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  1. raw1990 New Member

    Dear Everquest players hello!

    I lately tried Everquest through steam, I must admit that I have never played Everquest before.
    I played around with a few characters in a few servers and I must say I enjoy the game very much! It seems to have an incredible amount of content!

    Next week I am going on a holiday for a week in which I plan to "hardcore Everquest" and was wondering about a few things:

    1 - In what Server would you recommend me to start?
    2 - Is it possible to solo well with a cleric?
    3 - Should I be thinking about an All Access account from the start or should I first level up my toon?
    4 - I seem to not understand the leveling system, after I level up I don't need to invest stats or choose a talent/skill? (I have only experience from WoW and GW).

    Thanks for your help!
    I wish you a good day!
  2. Borek-VS Augur

    If you have All Access, you don't need to invest in anything until 95+ (AAs, and then you never make irreparable choices). The auto-grant button makes AAs no problem. With skill points they mean little, as you can always practice to skill up. Even at character creation, attributes points can safely be auto allocated.

    You can 'solo' a cleric with or without a merc, it's faster with one, obviously. It's an advantage to have All Access from around 50-70 and upwards, arguably. You don't need to buy the latest expansion until you get close to max level.
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  3. raw1990 New Member

    Thank you very much for your reply!
    Could you care to add a few words about Server recommendation?
    What exactly is the "auto grant" button and how does it function?
  4. Borek-VS Augur

    If you have All Access, you can turn on auto grant and you will get all available AAs each time you level (there are some minor exceptions, such as tradeskill AAs, and the most recent two expansions).

    Don't join any ultra low population servers: Trakanon, Zek, Fippy, Vulak. High pop servers are good, but it's best to experiment by making a character and checking them out at your preferred pay times - there's no limit to character slots across servers, just per server, and you can always delete and reroll. The progression servers have high populations when new, but quickly fall off after the first year, and require All Access to play on them; FV has a special ruleset, but it one of the highest pop servers overall, and Antonius Bayle is located in Europe, so has the most European players.
  5. raw1990 New Member

    Thank you very much Sir!
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  6. Wardees New Member

    Hey Raw. Good to see a new player! I play on Bristlebane server. It has a very healthy population. As well as Cazic Thule. There are probably others but i am not sure. Clerics are in very high demand at high levels for raids, and usually groups. I have never played a cleric however I think you will have a tough time molo(soloing with a mercenary)/solo from about level 50+ unless the mobs you are fighting are undead (clerics please correct me if I am wrong). I think the ability to molo effectively is important for a new player because finding groups at less than max level (and even at max) can be tough. A magician/necromancer/enchanter/druid/monk I think may be better choices but you should play a class that interests you. Of those classes I have played druid/monk. The druid could solo well in open zones until about level 100 until mobs start summoning. Monk can tank good enough not to die (even in current content with decent gear), has good DPS to kill efficiency, and also many other tricks such as feign death/mesmerize/a self heal to name a few. Every level above 50 you get alternate advancement points. These add considerable power/abilities to your class. Your cap for these points is very low if you are free to play. It will start to noticeably catch up to you around level 70(+/-). I would recommend a paid subscription around this level when you find a class you want to level up. As previously mentioned with a paid account you will get all of these without any work up to level 95. Other perks of a paid subscription are you can use "prestige" gear. Most higher level gear/augments are " prestige". You will also get to join general chat which is where most people look for group besides in their guilds, and you will gain access to higher grade mercenaries. Bristlebane has a great guild for new/returning players called The Dark Reign. They will be very helpful to you. Good luck!!
  7. Arliss New Member

    The main thing all access allows for me, is the ability to use J1 mercs at the start, and also if you want to set your home city you have to be all access. I still use Crescent Reach to level, but especially when I roll an iksar I like to do the iksar tasks and it makes it easier with Cabilis as my home city.
  8. raw1990 New Member

    Thank you very much friends, I decided to test drive a month of "All Access", since I like the game.
    Currently playing a Cleric in the RP server where it does not look like people actually RP ;)