New server start challenge and blog!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Laronk, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Laronk Augur

    Even though none of you asked for it!
    Even though none of you want it!

    I've decided that I am going to start on a new server, I'm not going to box because I want to see what the experience is like for a returning / kinda new player that doesn't have any friends and doesn't box has!

    Any thoughts or requests, maybe additional restrictions? I'll be starting tonight!
  2. Xenze Elder

    Zek - cheers!
  3. Ekadzati Lorekeeper

    Truly free or silver account to assure you have the REAL experience in every way that counts.
  4. Thraine Augur

    no mercs!
  5. Laronk Augur

    I've played on Sullon Zek and I don't think that pvp is in a good state and the pvp community is trash

    This is challenging because you finally meet a player in game neither of you are a healer or a tank and he wants me to pop a merc but I have to be a knob and say " I'm not allowed to use mercs" I believe the game to be somewhat unplayable in random pugs if people don't use mercs. This isn't 2001, I'm not going to sit around for 50 minutes because we can't find a healer that's not thrilling gameplay.

    So I don't like the above but things I also won't do

    I won't use the pok lady to get bags of platinum
    I won't trade krono to get items / plat
    I won't use a heroic
    I won't take a PL, random buffs are fine though but I won't go beg for buffs
  6. Thraine Augur

    how about no PoK? only allowed to get to pre plane zones via translocators, boats and the oldest of ways, on foot :p
  7. Laronk Augur

    I've played progression, you can't even get to some zones without going through pok. Pre level 60 is a very small part of this experiment too its not the part of the game where returning or new players are getting stuck.

    Reducing the options to travel just means you can't group with the other players in the game. A really big part of Everquest is grouping with other players and making those connections. This isn't a make the game really hard so I can't succeed type of challenge.
  8. Laronk Augur

    I woke up in prison but good old Arias was there to help me break out and I used my ranger skills to kick the jailers now I am helping the slaves revolt

    I only got to play an hour last night but I made it to level 6 woo, no friends yet!
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  9. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    What server are you playing on?
  10. Laronk Augur

    I randomly picked and ended up on Xegony
  11. Laronk Augur

    Now our super duper ranger is level 11.

    We've finished disrupting the kobolds and Arias was all happy with us. Now we're off to CrescentReach,it looks like a lot of people here have things for us to do it's going to be an adventure!
  12. Laronk Augur

    We got to group with someone from level 12-20 and slay all the bad gnolls in Blightfire Moors. I ran into a problem though where my spells don't work very good! I fizzle fizzle fizzle

    Here's one of the first problems with low-level gameplay, by the time I hit 20 I already was so far behind on my casting skills that I had to spam my spells for 45 minutes and I'm still not maxed out on all my skills. This is terrible gameplay that isn't very thrilling.

    Otherwise, the new server is going good so far I already made a friend!
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  13. CaptainSkeet Augur

    Well; leveling too fast isn’t a problem most people complain about. Though it would be nice if spell skill auto granted as you leveled to like 100 skill in each one. As you say, mass casting is not engaging gameplay. Especially if you have to do it after simply grouping and not getting PLed.
  14. Metanis Bad Company

    Just make sure you don't use any sort of 3rd party software to help you with those skill ups! You'll get banned for life.
  15. Laronk Augur

    Oh I don't think the issue is leveling too fast, the issue is the skill system (it's actually way worse for bards than for my little ranger) After 20 you can cast a bit more so it's easy to keep alteration and evocation kinda but the other skills stay behind.

    I used a macro keyboard, which I'm might be a nono but I was at the computer. I wouldn't blame people for using a 3rd party program for something like this it was a bit over 4 hours for me to get to 20 then I practiced my magic for about an hour. I could have done some killing in that time but yeah

    Maybe autogrant combat skills to gold members
  16. Febb Augur

    The whole skill system just needs to max out all your skills that you have at least 1 point in (not tradeskills) for the previous level as you level up. Either that or they need to update the rate of skill up to match the experience rate of servers.
  17. Laronk Augur

    Its probably not easy to do but I think the ideal way to handle it would be to get rid of casting skills and just set the fizzle rate at a certain %
  18. Rickate Augur

    Create character, enter tutorial, give weapon to Absor (hail if Monk), destroy weapon, ready to leave (get to CR if that's not your starting city), Hail Boawb on 2nd floor, follow dialogue, give potion to Reakash, follow dialogue, give potion to Boawb, equip weapon, shield, mask and belt.

