New server rule set vote ?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by jordune, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. jordune Elder

    be cool if one of you well written types posted somehtig along the lines of
    player base vote per rule set
    add in the pros and cons of each type of rule like

    instance raiding yes ( pros )
    instance raiding ( no )

    then do all the things we talk about..
    fv rule set or
    non fv rule set

    boxing or
    true box

  2. jordune Elder

    motm or no
  3. jordune Elder

    vote unlocks or no
  4. jordune Elder

    three month
    four month
    six month unlocks
  5. Aaxxandum New Member

    Phinny exp or Ragefire / Lockjaw exp !
  6. Whales Aren't Orange Lorekeeper

    server only krono / no krono
  7. Machen Augur

    Last time there was a vote on server ruleset, we ended up with 51/50. Live players will vote for whatever takes the absolute least dev resources to accomplish. Players that are playing happily on current progression servers will vote for whatever they think no one will want to leave and play on. You'll end up with a server that no one really wants.
  8. Tudadar Augur

    No vote please. Scrubs that just play 1-2 months or less or dont even play ruin it.
  9. snailish Augur

    51/50 vote was the top option on the pop-up window iirc, I think more people clicked it to make it go away than intentional sabotaged the vote. My anecdotal observations of anything that has ever been voted on for EQ is that it isn't the way to do it.

    Let the devs and accountants decide (as they have internal info we are not privy to) what is the most profit-bearing ways to keep people subscribing.

    Unfortunately, since the low xp rate on Phinny appears to be a cash-cow for potions from marketplace, I would expect that to be a part of the ruleset. You can guess correctly that I personally would prefer a higher xp rate.

    I don't see the business case for a no krono (or no marketplace) server.

    The buffing of old content for a time period likely remains as otherwise other global changes (and the knowledge, experience and skill of much of the playerbase) makes the majority of pre-PoP content too easy.

    Phinny 2.0 could safely be on 4 month unlocks. This keeps it a bit distance from current Phinny, and says "slightly more casual pace"... which likely appeals more to people restarting again this soon to do classic-luclin.

    FV loot code is the one curveball that could be thrown in the works. Internally they probably know if truebox code is a moneymaker vs. money loser (in lost box accounts).

    New race/class combos assigned retroactively to a tier of expansion period would give live servers something immediately and add spice later along progression (i.e., add Iksar berserkers with OoW, Erudite rogues with TBS, halfling beetlelords -you know that is their pet... with DoN and so on).

    Instancing and pretty much everything they have done on Phinny has worked the best they have ever done. Phinny feels to have the largest population going into PoP that a progression server has ever had, maybe that's just me?
  10. Astral64 Augur

    Democracy in EverQuest has only ever led to disaster and dead servers.

    No thanks.
  11. fransisco Augur

    If the "Scrubs" only played 1-2 months, they wouldn't be around to vote against unlocks.
    More likely, those who view casual players as "scrubs" are the "baddies" on the server, who ruin it for the majority
  12. fransisco Augur

    As for FV loot code - I don't know that it makes too much sense.
    It will barely have any effect on the server for the first few expansions, as not much is no drop.
  13. vardune Augur

    Nope. It has been proven more then once. EQ player base cant vote correctly for what they think they want. The vote cant happen in the forums and the in game votes have always been a giant mess.
  14. vardune Augur

    I would like to see a server just like Phinigel that has a 4.5 month expansion release or 105 days. with a lower load balanced number to spawn instances more often. Also it needs to have OoW and GoD release independently of each other, not together as is the current plan. I would also like them to add code that would monitor 3rd party software that is still being used on Phinigel and fix the true box code so it ill stop kicking people out of game.
  15. Kaponen Journeyman

    None of you have any say whatsoever in what the new server's ruleset will look like. Stop pretending you might. They will do what they do, and you will like it, or you can choose not to play.
  16. Warlorf Augur

    aww well that deflates that balloon ..:(
  17. malaki Augur

    This sums it up pretty well.
  18. code-zero Augur

    Krono and All Access

    I point this out because Krono are a major part of the funding for Daybreak Games and I don't see them ever doing something that will directly interfere or even risk breaking the way Krono work.
  19. Tudadar Augur

    Hes not talking unlocks. Hes talking pre-launch ruleset vote that they usually have done maybe half the time for the new servers.

    They would not be around to vote for unlocks but they would be around to ruin the settings of the server.

    GL seeing another vote to unlock server though
  20. Hdizzle Elder

    If DBG hasn't already decided on the rule set that's pretty sad.

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