New servers ASAP. Covid-19 and people home

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dakotou, Mar 26, 2020.

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  1. Dakotou New Member

    Millions of people across the country are home right now. This virus is not going anywhere anytime soon. You have a window of opportunity right now as a lot of people are looking for something to do. It is very possible that the virus runs its course by late spring/early summer. Maybe it won't be fully gone, but it is likely to be much more contained. People will be ready to get out of their homes after being locked down for weeks/months.

    My suggestion is to release the servers as soon as you can. Certainly you have challenges to overcome before you can release new servers, but it makes dollars and sense to take advantage of this window. Late spring/early summer might be to late.
  2. Skuz Augur

  3. Jayjayjay Lorekeeper

    dude. no rush. this covid19 issue will last quite long. people will have to stay home more than another 6 months or so.
  4. Fraggly Augur

    Millions of people are home right now. This probably includes most, if not all, of DPG. Be grateful your only worry is having something to entertain you while you are able to wait this out.

    Things got kind of nasty where i am living, with 25% of people who showed up to get tested for free were confirmed to have it. Imagine all the people not showing up thinking they couldn't possibly get it, or just have a head cold? If it is contained by spring i would be amazed and happy.

    Also, just bump one of the already existing threads for this. o_O
  5. nazgull2k1 Lorekeeper

    What could POSSIBLY help with millions of people stuck at home.. hmmm.. lemme think...

    Lets jam 900 people into Unrest. That'll fix EVERYTHING!!!

  6. sumnayin Augur

    could also go to Sol A. You forgot mine, the first post on the no TLPs. The one that wasn't asking for the TLPs but was making fun of how they made the decision to not release one and then a week later whole states started shutting down and people were home. For some reason, every time I do things, people just ignore it and act like someone didn't already point it out.
  7. Arclyte Augur

    real men XP in highpass
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  8. C3lowz Augur

    Judging by previous TLP launches, launching one now is not the best idea, unless they have severely upgraded their servers.

    This would result in the previous messes of server launches with crashes, delays, buggy ques, and constant crying on the forums.

  9. Skuz Augur

    Yeah I definitely,purposely only omitted yours hoping that you would get annoyed about being left out of the limelight...yeah.

    Mission accomplished, FOMO achieved.
  10. Typucm Elder

    At least you agree there is MANY players who want new server, also you agree ALL last new TLP have crashes/delays etc. So why not now? Why not make few thousand ppl happy?
  11. HoodenShuklak Augur

    At this point any tlper with 1 go under their belt expects problems. So let's not use that as a reason against moving forward.
  12. DosPanchos New Member

    OP is right. Divert as many resources as you can to launching a TLP. Screw the schedule - things change and the consumer understands. Lead up to the early release of the TLP with an announcement describing your plan to release said TLP as early as possible. We don’t care if a server is not perfect upon arrival - we’re like ravenous wolves waiting for the next piece of Everquest meat to fall off the bone.

    Won’t you please let us spend our stimulus checks to buy krono on a fresh TLP server?? You have 3 weeks til checks drop...
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  13. ManglerNecro Journeyman

    I already bought EQ Celebration Bundle for me and my wife, also few Kronos!
    Ready for new TLP today! :)
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  14. Tsuaruanni Lorekeeper

    Dreamweaver said we will get at least 6 weeks heads up so not anytime soon unfortunately.
  15. Glistarian Augur

    I dunno, it's not like this is a company that can afford to be leaving money on the table.
  16. Xeris Augur

    These posts are funny. This company isn't dumb, I'm sure they're aware that releasing a new TLP right now would generate a lot of revenue. I'm also sure that a new TLP isn't just pressing a button, and we have no clue what their internal priorities are right now or what things they're working on.

    New TLP will come when ready, and in the mean time play Agnarr :D
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  17. Lumiens Augur

    If they didn't immediately begin working on the next batch of Phinny clone spring TLPs the day after Miragul launched then they are indeed a dumb company.
  18. Magic Augur

    Sure it isn't, but it will not take 20 programmers working hard all month.

    What is new for them? Phinny clone 88?

    With FV loot (I hope we will see free-trade at least on one of 2 coming servers) it will take few days of preparation and launch one of this type TLP.

    I know DPG says it will be later spring, but this is commercial organization and if them want to clean all last troubles with Overseer/others ppl refunds, and want good economic statistic this quarter - them need to open this servers now (want them this or not)
  19. Zansobar Augur

    They will still be giving people probably around 6 weeks notice before launching so people can request and get time off from work for launch.
  20. Moforyguy12345 Journeyman

    A ton of people are off work now until who knows when, could be till when TLP's would release anyways. But Mangler is off limits. It rolls back every 5 hours.
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