    Pick up SSoL items in CR, Blightfire and the one in Stone Hive by (ab)using advanced loot, all you have to do is survive long enough to open it, the caves in CR can be annoying because of root, turn in the SSoL items, get a 69/69 charm and your weapon and shield will no longer be yellow.

    Head to PoK, check /claim for a Merc skin or choose whatever PC race and get a Healer merc, don't buy mercs from the misogynist in the Tutorial even if you want a Human. Get Bazaar and Guilds and Guild Lobby from Secalna (others if you want as well), you get a 10 slot 50% WR bag, also a Trader Satchel if you are Gold, you join Novices of xxxx, say willing to Keseri for a 5/5 aug, once you are Level 20 you can get a 10/10 aug and another aug at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85 and 90 that are not prestige and do not share a lore group.

    Return to the Tutorial by camping or Secalna, do the quest for the Charm and destroy it also destroy Mask you get in that process, grats on Arms and Worn Totem, do the BP quest either "legit" or again (ab)use advanced loot, do the Leg quest and pick up an Arrow if you want a Quiver and get the Kobold Bane aug for your Simple weapon.

    The healer merc serves to slow down XP and allows you to pull multiple mobs at once which greatly improves the skill up rate for defensives. Alternatively get a Tank merc and switch to Healer afterwards and skill up on Erandi Natasu in Paineel.

    You can do whatever other Tutorial quests you want but the optimal path revolves around killing the two spawn points in the hall that connects the pit area and the tunnel down to Overlord Gnikan that are always casters and always drop a Staff, fill up your Sturdy Satchel and grab however many more you can carry, sell and repeat until you have what you consider enough starting plat.

    Head to CR and get 54 Tailoring and Smithing and make or buy a Skinning Knife, buy a Large Sewing Kit and some backpack patterns. Get the tasks for the ach Making a Name for Yourself and whatever other quests you feel like doing. Stock up on Spiderling Silk by killing or /baz and now you're off to the races. Kill Puma and Bears for the tasks, turn HQ Cat, LQ and pelts into Leather Padding, turn HQ Bear into Backpacks.

    You're really looking for Fresh Meat which you indirectly convert into an Extraplanar Trade Satchel(s). Ice of Velious is the massive jackpot item, once you out-level the Bears it's an option to head to Mistmoore but wherever you head you want animals that drop some kind of meat which means they can also drop Fresh Meat (which becomes Merchant's Feast) or you want to fight Casters who have a better chance of dropping Ice of Velious. Raw-hide Gorget is the other premium item, anything else that isn't Defiant or TS is most likely crap.

    If you're Gold /trader the Leather Padding, Backpacks, Defiant and whatever /barter and /baz informs you are the TS items that might sell well. Hopefully you even have a premium item to sell. If you're Silver you still have /auc, ;gen and /barter.

    Once you level up enough to expand your hunting options use /barter to identify hunting areas. If you're greedy/wise use /barter to identify what to farm and then /trader or /auc the items for more than the person is offering in /barter and when in doubt always pick a mob type that drops some kind of meat which means it can also drop Fresh Meat, Ice of Velious is much rarer to loot and can take longer to sell but is by far the most expensive item you can loot for a long time.

    Gnolls have an excellent quest at that level, 12/24 1hb from Scout Zerak, did you at least pick that up? The problem is getting information on this or another progression path to new players or in your case an experienced player who has taken a bad to terrible path depending on your quest progress.
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  19. Laronk Augur

    I got the hammer, its better than defiant for its level!
    I'm level 30 now I've done lots of the blightfire moor quests1 its a bit quiet group wise but im moving along
  20. Metanis Bad Company

    Yeah, I was being sarcastic. I think people need to be able to compensate for the 20 year old aspects of this game that don't scale. Back then you would have leveled so much slower that your skills would have kept pace "naturally". I can remember playing every single day for hours on end and it sometimes seemed to take weeks to make a single level.
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