New linear item progression

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    First, I am not doing the same thing. I'm not giving Wgrace45 a hard time for asking questions about the game mechanics or expressing his opinion about defiant gear removing incentive to obtain other gear. Did the OP do something wrong when he said Lighteningrod's response wasn't useful? His question isn't constructive. It's meant to imply that Wgrace45 is being illogical although he has to make mistakes about Wgrace's post to do that. Did Wgrace45 and I give Lighteningrod too much credit? Was it wrong to assume he was deliberately being nonconstructive? Because that the way it reads. I think Wgrace45 sees through Lighteningrod, as do I.

    There's a few normal exchanges about the subject then in come Silv. He points out that Wgrace45 has no credibility for disliking defiant gear. No credibility whatsoever. He calls it a tirade. Wgrace, however, didn't seem either angry and his post was not long. Silv goes on to minimize Wgrace45's concerns with his "be quite and shut up" response. Silv's response is not meant to fuel a constructive conversation because he is rude.

    Not to be outdone, Lighteningrod soon shows up to make another statement meant to show Wgrace45 how stupid he is.

    Then comes Vouivre to point out Wgrace45's is in fact a liar and that I am a hypocrite. Again, same spirit. I am not like you. Nice try though :)
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  2. Silv Augur

    While the OP's question has been addressed and answered I'm still compelled to respond to this downward spiral since I was directly named again in a post that clearly missed the boat.

    Yes, I found the OP's post to be in poor taste as well as attitude, and rather whiny overall given the original question.

    Maybe my tone was harsh but obviously I give 2 cents worth of caring because I took a few minutes of my life to actually come up with a scientifically valid response to show that the OPs complaint was in fact, invalid. The point was asking if all itemization was linearized and then it went into a complaint about defiant armor.

    So, I took the time and looked up all the AC values for defiant armor, plotted them in a graphing program, and ran a linear regression, to in fact determine, those items actually are linear statistic wise, at least in regards to AC. Therefore, complaining about defiant armor yet wanting linear itemization is completely ridiculous. I'm about 99% certain the majority of people trolling or trying to "slam" someone don't go through that much effort.

    Call me rude if you must but call me caring. I have better things to do than waste time trying to slam someone; I could be doing something more productive such as actually playing EQ. However, when there is a completely absurd post with a very unpleasant tone, I find it totally within reason to challenge that and present a legitimate argument. Look at the rest of my posts... the majority have been helpful or constructive. So, think what you like about me but if you take anything completely objective from this post, know that defiant armor definitely exhibits a linear progression in stats in regard to AC.
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  3. Vouivre Augur

    No you didn't do the same thing, the OP did.

    You really aren't paying attention to the thread and you feel it's totally acceptible for the original poster to be critical and nasty, but if anyone else does it there's a problem and the OP is a victim. That's ignorant and hypocritical.
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  4. Fenthen aka Rath

    In other news, RoF gear is all copy/paste stats and such.

    A picture of Cleric-usable back slots.

    Item AC HP Mana Zone Shards Effect/Focus Named HP/M
    Back Indigo Frostcloak 140 2671 2863 CC 48 DS 10 // Buff 35 5534
    Galecloak 142 2717 2799 EW 48 DS 10 // Buff 35 5516
    Net of the Deep Sea 143 2717 2799 ToV - DS 10 Lord Koi`Doken 5516
    Silver Chains 137 2717 2799 ToV - DS 10 // Buff 35 Jorlleag 5516
    Cape of Fear 148 2863 2643 EW 48 DS 10 // Buff 35 5506
    Drape of Darkness 140 2689 2813 SL 48 DS 10 // Buff 35 5502
    Tattered Drape of the Unknown 144 2771 2717 SL 48 DS 10 // Buff 35 5488
    Reactive Cloak 144 2799 2648 Kael 48 DS 10 // Buff 35 5447
  5. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Dang why is everyone attacking the OP for asking a simple question. It's not that hard to respond without being a total jerk.

