New Overseer Packs Now Available!

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    Adventuring as the Overseer is about to get more adventure-y!

    Overseer is already an ambitious supplement to EverQuest gameplay, and we're about to kick it up a notch. Here's what's coming on July 21, 2021:


    New to Overseer
    • New Overseer Agent Packs will be available in late July.
      • The Fighter Pack, Worker Pack, and Traveler Pack are coming to the marketplace.
      • These packs grant 3 uncommon agents with jobs that match the pack type; the Fighter Pack can grant Marauders, Spies, or Soldiers; the Worker Pack can grant Artisans, Harvesters, or Scholars; the Traveler Pack can grant Diplomats, Merchants, or Explorers.

    • New Agents and Quests
      • New Agents of all rarities have been added to the Overseer system, including two new elites.
      • New quests of all levels and rarities, featuring new job and trait combinations exclusive to these new Agents, have also been added.
      • New recruitment quests for new iconic agents have also been added.


    • New Agent Examples
      • Avatar of Bristlebane – The King of Thieves’ avatar on Norrath. Known for scheming and playing tricks on just about everyone.
      • Avatar of Xegony – The Queen of Air’s avatar on Norrath. She is one of the most mysterious of the elemental gods. Known for her benevolence, tranquility, and beauty.
      • General Jyleel – Nobel defender of the Clerics of Tunare in Felwithe and mortal enemy of Ambassador D’Vinn.
      • Xicotl – Vile shadowknight responsible for breaking the legendary blade, Soulfire and frequently an invited guest at Castle Mistmoore.

    • Quest Party Fixes
      • Quest party slots with a combination of jobs/traits that necessitated using duplicates of the same iconic agent have been adjusted to NOT have such job/trait combinations; this fixes a few quests that could not be started because of the iconic rule.
      • Quest party slots with a combination of jobs/traits that necessitated using a particular agent that lacked the requisite job rank have been adjusted to NOT have such job/trait combinations; this fixes a few quests that had a combination of jobs/traits that could not be fully matched.
      • Quest party slots should no longer have duplicates of the same trait assigned to them.


    • Agent Lore/Trait Fixes
      • Fixed a number of minor grammatical issues in the Agent Lore text of several Agents.
      • Resolved various shenanigans involving Agent lore text and quotation marks.
      • Clockwork VIIX now has lore text calling out his disguise.
      • Guard Orcflayer no longer has any references to Felwithe in his lore text and now has the Warrior trait instead of the Ranger trait.
      • Inquisitive Wanderer now has the Cleric trait instead of the Monk trait.
      • The Fairy trait has been renamed Faerie.


    • When choosing an Overseer quest, the window will show the full trait name and the trait will not wrap around to the next line.
    • Overseer items, such as Agent Echos, now have descriptions explaining what they do.
  2. veezula New Member

    The art here is amazing...let the adventures begin...thanks Accendo!
  3. JSTN New Member

    Impressive, the op managed to type many things out with their keyboard, without actually saying anything.
  4. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Are these Overseers only available through the cash shop?
  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    They're the same agents you can get just by doing the standard recruitment tasks in Oversser.
  6. Kristy13 New Member

    New agents are great but it would be even better if they added stuff to the vender. I would like to see old contend Hero's forge ornaments .. especially the GMM Raid set .. added since few even bother to raid TBL, GMM, and older expacs now. Would also be nice to see other items like mounts and illusion clickys added to the Overseer Vender. One last request ... how about making fippy attainable via the game vs the store.
  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Would be nice to be able to transfer overseer agents & progress to another server.
    My Fippy is stuck on Phinigel (on 3 accounts).
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