New Phone - Daybreak Defender Not In App Store

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Sultrina, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Sultrina New Member

    I got a new cell phone, an IPhone 12 and the Daybreak Defender is not in the app store. Is there a link where I can download to my IPhone or can it be run on my desktop? As I now don't have Daybreak Defender I can't log in to one of my accounts.

    Thanks - Jeff
  2. CatsPaws SMH

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  3. Sultrina New Member

    Ty, I'll do that now.

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  4. Sultrina New Member

    I entered a ticket last Saturday to resolve my Daybreak Defender issue, no one has looked at it yet, still in the open status. Are tickets worked at all or am I wasting my time. I can't play on the account because I can't install the Daybreak Defender anymore and I am still charged for the account.
  5. CatsPaws SMH

    They definitely work on them.

    Did you try to disable it thru that flow I linked? At the bottom it says:
    You can also use this flow to change your phone number or disable 2-Step Verification.

    Not sure which account you used to file the ticket with. Try not to do a chargeback if you do decide to cancel since that usually bans you for life.

    I think the petition was not answered as fast as normal since they broke something in the back end which they are going to work on tomorrow morning.

    Once they fix it for you then you may want to remove it from your account all together, I see from further research that they took it off the app store and its pretty much dead.

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