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    It shouldn't be this way. There are many ways they could fix it, they just won't.
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    I don't know. HCs are pretty popular still. I know active players who use HCs as a way to quickly start a new race/class they want.

    Fixing isn't just a matter of change. What returns will the change garner?
  3. Rickate Augur

    Using the new Glyph ranks for level ranges: 65-69, 70-84, 85-99, and 100+

    1-64 is free to play, not sure exactly what level you can reach 1000aa, that's something Silver players have to learn to avoid with Glyphs before getting 1000 permanent AA because once you're at the AA cap you can't avoid leveling and it becomes really tedious to death loop. The main advantages of paying for the game are J1 merc and /trader. If you're on FV/Brekt, Gold also means AC augs but until you can zone into RSS you're not really missing out on other servers at that level.

    There is little non-social value in grouping at these levels other than FV/Brekt, you have a vast quantity of content, you can accumulate wealth for Extraplanar Trade Satchel(s) and Defiant gear. On FV/Brekt the value in grouping is Monster Missions, use /buyer to extract the Artifact from the mission and then have a Level 61+ character zone out with the Artifact and you can dual wield Shortsword of Woe and Dark Whisperer or sell those Swords to obtain items more appropriate for your class. Since you're on FV/Brekt there is also vastly more clear upgrades to Defiant to purchase for 1-64 than an occasional piece of loot from Kael.

    If you just want to get past this level range go Gold for J1 merc, end your play sessions when your level ends in 1 or 6, start your play sessions with Franklin Teek and head to the highest level hotzone you can request a task for, travel is the biggest thing that slows down leveling.

    65-69 is largely the same as 1-64 although you now have a clearly optimal path for new players without much in game paid or unpaid assistance. The hidden achievements related to Jonas aug are something you can work on, are level appropriate and have amazing rewards. Hiding those achievements until you reach Level 70 is a terrible decision by the Dev(s) or part of a clever overall plan to push players towards solving in game frustrations with their credit card.

    70-84: Logging on a Level 73 and clicking Hero's Journey recommends:
    Sunderock - separate quest lines for Elaborate Arms, Range, Rings and Belt and if you complete all those quests a "bonus" of Elaborate Wrists, Gloves and Neck
    Vergalid - separate quest lines for Elaborate BP, Hat, Mask, Ears and Weapon/Shield and if you complete all those quests a "bonus" of Elaborate Feet, Legs, Shoulders and Back
    TBS - separate quest lines for Hero's vis Armor and a bonus of Hero's Weapon/Shield if you complete all those quests.
    DSH - a quest line for Hero's Weapon/Shield, the remaining ach are level locked because I'm only Level 73 and the completely absurd HJ implies that I need to level up more before coming back to DSH to take on some Brownies.

    TBS HJ is vastly better than TSS HJ, let alone that you can far more easily purchase the TSS HJ ach rewards than complete the ach. If someone foolishly follows the recommendations and heads to Sunderock at Level 73 for a small upgrade to their Intricate rewards from BFR they will quite possibly get frustrated as they get into content that their character needs to perform either the tanking or healing function as their J1 merc can no longer efficiently do both without high level buffs. DSH would be a similar option to TBS except for the whole terrible level reqs on ach and quests in DSH thing.

    1 in 4 shot to pick the correct recommended zone at random and admittedly at this point they can preview the TBS rewards and only wasted their time from mid 60s to 69 if they relied on in game information and would have no way of knowing about the massive upgrades tied to the Jonas aug quest line. Recommending TSS HJ at those levels is still either terrible or part of a plan to frustrate new players until they reach for their credit card.

    As you will level up it will add on SoF zones which offer more Hero's rewards along with SoD zones which offer Paragon rewards. Many Paragon rewards are not available until Level 80 because of again a terrible decision or a clever plan to frustrate players into paying to advance their characters. Placing similar emphasis on Hero and Paragon rewards makes as little sense as the equal emphasis on Elaborate and Hero.

    85-99: House of Thule is recommended in the high 80s and at 96 it finally admits that HJ can't help you in selecting zones when it's been mostly terrible recommendations since your character was created. You can kill an Enraged Gorilla Patriarch and get Shoulders really similar to the ones rewarded for hailing 2 mobs in Bloody Kithicor. If you did go the Paragon route to reach this point, you can sell The Feerrott drops and dependence on groups, boxing and/or high level buffs varies considerably by class. A Mage with a Healer merc remains a force (do The Defense of Health until you become a much greater force if you have TBM), a Rogue and merc is generally one of the worst pairs and a Wizard can kill stuff that doesn't summon but doesn't benefit much from a merc. This is also where a Heroic character starts you with essentially Paragon gear.

    With the TBM expansion you can settle into a grind of selling TS items from wherever you get XP and gearing up with Remnants of Tranquility. Without TBM you can do the same by searching for deals on T1 RoF gear but supply and demand makes this a much steeper gearing curve. Merchant Nyvan outside of FV/Brekt is brutally inefficient and is going to lead to more frustration than progress in the long run.

    Most HA you can request by using a 3rd party site to find the trigger word with Captain Russell Cooper being the most notable hold out. Whether the Devs are more likely to fix Russell or most HA givers I have no idea. Presumably with Clayton Teek making HAs very rewarding and the recommended backbone to player progression at these levels it would be fixing Russell but fixing the rest of them would contribute to pushing people into paying to play.

    The fundamental purpose of 1-84 is finding some people to group with 85-99 which can be Level 110 players. If instead of doing the really inefficient HJ you farmed TS items and offered ach in /gu or ;gen you most likely have the plat and/or social contacts to progress or warp through those levels on the basis of your in game activities as opposed to your credit card. If you skipped 1-84 with your credit card or were banging away in Vergalid Mines you're pretty much starting (over) at this point.

    100+: the modern game, if your gear is lagging and you have RoS then Conflag at 106 is the obvious target gear.

    There is a better way than PL assuming you enjoy the progress. If you only enjoy the content at 100+ then "working" for all those hours to reach that point is still a terrible idea. You can make steady progress to 85 pretty easily and while making that progress you should be able to set yourself up for the grind to 100. You just have to somehow learn of the efficient ways to advance your character and avoid the vast majority of TSS HJ. The main problem is the in game information is created by people who have no idea how to play EverQuest at low levels or are aware of how to do it and instead want new players to reach for their credit card so offer terrible advice.

    Fixing it is really easy, inform new players of their efficient options, those options already exist. Rename Hero's Journey to Dzarn's Folly. Create in game messaging based on actual ways to progress your character, you can't expect a new player to know more than Laronk and he fell victim to Dzarn's Folly. If Mekkondy ever sees the light of day again they have made 1% or so of the progress to Hero's Sigil of the Council and Shroud of the Council, this never has been and never will be something worth working on for a new player. James the Watchmaker provides far more value to new players than Hero's Journey by not suggesting massive time sinks for no apparent reason.