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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ARCHIVED-paysonaz, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-paysonaz Guest

    I would love to see a server that is the old everquest, pre kunark, With all old game items only.
    what do you guys think?
  2. ARCHIVED-Gidono Guest

    That would be fun to play on for a short time, however it would be a very short lived server that would have to be merged into another server. Also classic doesn't promote returning players to buy expansions. That is the big selling point of making new servers is to draw in as much revenue as possible. Also, I'm not sure if SOE is willing to make a server where /market is not a command that can be used.
  3. ARCHIVED-Asz000 Guest

    Only way I could see that happening is as part of a "tiered" series of servers so that people could have a free /movelog to the next in the series of servers/normal live server once they're "done" with Classic.
  4. ARCHIVED-jerseydevil1022 Guest

    paysonaz wrote:
    as novel as it may sounds, here is what a Dev thinks...

    posted by Dev-Ngreth, 6/30/2010
    in:veterans lounge (archieved version); "Server Vote" (was on page 2 as of 0940 est on sat)
    page 11, 6th post from the top.
    copy and paste...

    "The plain fact is... we do not have the resources to do a classic server in the way players want.
    We don't have the resources to reverse all the changes to the game and resources players have gotten. We also really don't have that data. The zones have changed. It would be much guesswork and assumptions.
    I mean, sure. we could turn off all but the first three expansions, and limit people to level 50 or 60. probably even turn off AA's
    But any changes to the content from what was originally there would still be there. Changes to many of the systems, such as tradeskills, would still be there. Casters would continue to have their improved spells. Freeport may be an issue. I am not sure it can be properly returned to it's original state. Most global loot would still drop in those zones. If we chose a zone for a hotzone, it would get hotzones with those drops. I am sure I am missing many changes that would still be there.
    If people just want a server where there is a lower level cap, and only the first 3 expansion can be used, we can probably do it. Is that Classic?"
  5. ARCHIVED-Thulack Guest

    Things like this sound good on paper but when you try and bring back old memories of the game a few things happen:
    1. There is no more suprises. This isnt 10 years ago when you would zone into a zone you never been in before and kill and mob and it drops something "cool". !0 years ago going to unrest and getting dwarven work boots was a thrill. Now its just something that you did 10 years ago and you might find it fun to go back and relive it again but then thats it.
    2. People will PL/grind out xp asap. Its not like 10 years ago when people would group with others for the adventure.

    Going back and having fun in old zones works once in awhile but people arent gonna want to go through all that again and again.
  6. ARCHIVED-OceanBluex Guest

    jerseydevil1022 wrote:
    But every private server does apparently. Just classic up to Kunark or Velious would be fine, in their current state. Just take out mercs, take out defiant armour, take out the marketplace and take out LoN.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tulisin_Dragonflame Guest

    There was actually a thread that lasted over a year and was hundred of pages long (IIRC?) on this subject. The basics of it are this:

    1. It is hard on people to agree what exactly "classic" constitutes.
    2. It is difficult for the developers to do anything more than simply chop out as much new content as possible, they don't really have the resources to go back and try to re-create classic with new code.
    3. A lot of the allure of such a server is nostalgia-based. Ancient EQ was fun, but pass it through a decade of nostalgiac longing and it is just the best thing ever. It would initially be extremely popular, and then when it had been "beat" by everyone because everyone has modern resources to do so, it would be abandoned.

    Edit: Was it this one?
  8. ARCHIVED-CazRa Guest

    OceanBluex wrote:
    Private servers run one server where they do have the time to focus on it, SOE would need an entirely new team and a different and seperate eqgame.exe and server, with it's own custom data in order to make it "classic". The reaosn for that is cause they can't just ignore the rest of the already running game just to make this one unique, seperate from the rest of the game server.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tulisin_Dragonflame Guest

    CazRa wrote:
    This is an important point too. When the progression servers were launched we had stuff get nerfed on every other server because it was balance-changing for the progression server. They can block things, but they can't create separate data sets for each server without creating and entirely new client (like the test client). So if some classic sword got a big upgrade 5 years back they'd either have to nerf it for everyone in EQ, even if they didn't play the classic server, or somehow remove the mob that drops it from classic (assuming a crazy overpowered sword wouldn't be allowed).
  10. ARCHIVED-PatchAttack Guest

    Tulisin_Dragonflame wrote:
    Can you name anything specific? I thought the data that was global was left in for progression servers and we just had to deal with it. We had hotzones with overpowered loot, 100+ hp tradeskill range spears in kunark, and a whole thread of things that was posted about what shouldn't have been there.
    But it seems like they were able to do a lot to accomodate the prog servers without much trouble(or some trouble Maddox was willing to go through to fix) like The Hole 1.0 to 2.0 and the like, but for some reason we didn't get classic Split Paw.
  11. ARCHIVED-Asz000 Guest