    To the OP:

    1. Old gear is still useless.

    2. I agree defiant completely ruined the first 65 levels. Just my 2 cents, I am sure plenty disagree.
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    No kidding, Raptor! The question was simple... and yet some folks want to get all bent about it. Seriously? Offering an opinion (which many share) on defiant gear is "in poor taste" and "whiny?"

    Silv - sure I can call you "caring." But the only thing you are caring about is being high and mighty. You mad, bro?
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  7. Necromonious Augur

    I see completely where the OP is coming from. It's hard 2 find the motivation to treasure hunt when the treasure is obsolete. It's like playing a game with a "Cheat Codes" window constantly open. Some people get frustrated with the temptation for sure. But in response to the OP, I'd have 2 ask why play a 12yr old game anyway? All you have to do is ask yourself the purpose, and the recognize the control you as a user have in your gaming experience to achieve that purpose. You can choose to immediately destroy all Defiant drops, choose to not use mercs, however hard u want to make it? or try the progression servers if u lack that willpower?
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    I sympathize with teh OP. The reason a lot of us don't want to self-impose or manage limits in a game is because we're not game designers. We don't want to to create the game--by acting like a computer and systematically following a ruleset we've made. It should already be there. That's why we're paying them: to make it for us. This is why there're different games. We try to find games we'll like, and avoid the ones we probably won't. If we could all invent the game as we go, like you're suggesting we do, we'd only need a handful of games to be satisfied.

    That said, old world gear can be turned in at a tribute merchant, if nothing else, for different kinds of buffs. There's also a guild tribute merchnat. When you turn in an old world item at a guild merchant, it adds to the total tribute for the whole guild. And I think guild buffs are the best. Moreso, old world items tend to be tradeable even after worn. Best of all, at least for the ones up to Luclin, they can be worn by a level 1, meaning at least for a while you'll be like superman and it'll be better than defiant--especially the weapons because defiant weapons were bad. The other issue is, at least when I played in 2014-15, eventually I hit a wall. Defiant gear wasn't dropping as often, neither was it as frequent in the bazaar. I foudn that buying some non-defiant in bazaar was better than just solely sticking to defiant. And of course, at the time, it was worht doing the quests in TSS for the rewards. otherwise, I would have fallen behind if I relied only on the dropped defiant and bazaar. (regretablly i did abandon TSS because the quests got harder and it wasn't easy to find groups. i did however find plenty of oppportunities and leveled up to 71)

    My question for the current playerbase is, sine I haven't played since about 2014-15, is the tribute system still in place? Still useful? I'm considering coming back. Maybe I'll make a separate thread.
  9. bortage spammin lifetaps

    Tribute is still useful and it's real easy to keep tribute capped at 110
  10. Inictus Elder

    Having just read this thread, I believe it's because the OP was not clear in communicating his question originally and when clarification was asked for he became a bit snippy about it.
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    Unfortunately I find your situation to be relatable. Highly intelligent people, although very well intended, are often misunderstood. It makes them feel very unappreciated, because despite them putting more in more effort, they are often over shadowed by a more easily consumed lack of effort. Often this comes with attacks of claims arrogance and callous.

    For what its worth, I found your replies to be accurate, in acceptable taste and well informed. I agree the OP didn't have a well formed question and I understand where you are coming from. The second post by OP was much better in structure.
  12. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Yes, they absolutely do.
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The point of ANY gear is you have a CHOICE to use it or not, it doesn't "ruin the game" at all, that's a silly argument that is premised upon you having no control over your own actions which of course you do.
    Defiant gear being available simply gives you the choice of using the old gear or a new set that was purposely designed to aid in quicker progression to allow lower level players to catch up to the higher level players - if you don't want to catch up faster then all of the old gearing options remain within the game.
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  14. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    I sure hope these people from 6 years ago come back and read all these thoughtful replies.
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    Haha! Oh man I hate it when this happens. Just now realized how old this post was.
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  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Hah, right you are.:oops:
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    "wow a post revived from 2013, this must be a great read," i thought.