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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Balthen, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Balthen Journeyman

    I assume this idea has been floated but I cannot find it using the search tools. Has there ever been discussion of a server geared towards boxers? While I know some people hate boxing in general I think it's a fairly accepted fact at this point that a huge portion of the population are engaged and it is an important part of the revenue stream for the game.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    Given that most guilds on live and TLP servers are comprised of both boxers and non-boxers, I'm not sure how many people would want to move to this server and how many people would really want boxers to move to that server.

    You also have quite a spectrum of boxers where on one extreme you have people like me that six box and group rarely, and other people that primarily play with others but have a second box they spin up when it's quiet to help them do old progression or old aug farms.
  3. Balthen Journeyman

    I certainly understand not everyone would go but I think there are plenty of people who given the right rewards would move. I'm talking about the people who box whole crews vs 1 extra player. A couple of easy ideas I have would be to make transportation easier and improve questing. Making me do the same quest 4 times in a row is flat out lame. If they increased the loot tables so it didn't take forever to farm every slot x 4 that would be great. l. I'd pay a premium to be on a server like that.
  4. Raccoo Augur

    In my opinion, if they're making a new server, it should be one that is focuses on bringing back players to the game, not pulling players off of other servers. Pulling players off of already established servers is slowly killing those servers.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    The idea I've had for a while is a server that sub-105s can quickly and freely transfer off and on from (and 105+ are forced off) that is intended as a leveling server and has tools to allow people to group together. ex:

    . Increased Grouping XP (like triple the bonus)
    . Decreased penalty of grouping with a higher leveled person
    . Ability to quickly teleport to anyone in your group
    . Whatever is needed to ensure that all players on the server are in the same chat channel

    Just something that makes it easier to cross the massive desert that exists between when your tank merc stops being able to carry you to where you can easily group with randos in Frontier Mountain / GMM. I recently leveled a mage team from level 0 to 90 and watching the poor dudes play the game "normally" by trying desperately to find other players to group with was really sad and made it very obvious why it's impossible for a truly new player to get their grounding in EQ.
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  6. Balthen Journeyman

    I agree that leveling is a massive roadblock to new people entering the game. The TLP are certainly a way to try and improve that process. With the experience bonuses and limiting expansion releases they have made leveling much easier. However once they mature they are back in the same boat which is why I think they keep a couple different TLP's going at different stages of development all the time.

    While mostly self severing, a box friendly server that has a premium could create additional dollars for other game development. Only the big bosses know how many people are boxing mostly whole groups on the live servers to know if there would be enough demand for this.
  7. Whulfgar Augur

    I do like the whole double or triple xp type of server. This would enable people to get back in game a lot faster then normal. And would not need the devs to have to do all kinds of work adjusting new heroric toons or any of that jazz.

    I do not however think it should be free to move to or from. I feel if they get that YUGE of a break on exp.. they should have to pay as much as a heroric toon is worth to move off. Because its esentially what could take the place of heroric toons.
  8. Yimin Augur

    Don't need a new server ! You have Brekt same rules as FV , and no raid guild in site , any guild smart enough will play for free on Brekt if they raid new content !

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  9. AcemoneyFV Augur

    Why? So they can sell the raid gear to each other, when they raid and don't need it? Good idea!
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  10. Whulfgar Augur

    If they created a new server with automatic 2 or 3x xp gained per kill unlimited..

    They literally would not have to remake / add levels to hero toons.
  11. Oakenblade Augur

    As far as TLPs go, I think they should stop making anything for classic thru pop for a long while with the exception of a seasonal server.

    The seasonal server would basically be Phinny rules except 6 months after Velious launches it everything is wiped and it re-starts back at classic. This addresses a few things such as scratching the classic itch, the "fresh server" itch, the decline in population after PoP, the cannibalization of other servers every time a new one comes out, top-heaviness, and the "missing the bus" effect when people find out about the server too late.

    Granted, I'm pretty much just spit-balling here. So I don't have all the details worked out in my head as far as what all the ideal stipulations and details would be. Just a general idea.
  12. Rayvorn Lorekeeper

    I suggest an TLP that only allows you to use gear from the previous expansion. Current expansions will only drop crafting items and vendor trash. Original EQ will allow gear, but once Kunark is unlocked there will be no gear from the current expansion. This mean you can't start farming Epic 1.0 until Velious unlocks and so on. This takes raid content to a much harder level and changes it to pure zerg to actually having to masters strats. Most bosses on the TLP are just easy zerg fest and there are only 1-2 bosses that are semi difficult. Changing the rules for loot instantly makes all the bosses difficult and some where you have to be flawless. Brings back the word hardcore. Make this basically the opposite of the Selo server. This server SHOULD be a server where it unlocks 1 month after the previous expansion end boss dies (or 6 months whichever comes first). Can play with the timeline I don't care really but the premise is sound. Make the game challenging again on the raid front and grouping front. No chance they would do it but I'd throw my money at this kinda server.
  13. Yimin Augur

    I see I need to explain something very simple to you ! You would sell raid gear to none raiders , was that simple enough ?

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  14. Whulfgar Augur

    I don't understand why a very select few people.. want to be able to buy raid gear off of other players.

    Go earn that stuff.. /nods.
  15. Raccoo Augur

    I think he was implying there is no population to sell the raid gear too on Brekt?
  16. Whulfgar Augur

    I believe that. last I heard from anyone on that server its nearly dead. this was a couple year's ago.
  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I like the idea a lot in theory but don't see it being a good thing in practice. And with bonuses people would just be using it to level up boxes then move them to their server once leveled up. Not sure this would make it new player friendly. Plus it would just become another RMT hub for people to make money off those leveling up. A leveling server MIGHT be the best choice but still not sure on that.

    The problem here is we have to consider the players on those servers. Yeah guilds can agree to transfer together but overall having to leave at some point breaks up the community as not everyone goes to the same place. I think the people connections are what keep a lot of people playing so I would not mess with that.

    Server mergers and then having fewer servers overall for new players to start on would help concentrate them a bit more.

    Having certain Live servers promoted as starting points for new players is another idea but I think that could be problematic too.

    Maybe new players should be offered a free heroic or maybe anytime someone created a new toons they get a choice of starting at level 1 or starting at level 85. And yeah I can see abuses of this idea too unfortunately.
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  18. Yimin Augur

    Camping augs and items to sell for pp to buy Krono is earning it ! Or do you really beleive no raiders are using scripts lol ?

  19. Whulfgar Augur

    Straw man much ?

    Since when are augs and grp stuff the equivalent to current raid gear that can be farmed reliably ?

    Even the descending moon items (current TBL wide expansion rares) are only marginally better then or equal to GMM grp gear and not on the same level as raid gear from tbl.. so I fail to see your failed equation as being the same as giving and/or selling raid loot as the same.
  20. Yimin Augur

    My I see I need to break it right down for you....

    I farm ten augs I sell them for 500k each , how many 5 million PP Krono can I buy ?
    Or dont you know that on Brekt you can sell almost anything !

    Buy the way its a known fact some raiders use script or dont you know about that as well ?


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