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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Feb 6, 2015.

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  1. Melanippe Augur

    Must this system be enabled by default? I can only imagine the hassle there will be for players not to mention the amount of petitions and calls to CS that will be caused with this as default. :(
  2. Hludwolf Developer

    Yes, the system can be completely disabled and will work the same as before if you are not interested in using it. You will only have to disable it one time per character.

    That said, if you are grouping with a master looter who has advanced looting enabled, you will be using it as well, but only while you are still in the zone with this person.
  3. Melanippe Augur

    The question was must this system be set as default rather than being chosen by the player? Telling us that we can disable it simply means that players have to be aware that the system IS set as the default rather than allowing the player to choose to use it. Or am I misunderstanding you?
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  4. Iila Augur

    The idea is to have the better system be the default, and the people who dislike it can do the 'extra work' to disable it.

    Otherwise, why make an improved loot system if you're going to hide it in menus?
  5. svann Augur

    IDK if this is already in the new system, but Id really like it if I could set /hidecorpse looted and have it be permanent. Its annoying having to set it every time I login.
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  6. Melanippe Augur

    You are presuming it WILL be a better system. While it may be of benefit to raiders in particular, which is entirely appropriate, just how much benefit is it to those who solo and/or group? If any "extra work" is necessary it should be for those who WANT to use the ALS.
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  7. Riou EQResource

    It is a million times better when solo (when you get loot settings built, so it filters out crap from nice stuff you want), right now it is only worse in groups because loot all is broken when in a group, once this is fixed, no contest it will be superior in almost every way to current loot system

    Once it is set up in group it will be also better as you can set things to auto roll and it will automatically split it out to the group with no need to bother looting anything, the only bad area here is gonna be when real gear drops, you need a smarter master looter who doesn't choose to auto roll these items, but manually do them or assign them to the group manually so you go outside the system

    So basically everything that isn't gear or a big money item, it is miles better then what is available on live
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  8. Bluebox New Member

    Shaman pets still have a sword thru its mouth...
  9. Riou EQResource

    If it's not hard, sell-ables should never be allowed to pick Need or Greed on (doesn't matter which, but only 1 of the 2 should be allowed).

    World of Warcraft had this same issue years ago when its system was put in, there will ALWAYS be someone who always clicks Need on the stuff and the people who pick Greed will never win, then these people whine and cry at each other :p. Eventually everyone will just always pick Need on everything I guess though, but the beginning parts will be annoying.
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  10. Melanippe Augur

    That may be, however, again making the ALS the default system rather than permitting players to choose it, especially considering the bugs already discovered and more that will, no doubt, be discovered, is simply a major headache just waiting to happen.
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  11. Oxgoad Lorekeeper

    Disconnect Bug:
    I've been able to reproduce this. If, while two players are grouped together, there is a pending auto-roll action and one player disbands the group, after about three minutes, both players will be disconnected from the server. (Presumably, the same thing would happen to a group of three, but I haven't tried it.) Tellingly, any new combat actions will stall (almost like the mob is mezzed) as the netstat slowly drops to zero..
  12. Oxgoad Lorekeeper

    Missing Item Name Bug:
    As an experiment, I took my group of two and logged off the leader, but didn't disband the group. After my next mob kill with the other character as the new master looter, several items named "Missing Item Name" popped up in the Shared Loot screen. These could neither be given away nor left on the corpse. Eventually, they disappeared from the window, presumably as the corpse vanished. Very odd.

    As a side note, I was still able to "give" items to the ghosted logged-off character, but these items were not in that character's inventory nor its advloot window when I logged it back in.
  13. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    I second that. I would like to have some sort of a char-based list of things which can be enabled or disabled permanently. The /log on|off is one of these things - the "Log" parameter is stored in the eqclient.ini, which means it's turned on|off for *all* chars which run from this client folder.
    The mentioned /hidecorpse parameter doesn't even exist (yet) - so it can't even be controlled permanently.
  14. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    do you have to have a master looter? I really dislike being forced to use systems.

    I've had a little play with it, seems OK solo, not had a chance to try it as a group need to get the other half to log in and test it more.
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  15. Hludwolf Developer

    Iila put it quite well

    Yes, there is always a master looter regardless of whether or not you are using the new loot system. This is how we determine whether or not your group/raid/solo will use the new or old systems.
  16. Hludwolf Developer

    Thank you for reporting these and for the exact details. I will look into getting them fixed for the next test update.
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  17. Iila Augur

    A red name who can spell my name correctly? You're a rare one.
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  18. Hludwolf Developer

    I have updated the master list of known issues in post #2. If you know of anything that is missing or find anything new, please let us know.
  19. Crystilla Augur

    I've been playing with it with 2 folks on test and not sure if I'm just misunderstanding things or what.

    I'm set as the master looter.

    1. Every single time an item shows up, even if I had the filter set to "random" or "ask", before anything happens with the items, I manually have to select "action" on every single row for every single drop (even if it's the same drop from the prior mob). I would have thought if I set all to some feature, I wouldn't have to do anything else.
    2. Also, a request, could the "leave on corpse" button be added to the shared window somehow? It's a pain to have to hit "manage" then that button for every item no one wants.
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  20. Oxgoad Lorekeeper

    I find it confusing that while soloing, the filters don't act automatically. Once I've set an item to "Always Need", "Always Greed", or "Never", shouldn't that choice be acted upon the next time that item comes up? It's just weird to me that the first time I see an item, I can click "Always Need" and have it instantly tucked away in my inventory, but the second time I see that I item, I still have to click something to purge it from my personal loot window. I had thought this was a bug, but I'm beginning to think that is just the way it is designed.

    Perhaps I need to re-read the help notes for the new loot system to understand it better... except that I can't at low levels. I already filed a bug report for this, but I don't know how often those are read. Why are the help files, i.e., the windows that pop up when you click on a window's "?" symbol, restricted for low level characters? I was an admin for a text MUD ages ago, and some of our help files were level-restricted, but those were help files for the admin commands, which regular players didn't need to know about. But for basic commands and systems, I would think that lowbies would be the most in need of access to the help files. I was surprised to discover that even the "?" on the Inventory window doesn't work for levels <11. Yes, many people probably don't bother looking at the help files before just asking their question in chat. But for those that do try to RTFM, it would help to have access to it. ;-)
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