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  1. Jaxxon New Member

    So, I have been talking a lot with new friends on Mischief and it would seem a lot of players stopped playing when mercs first appeared. This got me thinking, how about a server with no mercs at all?
    The rest of the rules, meh, but I sort of like the idea.
    TLP, maybe starting at POP?
    No boxing
    No mercs
    FV loot rules
    No Krono trading
    I know there are 1000's of possibilities out there, but I would be happy to play on a no merc server.
  2. Elskidor Augur

    There will never be a server without krono from Daybreak. The rest might be possible but I doubt the boxing thing would hold up either. If they were ever to do this then they might as well launch it in Seeds though. I doubt it would be a very popular server but who knows.
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  3. Strawberry Augur

    The only way to make a non-boxing EQ server would be to make the gameplay more dynamic.

    Boxing in EQ is so popular because it's so ridiculously easy to do.

    EQ is
    -you are rarely required to move around during group combat
    -you can hotkey everything
    -mobs are incredibly predictable, allowing you to use the same hotkey strategy for almost every mob

    It's almost as if EQ was designed around boxing.

    Most MMO don't suffer from boxing because the speed is way faster, characters are forced to move around and mobs are unpredictable.

    And I'm not saying one is better than the other, it just is what it is.

    To remove boxing, you would need to speed up EQ's gameplay and force characters to move around during combat on non-box servers.

    You can't box in most MMO simply because you're constantly being forced to move around in unpredictable ways:


    In Everquest the game allows you to just put 5 characters down and the only character moving is the puller. This makes it child's play to box in EQ.

    But it wouldn't be hard to do something about that. Simply adding an unpredictable directional AE requiring specific characters to move around the mob would quickly start making the game a nightmare for boxers.

    Moving a group of characters around is easy for boxers, moving individual characters to specific spots during combat, is a nightmare for boxers, you can't hotkey those things.

    If you add this mechanic every 20th mob, the AE will keep killing the boxers, they'll quickly give up boxing on the server. They will wipe and realise there is a penalty when you're not able to move characters individually. It isn't a big deal for regular players to deal with this mechanic if it's only once every 20 mobs.

  4. Rauven Augur

    You have way more faith in the average EQ player than I do. With that said, I don't disagree. EQ does need just a tad more interaction from its players IMO. And this isn't a stance against boxing. I really don't care if people box (maybe I like to once in a while). But what I really don't like is the constant afking that slows down the group play.

    Imagine if 6 players in a group were all as active as the puller. I've seen it. Its an exp rate that rivals that of exp weekends, even the heavier ones. And when its done in conjunction, its beautiful.
  5. Szilent Augur

    Have you met my friend The Skyfire Mountains(110) ? Have you met the pages of complaints from live f'n players that Skyfire is somehow a malicious murdering deathtrap? Because every 10 minutes or so a patrolling drake in the sky will - not even attack - will put a Bright Red warning circle on the ground that it will deal - non lethal - damage inside that circle 10 seconds later. Oh and the patrolling drakes can be pulled & killed to stop their circles.
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  6. Elskidor Augur

    I like that weird version of Skyfire and I boxed in it with a friend who also boxed in it. The hate it got seemed blown out of proportion but whatever.
  7. Tucoh Augur

    I loved skyfire. Those kinds of "pay attention or die" mechanics should be in the hardest zone in each expansion. And no where near most of the zones.

    Re: server ideas, only way I'd play a TLP again is if it had:
    • Everything no drop, corpse locked at death
    • Something to make the game fundamentally harder. I'd enjoy a 3 person party cap or just dramatically increasing mob damage + resists.
  8. quakedragon Augur

    It's a different time now, back then time wasn't that valuable compared to experience. But now time is valuable. Making the game harder just makes it more time consuming.

    Because honestly I'd like old school EQ rules, coin weight is back, when you die the gear you have stays on your corpse, it doesn't let you respawn with all your gear after death, etc. But thats time consuming.

    Instead EQ should embrace that people box in this game compared to others (WoW should embrace it too), maybe have box friendly UI. People box for a reason, you need to figure out that reason and adjust to it, not make content that annoys boxers. Also, most other MMORPG's are soloable, and if its soloable why bother boxing, like GW2. I think people box because of buffs, maybe reliance on killing nameds for group gear, reliance on being in a group for xp, reliance on group for quests. Maybe make quest rewards good for people redoing them too. As for buffs, I wouldn't just add enchanter mercs, etc., better way to go about it is like corpses and gear, just let buffs persist even after you die. So get that 3 hour buff, good for 3 hours even if you die multiple times because they make content annoying for boxers which means its going to be annoying to a molo'er too, annoying to die because of the annoyances then have to get rebuffed. People enjoy buffing others, if you make mercs do it all, it takes away one of the things people enjoy about this game. They don't enjoy having to get rebuffed 15 mins later.

