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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Fanipak frootsnak, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Fanipak frootsnak New Member

    So I made a heroic warrior recently to box with my lvl 110 druid on bristlebane. I've been leisurely leveling him with the druid and running Gribble's with him on my 98 monk. I reckon I'm making this post as more of a list of to-do items I need to do to make his leveling as easy and quick as possible. The warrior is currently level 90 (all of 2 or 3 hours of play time on him) and this is my plan for what to do with him now that he is level 90.
    ~ get attuned to TBM so I can buy lvl 90 gear/run heroics with him
    ~ level 91 I'll do first pilgrimage to get his tear
    ~ alternate grinding alarans in arena in shards landing/kite power leveling him in plane of shadows till around 100.
    ~ grind out 98 to 100 with monk/warrior in Gribble's/ shards alarans to level both tears.
    ~ level 100 to 105 power level/do Merc task/repeatable tasks in eok
    ~ start doing gmm/ Ros tasks/heroics with druid/guild after 105
    ~ get conflag gear @106
    ~ do EOK/ROS task/ grind in frontier/howling stone/sathir's tomb until 110
    ~ work on getting honed wurmslayer/high ac/ high hdex aug's between 106 and 110
    ~ work on TBL progression with guild/ grind AA's

    My goal isn't to level him to 110/ max out AA's before the next expansion but definitely have a good starting point for a solid 2 box group for the next expansion. My work requires me to be away for months at a time sometimes (I don't see it happening for the rest of the year). What would be some suggestions to my list I have going though? I doubt I'll ever raid in EverQuest but having high end group gear/ group content is a goal of mine. Like I said any and all suggestions are helpful! Looking forward to the future of my new warrior:)
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  2. Tucoh Augur

    Fanipak, your current plan is pretty good. TBM and Gribbles is great XP and the remnants of tranquility / marks of valor are a great way to boost his early gear. Going from TBM->Conflagrant is perfect.

    One thing I'd recommend is to consider taking advantage of fellowship xp / vitality. If you're out with your druid and your warrior is offline, activate XP sharing for the druid and the warrior and your warrior will get some vitality. Then when you play your warrior you'll use that vitality to boost your XP (by 10x) until you run out of vitality.

    The XP disparity between what a level 110 gets and a level 90 is so huge that it's potentially faster to solo mobs in FM with your druid and dump vitality into your warrior than anything else.

    My mage team I'm leveling (on bristlebane no less!) is of similar level. I've been doing a The Darkness Howls mission with my level 110 berserker team first then burning lessons on my mages. Last night I went from level 90 to 92 in one lessons burn in Deadhills with all the XP from vitality, the XP bonus and lessons of the devoted. I'm kinda hoping to hit 110 by the end of this XP bonus by only playing ~1.5hr a night by doing this double lessons burn.
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  3. Fanipak frootsnak New Member

    Hey and thank you! I already set up a fellowship for the druid/warrior but wasn't quite sure how it really worked. I should've put 2 and 2 together when I did some AOE kiting on the druid and a GMM one night. Next day I logged into both accounts and I dinged the warrior from 89 to 90 in about 20 minutes with no pots/lesson on. Lesson learned I reckon I read your hotkey/box set up post some in veteran. I'm probably going to be setting up auditory warnings for cool downs and stuff for both the warrior and druid in Gina. Just seems to make sense to me. Haven't done any macros yet, kind of Leary since I haven't made any macros in any games in a long time (when rift first came out and I was raiding) but that's probably going to be the next step of the evolution.
    Do you think it's worthwhile to spend the time leveling my tears up? It's a brutal grind but it is still do-able/time sink at 110. Thank you for the response!
  4. Tucoh Augur

    No, it's almost a complete waste of time to level up the tear of alaris. You can't use it as an aug till it's maxed out, and when it's maxed out it provides minimal benefit. I remember calculating it as like, 15AC or something silly low. I have mine maxed out but it's something you do after almost everything else.

    If you're optimizing toward hitting max level and being ready for the next expansion, I'm a big fan of limping along as much as possible with TBM / Conflagrant gear and only grinding the most necessary of AAs to survive while your druid nukes stuff.

    If you want to enjoy the leveling process, I recommend focusing on keeping your warrior geared with whatever AAs you think are important and just kill or do whatever you think is fun. If you go this route I would recommend considering doing CotF progression when you get high enough just to get the heroic AAs which are still minor in benefit, but are a few steps ahead of tears of alaris and are even more of a permanent boost.
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  5. Metapsyche Augur

    I’m working on a warrior too! My plan was 85-90 TBM, 90-100 grinding, 100-106 COTF / TDS / TBM progression for hero’s aa. Once I hit 106 I’m throwing on conflagrant and capping aa’s. Then it’s a burn up to 110 and grind out the rest of my aa’s doing EOK/ROS/TBL progression.

