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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by EqBeastMan, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. EqBeastMan New Member


    I plan on playing on live server FV I want create a 6 box team that can raid. I have played other games like EQ so I should be fine 6 boxing. Can learn as I grow with my team, best way to do it. I am thinking Pally, druid, mage, enchanter, beast and bard. Will this team be solid and what will the weakness be that I will have to over come when it comes to the harder content of the game? Will pally and druid be enough for healing? Do I have enough melee and magic dps to tackle any situation?
  2. Tryal Anderror Journeyman

    Have you played EQ itself at all?
    The way you're wording it kind of implies now so maybe I wouldn't jump into a 6 box team as your first move.

    Maybe my opinion only though, but it's almost as it you're taking like the 2nd best for each role in a way. Maybe go SK instead of the Pally, Shaman instead of a Druid, and I'm not sure what that BST is for.
    Mage is assume is mostly for easy movement and i don't know how high you can go without a straight up Cleric.
  3. EqBeastMan New Member

    This is my first time playing EQ but I have played other games like EQ.
  4. Vumad Augur

    I think it is a good mix. I don't agree with switching the Druid and SHM. Druid port is great. Druid great wolf works well with mage and enc synnergy. BST is also a good substitute for the SHM. Pally and druid will be enough healing. SK are in a very good spot right now so it's hard to not agree with that switch but either are fine and Pal is needed for splash heals on many raids these days.

    There could be a situation here and there where you might prefer SHM or CLR in your group but really you have good synnergy so play the game and switch out a toon if you dont like it.
  5. EqBeastMan New Member

    Thank you for the feedback appreciate it. I will try this team out and go from there. At what level is LDON good to level up in. I have been reading lot about EQ and read on one forum where LDON is instanced to the groups level.
  6. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    LDON will be great from level 20 thru about 65.

    Even though you can still enter them above that level it would mostly be for foraging drops or farming tribute

    I would at least do the game tutorial for some nice beginner armor/augs/free merc/ weapons etc. Then maybe look up some Cresent Reach quests for better weapons and by then you should be of a level to start your LDON's.

    I always suggest LDON for those levels instead of the old school Hole or Veskar etc. Some ok drops for your group in there and some stuff tributes for a nice amount. Plus as you earn points you can get augs and other items. This will not last long since there are better items in the game now than there were when LDON were popular.

    Some of the layouts will present more of an issue with moving the team so you may want to try out the ones from Butcherblock or Commonlands. Also make sure you have downloaded maps from Goodurdin or Brewells.

    The LDON levels do not scale to the group level like the current HA scale that is in game. You choose hard or normal when you request the task but it is based on group average.

    It also used to be everyone in the group had to be within a certain level of each other but that was changed last year (iirc) so you can have a normal level spread now. This is close to what you will get

    37-42 get a level 40 adventure with mobs of ave. level 35
    43-47 get a level 45 adventure with mobs of ave. level 40
    48-52 get a level 50 adventure with mobs of ave. level 45
    53-57 get a level 55 adventure with mobs of ave. level 50
    58-62 get a level 60 adventure with mobs of ave. level 55
    63-65 get a level 65 adventure with mobs of ave. level 60
    68-72 get a level 70 adventure with mobs of ave. level 65

    and anything over these levels just get level 65 mobs.
  7. EqBeastMan New Member

    Awesome thank you so much for the help here appreciate it very much this is very helpful. Love the game so far. I played around with some other classes. One problem is lot to pick from can only pick 6 lol.
  8. EqBeastMan New Member

    Been playing around with other characters I like rogue, ranger. What would be a good group setup around those two? Was thinking rogue, ranger, sk, cleric, berserker, beastlord.
  9. Vumad Augur

    Don't think about your setup as classes but rather as a combination of specific roles or abilities.

    You need a tank, healer and support. The rest is DPS.

    Support roles include debuffing (slowing), pulling, CC, etc. Rangers, for example, can pull well. Bards, ENC, Monks, etc will pull better than a ranger. However you choose to cover those rolls is good.

