New players - pick a knight if you aren't a boxer

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Time Burner 2, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. Time Burner 2 Augur

    I've played a warrior on and off for 15 years, and it looks like the warrior clearly brings less to the table than knights do.

    Seriously - get the utility of a knight. The warrior offers a substantial edge in no area outside of boxing. The knights have several substantial edges!

    This isn't a cry to give the warriors anything - I really think the tank classes are either powerful enough, or overpowered. I'm just gonna make me a knight.
  2. Onhanis Stonescale Elder

    What if you're an MT for raids, or, you *gasps* play classes because you like that class, instead of playing them cuz they're some random "flavor of the week" class that everyone's gonna play, then it'll get nerfed, then everyone will spend the next week or so complaining on the forums, then move on to the next "flavor of the week" class. Wasn't there a period of time where people only played Ranger and SK, right before they nerfed MC/HS/Decap/Anatomy? Tbh, I've tried SK and War (not pally) and I can honestly say that for me, Warrior is much more fun. So don't let the opinion of one person change your mind. If you want to play Warrior over SK/Pal, feel free to do so. Regardless, I wish you all fun on your adventures in Norrath.
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  3. Cecil1 Journeyman

    Hell I knew when I made my pally years ago that it was a solo/utility class before I played the game. That's why I chose it.
  4. Kamea Augur

    Lets be clear about something. Warriors remaining the primary MT is not a reflection of pallies' inability to do the job.
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  5. shik Elder

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  6. Nightops Augur

    Good, get it over with. Stop posting about how warriors got the shaft when you don't even know about the other hand. Create a knight and find out for yourself.
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  7. thedragon Elder

    Was this post really necessary? It's friday dude, have a snickers.

    If anything this seems like a "yay knights" post. Bask in the glory of Sha-ladin Knights
  8. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    In his defense, the reply was about as "necessary" as the original post was.
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  9. mackal Augur

    Play what you find the most fun :p
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  10. Time Burner 2 Augur

    I didn't say warriors got the shaft. Can you quote me in the matter? You can waste your time trying to wrest something from an unrelated post to try to save face I suppose, but what I said here was warriors already have enough power. What I am saying is (aside from the boxing game) knights bring more to the table, in perhaps in at least 95% of the game, and might equal warriors in the remaining 5% so if you're a new guy, roll a knight.
  11. Yimin Augur

    I have no idea why it took the derv team this long to make Knight more tough , in fact they need to be even more tough, since more people combined play Knights then War . IMO Knight should be as good as war tanking raid boss ... More would raid this is for sure yes I agree with OP make Knights .

    Yi Min
  12. Cecil1 Journeyman

    If a Paladin had trouble mitigating before this unnecessary OP stance I would suggest looking at the spell book and discs you have and start using them, this stance is way OP and un needed, I mean, if you know how to pally that is. Before stance: 25k crits 2handed, now 48-49k NON BoF.

    Slays at 333k, now at 455ks.

    Never mind the sickening tanking I do now, it is not needed in any way for a paladin.

    Sks? sure give em the dps increase.
  13. Viltaire Augur

    No we should not main tank raid bosses as well as warriors. Yes we needed a boost and it's nice to step in when the poop is hitting the fan. From my experience this accomplished this raid wise. Warriors are still the better main tank for raid bosses. We can now off tank raid trash better. Warriors are and should be tanking the raid bosses. They also need a way to recuperate endurance while in combat and most likely a boost to their ooc endurance abilities.
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  14. Yimin Augur

    No and why not ? Since so many guilds dont have enough tanks too raid !

    Yi Min
  15. Cecil1 Journeyman

    Paladins needed a boost if they weren't using their mitigation spells, asking for shining and druids for adren burst line when needed to fill in fast paced action gaps.
  16. Cecil1 Journeyman

    Wars should be calling bs on the knights who say they needed a miti boost.
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  17. Onhanis Stonescale Elder

    What's next, Druids and Shammies are going to start massively out-healing Clerics? No offense meant to Druids, Shms or Clrs reading this, just using you as an example.
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  18. Brohg Augur

    Funny you should bring that up, healer balancing has been happening for years. Single target heal power, the defining core of the healer archetype, is not far apart between cle/shm/dru. Clerics, as the archetypal healers, aren't defined by being uniquely able to counter a mob's dps on a tank. It's their other tools.
  19. Kamea Augur

    Wait, so healers are balanced because you wrongfully claim that single target healing is the 'defining core' of healers?

    Clerics can outheal druids on MT while keeping group alive with their OP group heals and using AA rez. Not to count they have vastly superior survivability than druids and are far more useful if they die than druids, not to count much better cure abilities. No matter how you cut, fewer clerics can accomplish the same job as more druids.

    Regardless, I question your premise given that the modern cleric multibind is stupidly powerful on a single target.
  20. Bashiok Crownguard Augur

    what if paladins got a healer stance that buffed their heals to be on par with the other healers?
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