    Tulisin_Dragonflame wrote:
    Depends on the specific items - drops they were able to alter no problem by simply permakilling the problem NPCs.
    Spells and items that had altered stats (as well as re-adding removed items) weren't fair game though.
    And for your "hypothetical" of some stuff on normal servers getting nerfed because of Progression, I recall requests to remove things that would've effected existing servers if they'd been done (i.e. rolling back PoM and RunnyEye) - the only things that were "broken" because of Progression were the attribution of a few oddball missions to Classic expansion versus their appropriate expansions.
  12. ARCHIVED-WarSheol_EM Guest

    I can only guess the next server is timed progression as many in beta saw the acheivment window with every expansion listed
    Also Very interested in hearing what exactly EQ Next is... My guess only a guess or wishfull thinking is its EQ1 rebuilt from ground up graphics models ect ect both PC and PS3 playing on same servers.
    I have nothing to base this guess on as they dropped the title name a while back and let our imaginations wonder since. Hope to hear at fan faire
  13. ARCHIVED-CazRa Guest

    Asz000 wrote:
    Progression is not and cannot be the same as a classic server, since the classic server will be level 50 or 60, the XP flow will have to be slowed down, spells will have to be moved back to original stats, defiant will have to be gone plus any other non original items. To do all that a new client would need to be created so they can change these things without affecting normal servers plus a new dev team would have to be hired since the dev team now is already backed up with just normal servers. To make a server classic like all want, while technically possible, will not be done since it would cost alot of money and most liekly will not bring in enough to cover it (no expansions bought, no marketplace or LoN items, etc).
  14. ARCHIVED-Torriadore Guest

    A "classic" server would be hugely popular for a little while (assuming it's not modeled like the progression servers were). However the notalgia would die down a bit and the server would mostly only exist as an open invitation for players who haven't played in several years who are looking to relive an old EQ experience.
    I say devs should just make current EQ even more palletable for returning players. That means further adjustments to aa curve, leveling curve, etc. Nothing wrong with stuff like monster missions if it helps get players away from MercenaryQuest. (or just give players even more incentive to group at lower levels!)
    I'm willing to bet that the average "returning player" never even comes close to catching up with their old friends and quits the game again due to never reaching more current content.
  15. ARCHIVED-Tulisin_Dragonflame Guest

    Asz000 wrote:
    Specifically, mage epic pet got nerfed for all mages everywhere because it had a post-classic upgrade that they didn't want to break things on progression.
  16. ARCHIVED-jerseydevil1022 Guest

    WarSheol_EM wrote:
    now i know nothing about this EQ Next, or even heard anything about it BUT i like where you head is at, and if something like this was ever done, would be a brilliant move for bringing the game to a more up to date standard IMO.
  17. ARCHIVED-Tulisin_Dragonflame Guest

    I'm not a big fan of remakes...but taking everything learned from all the EQ games so far and constructing a truly next-gen MMO built from the ground up to support all the things they've shoehorned into other games? I could get onboard with that.
  18. ARCHIVED-Asz000 Guest

    Tulisin_Dragonflame wrote:
    You mean the Ornate Orb trade-in that got temporarily disabled by despawning the NPC on Progression only until PoP era?
    Epic 1.0 pet itself worked on Progression with identical states to my previous mage on Live - unless it was something ridiculously inobvious like summoned gear coming pre-equipped. (DPS was practically identical [same min/max, same melee speed, variance on total DPS within 1% so likely attributable to parse size], procs were identical, single charge per summon was identical)
    But feel free to try to propogate the myth that Progression had some serious impact on existing servers - I didn't realize propogating lies was part of the role of CLs.
  19. ARCHIVED-WolfenheartMR Guest

    the thought of a classice server is appealing, however, an alternative......
    a single player...non-online version...classic only(pre-kunark) lv 50 cap...
    useing similar set up that the baldur's gate series did, able to play up to 6 players
    my reasoning behind this is totaly personal, it would give me something to play and enjoy while stuck in afganistan and/or iraq during these blasted deployments in areas were internet totaly sucks
  20. ARCHIVED-Luscarion Guest

    There are still several "classic" servers out there. Why not sanction one of them and their maintenence crew to part of the selection? Give them a seperate Station selection, inciting more people to use their own station logins and such. Little work for a lot of cash potential for EQ. Think smart, SOE. They have the code you lack, the old zones you lack, and the dedicated workers you lack. (not meaning this as derogatory, but merely a factual basis confirmed by your developers themselves)

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