    Your SK, Ranger, BST can all handle pulling. BST handles the slowing. You can tank multiples with the SK or Offtank with the BST or ranger in lieu of a CC class. You can also consider snares and roots in these support considerations. You get the idea.

    Quality of Life things include tracking, porting, Call of the Hero, etc. You have tracking, but can't port or CoH. These are not combat abilities so are not that important, and campfires helps with a lot of the porting stuff. Rogue SoS can be great at high levels, especially finding collects. So these QOL things are things to consider in group roles but are less impactful as debuffing, CC and pulling.

    Again, think less about specific classes but rather which abilities you want, them mesh them with the classes you like.
  10. EqBeastMan New Member

    This is very helpful Thank you very much. Since I am new I have been playing around with lot of different combinations but some classes get better while others will get worse as progress I am sure.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    I'd recommend doing a 3box to start and adding the additional characters later. Leveling 6box teams at the same time is pretty cumbersome because you're constantly having to regear them, get them new spells etc. And through the level process a six-box is only modestly more lethal than a three-box because of how powerful a leveling group is relative to the content. New gear (which is easy to get on typical live servers, let alone FV), mercs and other changes have largely trivialized the leveling game if you're grouping or boxing. You'll spend 15 minutes getting gear, spells etc for your group, then spend 30 minutes

    Additionally, once you have a high level 3box, you can use them to level additional characters through powerleveling or fellowship experience

    My recommendation on where to go is to try to see as many zones as you can while leveling. Just pick a zone near your level and clear the whole thing without worrying about leveling speed, gear etc. Go see LDoN, but don't spend a huge porYou can use and as a reference.

    As for the team, at higher levels you'll want some kind of plate tank. War, pal or SK. Warrior and SK are most popular for boxed groups, but paladins are fine too. Paladins suffer from being less capable against non-undead mobs, and we just had two undead-heavy expansions so it's probably that the next expansion will not have heavy undead. Or not, who knows. This thread is the most recent box group thread discussing 3/4 boxes built around plat tanks:

    The two sixbox teams I have are warrior tank and mage pet based. Warrior tank is superior by far.

  12. Vyl'nn New Member

    If your tank is only group geared, is there still a large difference between a plate tank and a mage or beastlord pet?
  13. Vumad Augur

    Yes, because of abilities, slow belts, augs, etc.

    Mage pets are great because all of there tanking abilities comes from 1 AA line and 1 earring. Mages are by far the fastest and easiest way to get a tank going. That is one of the big reasons I am boxing a mage with my ENC instead of a plate tank. Other reasons are that farming augs takes away from working on my raiding main and the biggest reason being is I don't want to box a tank, /pet attack handles tanking for me.

    Plate tanks on the other hand take a lot more work, more AA, more armor, more augs. For a low play time, mage wins because they very quickly peak, but that peak is very low compared to what a plate tank is capable of. If you set out to get decent group armor and augs, and play enough to get a respectable amount of AA, then all 3 plate tanks will vastly out perform the pets.
  14. Vumad Augur

    This is very good advice. I 3-box ENC, MAG, CLR (I recommend DRU over CLR but my CLR is older than mercs). Mercs take no armor, no augs, etc. 3-box fills out the group and lets you campfire.

    If you want to 6-box, but decide to start with a 3-box, I'd highly recommend SK, MAG and whatever class you want that slows (ENC, SHM, BST.) SK and MAG are an incredibly powerful PL combination. If you get up in level, get a wurmslayer, and decide to 6-box, your SK and MAG at 105 can very quickly get 3 toons up to 75 to group with you.
  15. Tucoh Augur


    The biggest difference is that plate tanks can easily get and hold aggro on groups of mobs. But even a modestly group geared tank has the ability to pop cooldowns and turn into a brick wall for periods of time in ways that a pet simply can't. I don't really know what level of effort is required to AA and gear a plate tank to become superior than a pet tank but I feel pretty comfortable saying that a max level plate tank with whatever the latest easy-to-get gear is will out-tank a pet after getting the most important survivability AAs..... if you play them correctly.
  16. Vaeeldar Augur

    second a lot of this. I also did this recently with a new tank.

