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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I have seen a few comented they are getting board of the same old TLP rule sets and players only get to a certain expansion and never go any further. I've had a couple of thoughts which throw traditional TLP rules out the window. You may not like them you may love them, you may see flaws that I have missed. But throwing them out there anyway....flame away.

    I'd prefer boxing servers especially as there would be more room for players to spread out, but if it went withTruebox, it would be nice if that was removed after a certain level. Mercs availabe at launch but a later expansion would work also (this would also be a good time to remove Truebox).

    Option 1

    All expansions unlocked if you own them or they are F2P
    All level 50 zones and below unlocked at release
    5 more levels unlocked after 8 - 12 weeks along with level relevent zones
    5 more levels unlock every 8 weeks after that with relevent zones
    All features unlocked based on which expansions you have purchased/are F2P
    Mischief loot, but across all expansions (no TSS loot being better than that dropping in classic), raid and group seperate the same as now
    Exp zems would be equal

    What would this mean
    1. Starting in all start cities including Shir Val and Crescent Reach will be available at launch
    2. No waiting for any class/race combos
    3. No more getting stuck at level 70 for weeks on end
    4. LDONs available at level 20
    5. New content unlocks will always be aimed at your level and above, not lower than your level (example TSS & LDON)
    6. With all features unlocked you get bazaar, housing etc at launch
    7. The player base gets to spread out more and the later expansions lower level zones actually get used.

    I don't see any issues getting to later low level zones, even if Plane of Knowledge isn't unlocked. Luclin is availble from old world as is Blightfire Moor to get to TSS, and LDON is old world based.

    Option 2

    Every thing is unlocked except levels
    start with a max level of 40 or 50.
    No flagging
    5 more levels unlock every 8 weeks
    How far can you get at your level?
    Can you beat VS at level 50?
    Can you beat Vex Thule at level 50?
    Can you beat Plane of Time at level 50?
    How about any of the named/raids in later expansions?
    What is the latest expansion you can beat named/raids in before levels increase?
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  2. Raytheon Augur

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  3. Accipiter Old Timer

    It's not the worst idea. The devil is in the details, of course. If PoP were unlocked at the start, the spell vendors would have to be adjusted accordingly. I believe the way it is now, the past expansions' spells don't unlock until specific expansions launch. That's just an example of the pitfalls that would have to be addressed.
  4. Captain Video Augur

    The options described above sound, to me, a lot more like event servers than TLPs. At one time SOE was actively promoting the concept of event servers, and said the Quarm idea was just the first of many. Didn't turn out that way. not sure why.
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    PoP wouldn't have to be unlocked in option 1, none of the exp zones are really feasable until you reach level 55 - 60 ish anyway. As I mentioned getting to the lower level zones of none classic zones are all doable without PoK. The only thing you would lose keeping it locked would be the housing feature and guild Lobby.
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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    A lot of the stuff that comes with later expansions would instead need to be tied to the unlocking of those expansions levels rather than the expansions themselves, or the already wrecked-by-power-creep low-level game would be a complete farce.

    Mercs in at start would be incredibly over-powered, and really are not needed anyway.

    There would need to be some new ones added that are massively downtuned from what you can get once SoD unlocks on a standard TLP and those stronger ones not made available until Level 80 unlocks.

    Same thing goes for defiant gear it would be better than raid gear if available at the start, not dropping until level 75 unlocks makes sense.
  8. code-zero Augur

    The Tier I Apprentice mercs are not particularly overpowered. In fact they're pretty bad
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  9. Machen New Member

    They still tank better than player tanks up to level 60 or so. As long as you don't pull 4 reds at once and freak them out so they run. DPS and heals, not so much.