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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Saints, Feb 14, 2020.

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    A while ago I took interest in EQ & EQ2, ended up on Mangler server at its launch doing a static with a friend. Although my friend quickly fell off and I ended up spending most of my time on EQ2.
    I'm considering trying EQ again, expecting to level mostly solo at this point. I watched a review by Nerd_Navigator about Live servers and it has me quite interested.

    I am leaning towards Live mostly because I feel I sorta missed out on what Mangler was offering with being new, and now the server is a few expansions in.
    -If I'm mistaken by this, please let me know.

    I have a Heroic 85 Boost available to me. I read through the FAQ and just wondering if its something I should do. If boosted:
    -Is there a way to revisit content I missed?

    -If I were to start at level 1 would I just bypass most of that content in the leveling process anyways?

    -Any general pros/cons for a boosted newb that are EQ specific?
    (Not personal experience/ability to play the class, etc)

    -Any other general bits of advice?

    Much Thanks!
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    there is Hero's Journey and lots of ways to experience previous content, aside form just going to those zones and questing and hunting. Achievements are an easy way to keep track and way to plan progression. all of which can be undertaken on any Live server. TLP is slightly different, varying by unlocked expacs etc.
  4. Vumad Augur

    Only you can decide how you want to play. I left during HoT and came back during RoS. I raided then and I raid now. (for reference, this is ToV era on Luclin.

    I 2-boxed a ENC and a CLR and had lots of tank friends before and after I left and returned. I did a good chuck of EoK by myself with some help during ROS.

    During TBL I added a free to play mage to follow me and dragged her through all of the TBS progression with me and some of the TBM progression.

    Now I 3-box that mage as a paid account. I spend a lot of my time on during the day going back and doing RoS for the mage because VP is locked to her. I am about to finish that and am going to be wrapping up all of the quest arcs in RoS, then I'll go back and finish EoK arcs, and then move back into TBM and TDS. I'm done with ToV except for hunter / collections.

    My point is, you decide how you play. Most classes can molo okay so you can play a lot of content with just you and a merc. 2 boxing is great for almost anything that is a good combination of classes (MAG / BST, Anything / BRD, Anything / ENC, Anything / SHM, etc). And if you 3-box with 3 mercs, you always have a full group.

    If you want to play old content, then play it. 3-boxing with 3 mercs is not hard with the right classes (I focus on my ENC and my mage and CLR are played with a few hotkeys, i'd do a druid instead of a cleric though). You can also play through L65 completely free to play. And when you get to 65, you can do just fine rotating subs for autogrant AA as you level. Augs and prestige gear are a must for tanks, but mage pets don't care that much about your subscription status.

    If you want to group with real people all the time, then you will need to stick with TLP servers.

    I will eventually start over and replay the original content, probably SK/BRD/DRU, but I'll be doing it on live with all the support I gain from my mains. I'll also give up a merc to drag around a FTP wizard, since I have a FTP druid and didn't realize they port to different places.

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