New Race/Class Combinations

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  1. Gnomereaper Augur


    If the normally "closed minded iksar" are becoming more open minded about life. And the last time we had the vote and so forth:

    Iksar Cleric-Lore driven, apparently they went extinct during a war.

    Iksar Berserker- A brutal race of warriors, the berserker class is a perfect representation of what is possible

    Dark Elf:

    Dark Elf Bard

    Dark Elf Ranger


    Dwarf Shadowknight: A small race and going with some evil opens up possibilities.


    Erudite Bard

    Erudite Rogue


    Gnome bard: they can sing, they can dance, if Einstein was into music so can they

    Gnome beastlords: Just because, this also opens up tinkering for beastlords as a class.

    Gnome Monk: intellectual and wise, physical prowess. if Americans can do Pilates and Tai Chi gyms pop up, why can't gnomes?

    Vah Shir

    Druid-A rarer class now, increasing to cat lovers creates a more generalized set of expectations especially when SoL releases on progression servers.

    Monk-the other half of the beastlord equation that would do well for the feline persuasion

    Thoughts? What class/race combination do you want to play on progression?
  2. svann Augur

    froglok bard?
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  3. Yimin Augur

    Gnome should be every class ...

  4. snailish Augur

    I am all for adding race/class/deity/starting city combos. Think of it from a monetize point, spreading this out through progression is a good way to maximize it and build some additional interest points into progression. One limiting factor is bothering with ones people may actually use.

    As well, there are logical lore leaping-points to do some things. Without going radical and proposing things like a Thurgadin Dwarf option in the "heritage" tab, here's some quick thoughts:

    Velious: Half elves get all the missing human class options (that don't require robe graphic), can start in Qeynos Catacombs, Neriak, & East Freeport. SK, monk, cleric

    Luclin: Erudites are fascinated by the moon and cats! Paineel Erudites get wizard, mage, enchanter, rogue, warrior (the newbie character creation was a default erudite warrior for years...). Erudites also get the option of starting in Qeynos, Freeport and out of a new embassy in Shar Vahl

    PoP: Vah Shir discover Karana (the deity they worshipped on the one Zek Server?) and gain druid, ranger, monk

    LDoN: city options expanded for Dark Elves, trolls and halflings to allow you to use Neriak Foreign quarter and Freeport. This would mostly apply to the existing agnostic options.

    GoD: Iksar get berserker, all berserker options get appropriate deity choices (many/all are currently agnostic). Freeport starting option for all, appropriate ones get Neriak Foreign Quarter as well.

    Later on...
    -gnomes could be most classes (maybe not ranger/druid/shaman/berserker), deity options as appropriate, city options expanded: Kelethin, Freeport, Qeynos, Neriak Foreign Quarter

    -Once the multiple expansion storyline dealing with Cazic Thule is done, Iksar should experience a revival... all class options, all serving Cazic Thule. These can align with existing Cabilis guilds (i.e., rogues are with the necro guild, Paladins & clerics are with the shaman guild, etc.) for all the questlines.

    -Halfling beastlords

    -for TSS, ogre culture has a new twist, worshipping Veeshan and living in Crescent Reach studying the old ways, opens up many class choices for Ogres.

    -The Broken Mirror has this "twisted alternate" aspect to it. Perfect time for Rolfron Zek to gather his followers of despair: Dwarf SK, War, Cleric, Ber... Dark Elf Ranger, Druid, Paladin, High Elf SK, Necromancer, Rogue
  5. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Gnome Beastlords with clockwork spider warders. I've wanted this for years.
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  6. Xanathol Augur

    Barbarian SKs.
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  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    NEVER! We get enough Drizzt already.
    (Note, none of my opinions are final... And no. This is not a hint of ANYTHING... I'm only commenting in this thread for fun!)
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  8. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Hrm, a denial of a hint...IS A HINT!
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  9. code-zero Augur

    I suspect that any new race/class combinations will all start in Crescent Reach as that has the lore of being the new hub of innovation in the world of Norrath rather than in any of the older, more traditionalist towns with limited racial populations and class centers.
  10. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Only if the male gender wasn't available. Barbarian male anything should be removed in all its forms, and certainly not allowed to taint our class with their all around awfulness.

    Iks zerk might be legit, tho!
  11. Beggly Augur

    Somehow I doubt if there will ever be anything new in EQ. Not truly new, anyway. All the stuff for the last few expansions have been copies of what went before, i.e. Keyrings, mount keyrings, illusion keyrings...

    I don't think Daybreak is into new. They just seem to be interested in retreading the old in slightly different forms.
  12. Gesiah Elder

    Hafling Bards. Why has this not been done already!!!?? ;-)
  13. Jyve Augur

    Ogre bards. +1 to Percussion mods, -1 to singing, innate wind mod.
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  14. Zaviere Augur

    I never thought I'd say something like this, but if this was a thing, I would seriously consider being a Halfling Bard instead of a Vah Shir... and that says a LOT coming from me!

    On the flip side, if Vah Shir could be Druids, I would also seriously consider changing to one as a main character.

    Vah Shir Ranger would be neat as well, but wouldn't be as tempting.

    But please no more Iksar class combinations... we don't need any more smelly lizards running around.
  15. Tevik Augur

    I've always been keen on the idea of Froglok beastlords with giant spider pets. Way better than treants...
  16. Funk Augur

    Gnome Bard - Yes
    Gnome Monk - No
    Gnome Beastlord (with tinkered warder?) - Probably not as there are enough Beastlord classes and choices and Gnome just doesn't fit the bill.
    Dark Elf Bard - Yes
    Dark Elf Ranger - Yes
    Erudite Bard - Yes
    Erudite Rogue - Yes
    Erudite Warrior - Yes ( They already have Paladin and SK why not)
    Dwarf SK - Probably Yes (Paladin turned evil disbarred from Paladin guild makes new Dwarf SK guild)
    Iksar Berserker - Yes
    Iksar Cleric - Yes
    Trying to decide what would be the best new monk race, that's a tough one.
    People love choices though and most of these seem to make sense.
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  17. Galleyan Augur

    Man I just want Froggy Rangers. Plz?
  18. code-zero Augur

    Since Bards have Master of Disguise and can maintain whatever illusion they like pretty much indefinitely I don't see adding more classes. That's how I handle long term race changes on my Bard
  19. Lisard Augur

    Vah Shir - Monk (would have to code the monk armor graphics/ability animations, paw/feet wraps plskthx)
    Erudite - Monk (would have to code the monk armor graphics/ability animations, Copy paste human?)
    Iksar - Berserker, Cleric, Ranger
  20. Owch Journeyman

    Vah Shir rangers/druids and drakkin beastlords with drake warders.