New player here! Any advice.

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    ive been stuck on FFXIV for years now and looking for something really different. What i'd really like to know is if I start playing will the game world feel empty? Like is everyone who still plays this game already at max level and only in the end game zones or are there enough new players that I wouldn't feel alone or be stuck because I can't complete content?
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  2. quakedragon Augur

    Yes this is true,
    Like is everyone who still plays this game already at max level and only in the end game zones or are there enough new players that I wouldn't feel alone or be stuck because I can't complete content?

    I think EQ bandaid to that is keep dishing out progression servers, I don't recall ever seeing so many progression servers.

    My thinking of a solution to this problem is have an expansion just like TSS.
    Zone a consists of lvl 10 - 40
    Zone b consists of 35 - 70
    Zone c consists of 65 - 90
    Zone d consists of 85 - 115
    Rest of the zones are for the veterans.

    Zones a-d should be really newplayer friendly, like quest givers handing out defiant armor, easy quest xp (kill 10 skeletons, gain lvl 35 to lvl 36 20% xp), etc.
    Since its just 4 zones (1 for each level range), and it offers really good up to date quests, when newplayers ask where to get xp at lvl say 45, its not "goto veks, goto old seb, goto velks, goto hotzone, goto here, goto there, this place good too"
    Having 1 option for place goto helps brings newplayers together if there is any rather than a few newplayers here a few there and a few over there too.
    If they all in 1 spot, if all the veterans say "goto the 28th expansion zone a its best for 10-40, the quests gives defiant, its the best" and everyone else agrees, all the 10-40 people are going to be in 1 zone. All the 35-70 people are going to be in 1 zone.

    Thats my take on how to get newplayers to keep playing the game, prefer that over 'yet another TLP server!'
  3. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    There are always tons of players NOT at max level. Most of us have a wide range of different level and class of characters we play. And there are many helpful players on most servers also.

    It will feel empty because the game is so easy now you that most players do not stick around at level 20 for months like they used to. You can make, say, level 20 in one day and so on. It will slow down as you get higher. There are special quests where in you kill 5 mobs that give you bonus experience and are different every 5 levels. In different zones - starting at level 20 and thru level 95 and then you can switch to other bonus HA zones. In addition there is the Hero's Journey to help you do quests, gain armor, weapons, explore different zones etc

    But just like real life....the game is what you make it. You may have to ask questions or create your own groups.

    What most nay sayers over look is there are lower level players out there, else where did all these higher level players come from?

    Some suggestions

    Start with a free account and go thru the tutorial and see how you like the set up and general idea of the game. Be prepared to "google" for information.....its all out there -

    get your maps - download either Goods or Brewells - Goods has a link on these forums but you can google both those ie Brewells maps for eq

    Once you decide if you want to stick it out then think about going subscription. Then you will have access to General Chat which will help tremendously when you want to ask something or are looking for a group.

    Also if you go subscription you can then check out the TLP servers, those are special servers that start at the beginning and progress much slower so most players are not of the higher levels. Personally, I tried them but it was too much work - like the old game, I prefer an easier game which is what I consider the regular "live" servers.
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  4. Magneress Elder

    I've ran into a handful people only half of them responded to my hellos and we had a friendly chat.

    I haven't grouped since I got back.

    Most people are trying to as efficiently power level towards max as possible so they log in with a boxed group or merc and burn lesson or do a daily.

    This is what I've been doing molo.

    I have not gone out of my way to help others or make friends or solicit their help or organize an adventing group though.

    My vote: pretty empty. Especially sub lvl 85.
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  5. Stymie Pendragon

    If you play on a live server you'll be solo/molo for around 100 levels unless you get help from a guild or friends you make along the way.

    I would try a free account on live to see if you like the gameplay. If you do, I would check out the new TLP servers (Mischief/Thornblade) since they are only in the 1st expansion so catching up will be easier. You'll have to pay a sub for that, so it's up to you.

    Best of luck either way!
  6. Quik Elder

    If you start on Aradune let me know. I run a once a week PL session (nothing fancy or pro) to help lower levels and I also help get some people geared up and going. Aradune is in PoP/LoY right now and is about to hit LDoN so personally this is my favorite time in the game.

    Look for any toons that start with Kwik or Quik in their names and that will most likely be me. I usually run PL groups every thursday morning around 10:30am PDT or so but I am happy to help other times if I am free.