New pick balancing system seems to ignore the main pick numbers

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by OpenSource, Mar 25, 2022.

  1. OpenSource Journeyman

    The new pick balancing system does not take the main picks numbers into account.

    If the main pick_0 has 0 people and pick_1 has 30 people, it will always put your group into the pick with 30 people. It seems to ignore the main pick always putting you into a pick no matter the numbers.

    If there are 3 picks up main pick_0 has 0 people, pick_1 has 30 people, pick_2 has 20 people then it will put the group into pick_2.
  2. niente Developer

    Players wanted to go to the same pick as their group. If no one is in the destination zone in your group (but multiple group members begin to enter the destination zone around the same time, for example when being removed from a DZ), previously you may not have gone to the same pick. Now the pick chosen is deterministic based on the group ID stored on the server. If there are 3 copies of a zone and your group ID is 1001, the destination zone index is 1001 % 3 = 2 (where the zones would be base_0, pick_1, pick_2).
    There is an edge case where the amount of people trying to enter a zone causes a new pickzone to be created while different group members are zoning in. In this case they may not be sent to the same pick.

    Special thanks to Meeko for implementing this. :)
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  3. OpenSource Journeyman

    Ah ok so its not really choosing the lowest amount of players in a pick to zone into, but just random based on the number of picks and your groupid. I did a fair amount of testing and never saw a group zone into the main pick over the pick with 30 people in it. But I dont know the group ids of course.

    It just makes for weird situations like I mentioned above when a group zones into a pick and sees 30 people and the main pick has 0 people in it.