New players - pick a knight if you aren't a boxer

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Time Burner 2, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. Mistatk Augur

    Well, I directly linked what I said. And my thought process behind it. Not sure what more i can do to try and be direct and honest.
  2. Warpeace Augur

    Do you know what over healing is?
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  3. sojero One hit wonder

    I'm sorry I don't follow your post, and I'm not joking around, I seriously have no idea what you are talking about. Can someone translate this to english for me, if they speak mistake?
  4. Mistatk Augur

    So, you manually alter what I said, but then suggest, "I've been called out". Hmm
  5. Warpeace Augur

    Your thought process is Knights got DP + KS and you don't like it and want it nerfed.
  6. Warpeace Augur

    Do you know what it means when someone says 80x?
  7. Mistatk Augur

    Lol, you knew what I'm talking about a moment ago when you said the raid mob DB is 10k.

    You were posting like all the damage of a hit was subject to mitigation, which is not the case.

    You arrived at 6% difference in mitigation in favor of warriors, but then you applied that mitigation to the whole hit (db+di) using flawed math. You took that conclusion, then you said that is "roughly the same" as paladins self healing. Now remind me again if you are for or against DP for knights lol.
  8. Mistatk Augur

    I do. I'm good at maths. It means 80 times
  9. Lonye Augur

    Still not over 9000.................
  10. sojero One hit wonder

    Um, it wasn't me that came up with the 6%. Also vie mitigation is on the total di+db. Mitigation is more than just a part, trying to pull just a part out makes the picture incomplete, but I think you might be used to that
  11. sojero One hit wonder

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  12. Mistatk Augur

    Well. I would be glad to calculate that theory into the mix. But with paladins repel/withstand line (is that right name) being 90% as discussed earlier, its hard for me to think that will skew things in warriors favor. Or is that not the spells you mean by vie? if you define what vies your talking about, i will attempt to calculate with them included. But I'm pretty sure its going to favor knights, but like everyone will say when it does, they already said DP was way overblown.
  13. sojero One hit wonder

    No sir again I will tell you that you need to go educate yourself and all of the information you seek is already out there.
  14. Mistatk Augur

    Yes but that information points to me being correct, to which everyone will just reply that they already stated DP was overblown. Like before, but again.
  15. Warpeace Augur

    No, jumping to conclusions with no facts to back up your desired outcome is why that happens.
  16. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Protip, use this for best results:
  17. Xanathol Augur

    That is complete nonsense and you know it.

    You have exactly 3 lifetap lines to cast from - Dichotomic, Dire, & Touch - at 60 secs, 24 secs, and 12 secs recast time, respectively. You can load an older Touch, but it is weaker and still 12 secs on recast. In theory, you could cast Touch, Dire, Touch, Dich and then you would have to wait again. Add in Bite if you want - that's on a 60 sec timer too. Let me guess what's next - Dire Deflection?...

    Procs go off when they go off - they care nothing for when you need them. CoA BP... really?! Epic? Here's the healing my melee gave me between combat rounds while another SK's was running vs Vim: 2050, 7885, 9849, 534, 1236, 8159, 11089, 3282, 2484, 4301. Best part? A Warrior can get that too...

    And it cannot be stressed enough - healing does nothing (a) if you are dead from the damage already taken (b) being healed to full anyway. This idea that SK self healing is as valuable as pure mitigation is just stupid.
  18. Xanathol Augur

    If your dps doesn't matter then chances are you are doing it wrong. And that's besides the point - it should be enough to matter. If content is challenging to you enough to worry about raid structure, dps should be part of the discussion when choosing how many / what tanks to bring just as much as their ability to tank whatever it is they will face and other abilities, such as healing & cures. Throwing out dps as meaningless is certainly qualifying for the special olympics.
  19. sojero One hit wonder

    A) there is nothing in TBM that is going to 1 round you unless it is melee + spell, and warriors suffer the same issue, no raid boss is going to 1 round you if you are running dp + anything else.

    B Everyone knows that over healing is useless, don't know why you brought that up.

    No one said that self healing is just as good as mitigation, but we are now so close in mitigation that yes self healing makes up the gap differential (because you are not going to get 1 rounded).

    I am looking at my logs and yeah I am doing at least 15k between each round, and I am seeing tons of clerics that are not getting full heals because my heals go off before theirs.

    yes I do use dire deflection because its a heal, and good agro, I'm sorry if you don't. There is very few times that you cannot use it because of mezzed mobs in TBM. I also do use an older touch because, well healing, agro, and dps!
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  20. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    If you want to make an argument about tank dps being poor relative to dps classes and advocate for improvements, have at it. If you want to squabble with the other 2 tank classes about whose personal dps should be the best and argue that any tank's dps will make them raid desirable, gonna call shenanigans.

    It's not that it doesn't matter at all, it's just there are much bigger fish to fry. No tank is in a raid for their dps, nor will any raid force factor in tank dps into their roster decisions in any meaningful way. I'd rather focus on things know....impact a tank's primary job? If you want to continue to drone on about an incredibly ancillary one, that's not going to help anything, but enjoy.
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