its launch we will grant all members a free level 85 heroic character. More details on Overseer will be coming very soon." Holly “Windstalker” Longdale

    This new Overseer was advertised as a Way to help people catch up..
    However it doesn't do anything to help with that with the changes that were made.

    Collection items when current are farmed in mass and also found in the /baz. but when an exp becomes dated those items become harder to get. You either spend hours on end trying to farm them your self or just move on. Even searching the /baz doesn't help.

    With TBL and the requirement to get old collection items the price on the one people do sale has gone threw the roof.
    If a returning player wanted to "catch up" the overseer would not help. Most of your returning / causal players that need the help to catch up only play a few hours a day.
    If they Log in once a day the 6 / 12 /24 hour doesn't matter because they are only going to be able to do 1 set of quest. If they do a recruit mission to get more agents then they will have 4 slots.
    With that at the 25% collection rate they will be lucky to get 1 item each day.

    I have read the post about the money and how if you max a maximize your efforts then you can get X amount each day. However to unlock the higher level you have to run a lot of mission for the Xp. you have to gain a lot of agents to upgrade to be able to do the higher missions. The point being is yes a person that play a lot can get a lot of coin but the person you made this for to help some one "catch up" will spend years to get to that point. They will never make enough money with the new prices to buy a res stick.

    So again the system fails to help them

    As for trade skills again the items gain are not ground breaking and for some one that able to do 4-5 quest a day will not do much to help them to "catch up"

    I understand people took advantage of the system by using 10-50 Free to play account and was able to get things much faster then you expected. But that could of been solved by just making the coins no trade. Inflating the prices only made the new system worthless. The people that got what they wanted have it. those that where using it to catch up will have better luck spending there time farming the stuff the old fashion way.

    If you want Overseer work then it need to do what you advertised it to be a Catch up tool.
    *Limit the rewards to old content
    *Put collection back to way it was (4-5 drops per day for the catch up player is not going to hurt the economy of the game) People that play more can sale them but the price will be more in line that a catch up player can afford. Leave the current 1 or 2 exp off as that where the market is for current players.
    * Up the amount a Trade skill drop that people can make stuff with what is gained. Again limit this to old content.
    * the Amount of Xp on both players and merc could be increased to help people catch up
    * Add old content Group / Raid coin so those trying to catch up can get some of the old click item and other items to help them progress.
    * If you want to have some thing for current player then set high prices on Vanity items for them to go after.
    * Add Mounts / illusion at high prices. The stuff set to high prices should be thing that are not used to "catch up"

    You can make overseer work as both a "catch up tool" and a Vanity grind but as I see it now it become a wasted feature. much like the Combat side game in underfoot.
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  2. Sobmre Augur

    it's almost like they want to piss off the paying fans.

    perhaps they are trying to warn us that the company is going under and pissing us off is a way to get us off a sinking ship before it goes under or gets sold off.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    IMHO this is all down to Holly. She posted Overseer was coming in March knowing full well she wouldn't be around and that it wasn't ready.

    The devs had no choice in releasing it. Else where Ngreth has posted there wasn't time to do what he wanted to with the rewards. Ngreth has also posted that how collectables are awarded is changing again. He also posted somewhere in the Vet Lounge that he would later be asking later for suggestions of items to put on the vendor.

    I am currently using the Overseer for exp on my babies and TS mats for my main, collectables I've knocked on the head as I seem to fail too much, but then the RNG has always hated me. As a wizzy being able to get conflagrant ores/pelts/silks which I cannot solo is a god send and I have finally managed to get enough pelts and silks to be done with RoS tailoring, still need more ores to finish RoS blacksmithing but I'm getting there and there are far more recipes that use ore so the fact it is behind isn't unexpected.

    I believe the system is far from perfect and needs a lot of tweeking, but I have faith it will become very useful.
  4. Zamiam Augur

    isnt there like 3 threads already regarding Overseer ?
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  5. That0neguy Augur

    And then he never did and in fact felt that the current rewards were too good and they limited them and increased the price by 157000%.

