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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Feb 6, 2015.

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  1. Hludwolf Developer

    Advanced Loot System - On test only.

    Quick guide:
    • Advanced Looting is enabled by default. You can enable/disable it using /advloot, clicking on the Edit Filters button, and toggling the Use Advanced Looting check box
    • /advloot will open the advanced loot window - it will open on its own when things you kill drop items. You can also bind the window to a key or use the EQ button
    • The master looter's setting is what determines whether your group or raid uses advanced looting or classic looting
    • The master looter's auto-split coin setting will affect coin distribution within your group or raid
    • If you are out of range for a kill or out of the zone/dead. You must right click on the corpse to be able to loot items from it. This is signified by a red lock icon overlay. You can make use of the /hidecorpse listed and /hidecorpse listedunlocked to make it easier to do this.
    Master Looter designation - You can see the name of the current master looter in your zone at the bottom of the advanced looting window.
    For groups - in order
    1. Designated master looter group role - right click to assign master looter just as you would assign a new group leader
    2. Group leader
    3. First person in the zone in your group
    For raids - in order
    1. Designated master looter raid role using the button in the raid window
    2. Raid leader
    3. Group 1 - Group N's designated group master looter
    4. Group 1 - Group N's leader
    5. The first person in the zone in your raid
  2. Hludwolf Developer

  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    How soon can I break it?
  4. Iila Augur

  5. Draco Journeyman

    And this patch will take how long? Normally get a down time estimate.
  6. Lisandra Augur

    Trying to log in & getting crash to desktop 3 times in a row now. Character is parked in the Grand Guild Hall so it may be related to the instance server.
  7. Lisandra Augur

    4 times in a row & return home is grayed out. Something is broken in instances & causing a conflict.
  8. Tenaka Lorekeeper

    Crashing loading into normal zones as well.
  9. Esero Elder

    Getting into world okay and the proper window comes up using the /advloot command, however when I go to 'Edit Filters" and check or uncheck "Use Advanced Looting" I get message "ERROR: String Not Found (15063)" (or 15064 for unchecking the box)
  10. Xicararn Journeyman

    somethings defiantly iffy with instances, was able to request the hot raid ticktock, and zone in, with it on lockout on 2 group members, then when we dropped the instance everyone in the group went ld to char select
  11. Lisandra Augur

    Some people are reporting that INI files are getting corrupted such as charactername.ini & UI_charactername.ini
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  12. Esero Elder

    Seemed my custom UI was causing most of the issues, switched to default and while I still saw the Error message, there was no crashing and everything seemed to work pretty smoothly.. really cool & convenient system.
  13. Rhymez Thebard Elder

    I think i'm gonna like this one.
  14. Lisandra Augur

    Still having the issue with crashing to desktop when logging in. Left my self in the Grand Guild Hall again & even when I used return home to send me to Neriak (dark elf) it crashed to desktop.
  15. Hludwolf Developer

    Have you been able to log in at any point after the patch? Also, if you are using a custom UI, please try resetting it to the default.
  16. Lisandra Augur

    It was the UI, I figured it out yesterday.
  17. Jaera Augur

    So, not sure if this goes here or what, but here goes.

    Tooled around on test last night and tried out the looting system for giggles. For people that use modified UIs, you will need to update / include several new UI pieces with your custom UI, that should prevent you from CTD when trying to log in or zone.

    A description of how it works, since until I played with it directly I hadn't seen it anywhere. If everyone in your group is using the advanced loot system or you set someone as master looter, whenever a mob dies that has loot a window will appear showing you all drops it has. If there are already items on the list and you kill something else, they are added to the list as well.

    I wasn't able to play much with the non-master looter version as when I set one of my characters to master looter, I wasn't able to unset it (more accurately, I unset it, got a message it was unset, but advanced looting did not care and continued to assume I was master looter). As ML, you can click a gear icon next to the item which brings up another box and gives you options of who to give the item to via a drop down menu, or the option to leave the item on the corpse. If you select 'leave', the corpse is immediately unlocked for anyone to loot said item or items. Alternately, on the main advanced loot window you can select an option for the unassigned list as a whole, such as 'give all in the unassigned list to X person' or 'leave all' and etc. On non-ML windows, a selection of check boxes will show up next to each item for 'need', 'greed', and 'don't want'. I'm assuming ticking this will inform the ML if they want the item or not.

    Once items have been assigned, individual characters will get their 'personal' loot area populated with an item. They can then select if they want the item (which immediately puts it in their inventory) or do not want the item (I'm assuming this returns it to to the unassigned list). You can also click the item to put it on your cursor. There is also a 'loot all' button that lets you grab everything assigned to you. In the filters (described next) you can set an option 'auto-loot all' which I'm assuming is supposed to give you anything assigned to you automatically, but this option doesn't work currently and you have to manually click loot all or reset the auto-loot all option in the personal window dropdown every time.

    Filters window allows you to set up how you want looting to work, such as 'always need on all items' and such. You can also drag items into this list and set them individually to 'always need', 'always greed', or 'never loot'. I didn't test automatically need/greed but if you set an item to 'never loot', when the master looter tries to assign the item to you, they'll get a message stating that you don't want it.

    Overall, the system (with what little time I've tooled around with it) looks pretty good, although the interface is a little clunky and might take people time to get used to. Tweaking and setting everything up if you were to reload your EQ installation would also be a massive pain since you can't search for items and add them to the filters list, you have to actually have the item to determine how you want to handle it from then on. I suppose this is a way to prevent datamining of items though.

    There are a few buttons and options that currently return missing string errors and don't seem to work, and I'm not exactly sure what the 'action' button that pops up next to loot is supposed to do, but what is there right now is fairly slick and is a good start on the system. For people that box heavily, once the auto-loot all is functional this will be a heavenly addition, as you can just handle all the loot assignment from one character rather than having to swap to characters and find specific corpses.

    For devs who don't want to go through all that to find the bugs/complaints:
    1) Auto Loot All issues (already noted in second post)

    2) Filters require you to have the item and drop it onto the filters list box to determine how you want to handle it from then on. Suggest the addition of a search box, maybe only allow searches for items that have been dropped by an NPC or are buyable to prevent datamining.

    3) When master looter is assigning loot, it requires another window to be opened, which is a little clunky but I'm assuming provides more information than I discovered above since I didn't have my alt characters ever try hitting need or greed. Any way an option could be added to a right click on the item name in the management window to provide the same assignment options?

    4) Otherwise, a promising start!
  18. Spiffy Duu New Member

    I had my normal group testcopy and jump over to the test server to check this out. We found 2 issues fairly quickly that halted our testing.

    On the individual control of an item, where you can assign it to someone and be done with it. There is a input box with a slider for adjusting a split stack. This did not work and all items were awarded to the designated person. We tried this both on normal and no-drop items.

    Also in this box, the space at the bottom which seemed to want to populate with the needers and greeders that checked their boxes, did not show up. I assumed this was there so the master looter could see who's doing what on an item. It could be useful if say... you were doing raid loot with this new tool and your guild had some restrictions on who could roll for an item and they jumped in anyway. The ML has to be able to boot people from the list.

    Spiffy of Brell Cazic
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  19. Hludwolf Developer

    This is a good idea, I will look at the possibility of getting this included in the future.
  20. Hludwolf Developer

    This was an oversight on my part and will be fixed soon.

    This will only populate after the ask has been completed. The ML then has the opportunity to change the need greed or no status (by unchecking both) before rolling on the item.
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