    Worst part so far was 90-100 grind. I’d like to find a better way to get thru those levels short of dropping characters into PL groups
  6. Qbert Augur

    It kind of depends upon what you have access to in terms of saved items, but here's what I do for that level range:

    I horde/have horded all collectibles since they were introduced. I use sets of collects to boost right through that range (they are worth double experience when double experience is active, for example . . . provided you are selecting regular experience and not aa experience).
  7. roth Augur

    The Tear is not an AC aug. Its a Defense aug. This is significant, much more significant than merely AC.

    Its only 10 points of defense at max, not a lot. And, its a lot of work to max out (take it from someone who has a True Tear - you have it easy now, and its still hard). But, its worth it in the end. I would recommend saving the fragments that you get as drops until you have enough to completely finish it. This is because kills needed increases each level. While the Fragments are (after a certain easy to reach point) a straight up 5% per click, regardless of tear level. Why use a fragment when it is worth 10k kills, when you can save it and use it when it is worth 20k or 30k kills?
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  8. Tucoh Augur

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  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    People I have talked about this very thing say no, not worth it any more.
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  10. Fanipak frootsnak New Member

    I figured it would be worth it if I was min/maxing but I think for brevity sake I'll probably skip it for now. I know the optional parts for the pillars of alra quests reward the fragments so I'll probably stockpile those later on. I read if you do a 2 man group where one gets 2 and the other get 2 you can do them pretty much nonstop. But for now I'll probably roll with the tbm/Gribble's into conflag/into gmm/into tbm.
  11. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Even min/max'ers say not worth the effort. It amounts to ~17AC, which translates to a reduction of ~200 damage per hit. When mobs are hitting for 50k...well, you get the idea.

    Now, who's to say the Tear won't be a requirement down the road for some other quest? If you have absolutely nothing else to do, and you're bored, and you enjoy slaughtering Alarans: do the Tear.
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  12. roth Augur

    The five Pillars tasks (the four Word of ____ group tasks, and the solo Crisis of Faith) can all be done for frags. That used to be how you had to get the frags, as they did not originally drop from alarans. Some of the tasks might be easier today than they used to be, but at least one, I’d imagine, would be harder (mainly because it would be too easy to just kill the mob than to take the damage until he FD’s you three times). That said, if you or anyone was contemplating doing these tasks for fragments (because you can get a full group of six four frags apiece from the four group tasks much faster than you can get those same 24 frags for six people by slaughtering alarans in job lots) DO NOT SKIP ANY. You will want the faction hits from all four, and from Crisis of Faith as well. Trust me on that.
  13. Tucoh Augur

    Why does 17ac translate to 200dmg per hit?
  14. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Whats the difference why or how? Not like any of the fuzzy math pushed by EQ fans is entirely accurate anyway.

    tl:dr I plucked numbers out of the air.
  15. Vumad Elder

    Good plan.

    Stay LFG. Usually you will find someone willing to drop a box or a merc for a real player. Your toons might grow apart a little in level, but that's okay. Keep an eye out for rot calls. A lot of EoK gear rots so mentioning in general that you are a returning player and will run for rots in general should be plenty ok if you don't spam (most people don't announce the rots in EoK anymore). It's very quick and easy to run to Lceanium.

    The best place to pickup some good XP is tagging along with someone solo'ing EoK hunter. I got some of my catch up returning at L85 by following around a player mass killing alaris for hunter. He took all the diamonds, but murdered everything in site for XP for me and I got all the armor rots.
  16. Tucoh Augur

    I know what you mean. EQ has multitudinous variables that distill down to basic questions of "chance to hit" and "average damage per hit" and "maximum one round damage". The variables within each player character are all precisely known and the variables within each mob are a total mystery.

    One could spend a long amount of time parsing mobs, but the most important ones, difficult named and especially raid mobs, are unparseable due to being unable to just park a warrior in front of them and get hours of data while not using any abilities that increase or decrease mitigation/avoidance.

    In other words, I could parse out a few hours of data on goblins in FM or orcs in GMM to get somewhat accurate data on the impact of the Tear of Alaris, but I wouldn't be able to get the same data on mob anyone cared about.

    However, if we're plucking out random numbers, I don't believe the Defense skill has any impact on the damage per mob hit, since it increases player avoidance. If we went instead with damage per round (where avoidance would impact it), I'm guessing that it'd be closer to 2 damage per round of mitigation, which is almost unparseable.
  17. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Avoided damage has almost become extinct with the ever-increasing mob stats. How many mob combat attempts avoided vs. mitigated these days? It's nearly a 10-1 ratio in favor of mitigated instead of avoided. IOW, nearly every attempt lands for at least some amount. When I factor in attempts avoided, and assume the damage was mitigated somewhat, 200dmg per attempt seemed reasonable. Apparently, I was being far to generous. ;)
  18. roth Augur

    I would have to look up the exact correlation, but one thing I remember getting out of the whole AC formula stuff, and maybe something else, was that defense plays a part in determining your AC softcap. More Defense, higher softcap. That, or I’m mistaken and there was no correlation, and they both just seemed to go up at the exact same pace (barring AA’s and shields) as one levels up. Going up in parallel, or in a correlated fashion. I’ve long thought it was the latter.

    All that aside, go after the Stone tear if its desired. Don’t, if its not. Its up to the individual.

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