    I think the system could be good and amazing if tuned right. But they seem to be doubling down on wanting to nerf it into the ground. By the time they are done with it no one will even remember that its a feature they introduced.
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  6. CrazyLarth Augur

    the items can be traded and put in the baz. its great
  7. Gremag Journeyman

    I like Overseer. Gives me added experience once or twice a day. Not bad. Give it time to evolve perhaps. It could never solve everything when everything that needs to be solved is defined differently by everyone.

    I like that RPG added something to the game.
  8. AppleSplatter Journeyman

    The post is all about collectibles and tradeskills. I thought new players needed xp and gear.
  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I have a free to play rogue I don't play, since she can only get coins I have been claiming exp. She has never left pok or been added to any quests for exp. In just under a week she has gained 20% of level 86 just from doing overseer.

    I do the recruitment quests when available so this isn't as high as it could have been. Individuals quests aren't much but it soon mounts up. Anyone who pays for their account would be able to get more exp as they can do an extra 2 quests. F2P are limited to a max of 3 overseer quests.
  10. Riou EQResource

    Overseer provides very minimal EXP and no Gear for > 90 toons (non viable gear for 85 when it starts even)
  11. Moege Augur

    And you are happy with that ? Go kill a few mobs with that 85, I suspect that in 10 minutes you would have more than the 20% that you got under a week.
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  12. Nadisia Augur

    Someone was mentioning on another post that running overseer missions during 5 days (with the fast forward micro transcations if I understand correctly), he only gained 1 level and an half.
    In my humble opinion, this is kinda pathetic XP-wise.

    At this moment, there are a lot of new heroic characters running around on the servers, so grouping is probably easier than usual.
    And with the anniversary XP bonus, you can get easily a couple of levels per day.

    Even solo/molo, with Teek dailies, I'm pretty sure that you can get more than 20% of a level, every day.
    (and probably some plats, maybe currency if you're grouping for missions, and equipment)
  13. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    I'll repost this from a previous thread:

  14. Zalamyr Augur

    I like the idea around Overseer. It definitely needs some tweaks, but long term I think it's a cool feature.

    It does fail as a "catch up" mechanic though. If that's one of their major goals for it, then they need to rethink the rewards for lower level players to include actual gear and more noteworthy xp rewards.
  15. jiri_ Augur

    Any system that actually functioned as a real catch-up mechanic would be very badly received by a bunch of players who don't need it because it devalues the grind.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm pretty happy with that for doing nothing. Up it too much and it becomes too powerful and you have pay to win and players saying you have to finish quests with station cash.

    If I'd gone and played I would have got more faster but if you don't have ths time or do this on top, it's a nice bonus, I don't think overseer should replace having to exp.
  17. birisu Elder

    Certainly the guys selling afk spots in bot groups wouldn't be too happy about it
  18. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Anything that helps new/returning players avoid the idiotic, pointless, mind-numbing, soul-sucking, grind on certain things that I had to go through...I'm all for it.
  19. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I tried to dumb some dbg-cash into overseer, to pretty much clear the entire overseer quest-log for a single rotation. Selecting character-experience every time.
    It cost me around 500 dbc(what I get for free for subscribing, 15% discount), and gave me around 38% xp, that is at level 113. Not bad for 10 mins of clicking.
    Does it help me catching up? yes.
    Is it pay to win? oh yes! :rolleyes:
    Could i have gotten similar xp-gains in the same timeframe? possibly, by completing some of the tov-progression achievements. :)

    It is a viable catch up tool at level 110, if you have a lot of spare dbc.

    Without spending dbc, it is good for regaining xp after a rough raidnight, or to finish up an old collectible set once in a while.

    It is always the last collectible in a set that takes the most time, now you can just farm 7/8 of a set, and move on to the next set. :p

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