    As for TLP server, how about an 85/1000 Mayong 2.0, the catch is you have no gear or plat just like on Mayong, starts at UF. That's when people starting quitting right? Well maybe people want to experience the newer expansions, but start at UF to get back into the game, and a month or two later the newer expansions start rolling out and they ready for them. So it'd be like a month of just getting AA's, possibly doing the raids too, gearing up too, farming the augs you need, etc.

    There could be people 'so sick of Kunark and Velious, I want to try expansions 18-24, but I don't want to wait a year or two for the TLP to get to them, and pointless to join TLP when they on those expansions because no one is at lower levels anymore.

    Problem with TLP is that its only good for expansions 1-4, after awhile, its just not fun or no point joining it, and guess what, you still have expansions 5-26 to go through.
    We been through this 10+ times already? How about do a different approach, like the Mayong server did.
  9. nitrocutter Journeyman

    Has ANY TLP ever started on anything ever than at the very beginning? I don't think it has.
  10. quakedragon Augur

    I believe Mayong started with all the expansions active, I think latest expansion was TBS. So I guess it wasn't a TLP per say, but a lot of people went on and played on it.

    I like my idea of 85/1000, and do it TLP style starting at UF, maybe start at HoT? Just somewhere midgame.
    Thing with this is that housing will most likely be unlocked (HoT, well its just a month away, plus you have no plat right off the bat, so start farming to get ready for it), and that comes up quite often in TLP. All the new features of this game should be unlocked, overseer? Well your 85, you get overseer.
  11. Elskidor Augur

    I would love a Mischief type server without boxing restrictions that starts in Omens or maybe TSS. Love classic and the golden age but it would be interesting to see the mid game eras with a booming population for a change and with a good rule set. HoT start is too deep in, IMO, and the game is pretty cookie cutter from that point on.
  12. Szilent Augur

    yes, two have. the Quarm event server was 51/50, and ... one of them... was Heroics For All at launch
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  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    This is missing another major difference between EQ and other newer MMO's which is an actual solo progression path and groups are not required as much. In those MMO's a player is not only able to level up without depending on finding a group but they are able to gear up to an extent. Having the ability to login and make progress without having to find other players reduces the demand for playing multiple characters at once.
  14. FranktheBank Augur

    Miragul = heroic at launch, quarm = 51/50, selo = luclin
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  15. Rauven Augur

    What's ironic is the most basic level 2 mobs in FFXIV have mechanics like this. And the general playerbase in that game considers parsing to akin to cyberbullying and harassment.
  16. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    I think the best question of all, is why are you posting a TLP "suggestion" on this forum when you have a dedicated TLP forum where there is a weekly "new server suggestion" post?
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  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am not sure what is ironic at all about that. EQ and FFXIV have completely different design and play styles with different expectations from the playerbase. Trying to compare what works well in one game with what works in another game just won't work.
  18. Szilent Augur

    how variable is performance between two players of the same class, in that game? I speculate that parsing wouldn't be (so much of) a thing in EQ either if the player were less impactful to a character's performance.
  19. ForumBoss Augur

    The game needs to be solo friendly to remove boxing. Even if you group, often youd have to find other players at the exact same step to play together. If they've already done that mission, usually the reward is removed. Mercs aren't a problem, but not being able to xp them while suspended and grouped with real humans is.
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  20. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I thought this was going to be ideas for new Live Servers, but it wasn't
    Shoulda posted it in TLP forum if you were looking at new TLP server ideas.
    Mayong was a regular live server except it had a 51/50 character start.
    Selo had a Luclin Start and 1 month unlocks halved dz lockouts and bumped up xp
    Miragul is 85 Heroic start (no AoC)

    Mischief/Thornblade was a decent new idea (Random loot+free trade)
    A 51/50 GoD-start server or a LLP (Level Locked Progression) are good options too I think, but they need to experiement with switching Truebox OFF once the TLP unlocks DoDH and allowing F2P once VoA unlocks.
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