New players - pick a knight if you aren't a boxer

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Time Burner 2, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. Mistatk Augur

    Thank you, i will take the 35% 100% of the time accross the board and you can have your 1k ac then. Glad we resolved that. And you are never ever going to shift the mobs average DI down 30% but again, take your 1k ac and give up the 35% off of every hit, sounds good to me.
  2. Mistatk Augur

    I think you have a good point here sojero and company. You guys didnt need a 35% mitigation, you needed a boost to your AC and i propose they make that swap. As your pointing out they do try to balance all the classes on that AA and thats much more in line with where you should be at. Perhaps we can get a developers attention and swap you some more AC boosts and remove the 35% mitigation. I think that would make alot of people feel it is alot more fair, and you you guys obviously feel slighted on the 1% less AC you have, so its a win win to all. Give knights the 1% more ac returns they are missing, and give warriors their warrior stance, I'm glad knights are finaly starting to bring up some good fixes for this situation.
  3. shiftie Augur

    No I stated a fact you were whining that we get more ac from the aa.

    Here is another riddle for your brilliant mind.

    If I travel to your country and my dollar exchanges for 1/2 the value of your dollar. And I buy something off of you that costs 1 dollar in warriorboohoo land and then pay you with 1 dollar from awesome land. Will you accept the trade? Or will you want 2 dollars of awesome?
    Warriors get more return out of ac values in all other applications minus the devs purposely making it so all classes get the same ac value from a shared aa line.
  4. shiftie Augur

    It's almost like weapon ratios for different classes we are back to that line of thought now
  5. Ravengloome Augur

    1000AC like what you get from Staunch Defense all the time?

    hmmm. You can have that AND DP right?
  6. Mistatk Augur

    Lets not do riddles. Lets just state facts.


    now lets not beat around the bush. if you feel thats a false statement then say so. if you feel that is a true statement then accept it.
  7. Mistatk Augur

    Its not almost like anything. Lets not try any misdirects or to change the subject.


    Don't try any tricks, if you feel that is a false statement then say so.
  8. Mistatk Augur

    Warriors had Warriors stances like SK had FD and Paladins had Lay Hands. This isn't a negotiation, all they did was take warriors main ability and add it to knights with out doing anything else. It would be absurd to give warrior FD or Lay Hands cuz those are class defining things like warriors had their stance.
  9. Ghubuk Augur

    You will notice that stance is under archtype...not class. In other words, tank archtype.
  10. shiftie Augur

    You feel slighted and tricked because you don't understand how any of this works
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  11. Mistatk Augur

    For some reason it isn't super complex to me to understand. Warriors got warrior stances and many of their abilities got rolled into them, and many more abilities got stagnated because we had them. During all this time knights spells and abilities continued to get built up and expanded on. Now, out of the blue, they gave warrior stances to knights right on top all their other spells and abilities, just copy/pasted the warrior stances right onto knights. For some reason, this isn't mysterious or terribly complex to me.

    You'd like to make it seem mysterious and benign, like yes knights got warrior stances but.....

    Sadly there isn't any mystery to it.
  12. Mistatk Augur

    Do you feel that if you make it seem like there is some big mystery nobody understands people will believe it?
  13. Makavien Augur

    It was under class till the patch that gave it to you?
  14. Flatchy Court Jester

    [QUOTEWarriors had Warriors stances like SK had FD and Paladins had Lay Hands][/QUOTE]

    If your gonna stick with BB technique of laying claim to ancient class descriptions, can you please stop using FD , please use our all mighty HARM TOUCH! Hell if itll make you happy we will share that with you whiney warriors.

    Just accept what is, embrace it, and move on.
  15. Kamea Augur

    Actually, the ability to drop aggro is important to a boss tank.

    Since AFAIK you're not an active player, Flatchy, they nerfed ability to use fades vs bosses, so we need to use 1.5kpp/each FD potions and hope they don't fail, as they have a couple mins reuse time.

    For knights with channeling skills complaining about interrupts from mob melee, try casting an AA fade as a war while getting hit.
  16. Phrovo1 Augur

  17. Warpeace Augur

    BB junior is that you?
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  18. Mistatk Augur

    lol always with the personal attacks to avoid debating any facts
  19. Battleaxe Augur

    And let's not forget the fact that a combat self-heal can offset any kind of damage while Last Stand (for example) affects only the DI portion of melee damage. So you might also add to your list of circumstances where self-healing gains value mobs that do a significant portion of their damage from non-melee.

    Further many forms of combat self-healing are not limited to self only. There's not much that is more frustrating than to see your Cleric stunned/under DI with a couple of thousand HP's and being unable to do much about it other than click Diplomatic Papers. OK falling unconscious with a HoT potion and a DoT on you is even more frustrating.

    And there's little doubt that it's one of the reasons knights are preferred in add tank groups given the tendency of those groups to contain fewer Clerics than the MT group.

    There's really no point in trying to minimize the effect of having combat self-healing. Most raid tanks keep pace with their guild's progression and have sufficient mitigation to tank the mobs their guild is encountering. 2 tanks out of the 3 classes that tank have combat self-healing and there is 0 question that it beats bind wound (or even Warlord's Tenacity) 6 ways to Sunday.

    Combat self-healing is good beyond just helping out vs. trivial content. I know it, you know it, and even some devs probably know it. There's less of a point in posting that kind of thoroughly spun /cough factoid (self healing gains value as mobs become more trivial) than to post "yellow manabar".

    /g Stand still Cadderly. Bind Wound inc.
  20. Flatchy Court Jester

    Kamea if I was not an active player wtf would I even be reading this crap? Been playing NON STOP about 14 years now. Never changed servers once , come find me on BB. Am just amazed at the constant barrage of crying over some other group getting something and you people pouting and stomping your feet like 2 year olds cuz now someone else has a shiny new hat just like you are wearing and you cant stand it. Doesn't change your hat one bit, its the same. Do you deserve something else because they have one now? No you don't, the other person went without and it was seen they needed it so they got one. Be happy for them. Didn't your mommy teach you that you don't bring yourself up by tearing others down?
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