    Starting from scratch it’s not as bad to build up a tank since they will be running through content and can grab augs as they go (RSS for example). AA also is a lot easier with EOK auto grant.

    To the OP the biggest item will be to plan out augs as you level. RSS , DODH have some augs that will last you for a bit. I do agree with Tucoh and team that leveling up a six box from scratch is a little awkward but I also did it for one of the TLP for a bit and it’s only rough for the first 45 levels or so. the equipping piece will be more difficult but you do have an option to offset with krono and/or going caster dps and just focusing on gear for the tank. I’d probably level all 6 up in the beginning myself because in the grand scheme you’ll save time (but I also am not a big merc fan).

    Solid advice in this thread though you can’t go wrong with it.
  17. Palamarr New Member

    TLDR: I have three of the classes you listed in my three box (Pal, Druid, Bard) and it works fine and is fun at level ~90.

    No expert here, just a casual player, but I box a paladin, druid, bard. I usually run three dps mercs when out questing or doing gribbles. My characters are all in the low-mid 90s. Here is my feedback for what it's worth.

    Bard is an amazing stress free puller. Especially as a new player, it is very forgiving to be able to pull and drop aggro with fading memories so easily. Can't tell you how many times I've screwed up a pull cuz i'ma noob and could just reset with the bard. Also, for me pulling singles is important because when boxing i don't want to have to CC at the group. Stresses me out to have a mob on lock down on the bard or rooted with the druid but not be on their screens/constantly switching. Bard just makes things simpler. And you run super fast. I recommend Bard.

    Druid is my main. Druid is extremely fun to play for me. Also, with the box group the ports are very sweet. Sometimes I wish I had the Shaman for the buffs and Slows so I wouldn't have to use the bard, but I've read the Druid ATK Debuff is just as good if not better for tanks due to riposte (IDK). But I just can't give up the ports. Honestly, I rarely (never really) use the druid to heal. Just for debuffs and dps/ds. Keep in mind higher up some of the druid debuffs and nukes also heal the targets target, so that helps. Oh and also Tracking. :)

    Paladin. I chose paladin over SK just cuz I like the class theme more. And honestly, it's really nice that the paladin is also a mini healer. It makes it easy to save group members when things get hairy. Just throw out a group heal or a grp save AA and pick up the add or whatever. Never really have to switch screens to the "healer" cuz the paladin usually covers it. Also, in normal day to day killing, the pally can self heal through it. Also, I got two cool flaming swords....

    I am in the process of leveling up a Mage because I just want my group to kill stuff faster. I'm also curious to see how successful I can run the mage pet as tank so that I don't have to go through the whole process of gearing the paladin. With the bard pulling singles it could work in theory.

    I did create a Pal, drd, mage, enc team on a different server but only got them to like 65. Enc is strong for sure, but their main draws (CCing and charming) require a lot of focus and I just didn't have that while boxing.

    Idk anything about beastlord.
  18. EqBeastMan New Member

    Thank you everyone for all the help and advice. My team is level 40 I am enjoying my team so far. SK, mage, zerk, cleric, beastlord, bard. I dont run into lot of people right now but I am sure that will change as I get up there in levels. I run three monitors so it is not too bad for me so far. What challenges will have running three monitors and trying to keep all my characters active. One thing I have problem that I am working on is when have adds. It just takes time to get use to move between the screens. I do enjoy this game lot more then wow and elder scrolls online. I am learning to setup macros hopefully that will help me with my characters as well.
  19. Pallicus New Member

    I can't imagine running 6 toons without I S Boxer. Keybroadcasting and picture in picture. Look into it. Takes a while to set up, but well worth it. There are some youtube videos out.
  20. Tucoh Augur

    I use and recommend inner space boxer. Boxing more than three characters without it is a chore. Your zerker and beast lord especially will increase their actions per minute demand every level until you hit cap.

    As for adds, your sk will gain additional skills to gain and hold aggro on them as you level. At level 40 you just don't have the tools, but also don't really need them don't be surprised or disappointed if the bst warder out tanks your sk until you get higher, your sk will be your rockstar when it's ready

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