New Guild Formed for Ragefire - Norrathian Alliance

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Vexen, May 21, 2015.

  1. Vexen Lorekeeper

    Come one, come all..

    New Ragefire Progression server guild formed and accepting members of all race and class.

    Family based, casual play style. No limits, no restrictions. No website, no teamspeak, no hassle. Group, play, have fun..

    Send message to Tzvoch in-game for invite. Guild is growing, will have recruiters in major population zones shortly.
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  2. Zujilli Elder

    Sounds great! When I finally get in and get my characters I'll be looking out for you guys. :)
  3. EmeraldOne New Member

    I'm in as Delecreux the Human Paladin. See you folks soon.
  4. Vexen Lorekeeper

    Freeport or Qeynos? I cant get back in yet due to server full but I have people in FP.
  5. EmeraldOne New Member

    Qeynos, but if that proves difficult I can remake after the dust settles a bit. Only level 2 so not a huge loss.
  6. Mearwin New Member

    Darn Tzvoch isnt on =( anyone else i could get an invite from?
  7. EmeraldOne New Member

    I haven't had luck yet either. But soon enough hopefully.
  8. Vexen Lorekeeper

    Still trying to get back in..
  9. Zujilli Elder

    I was able to get in yesterday for a few hours. I think I will be maining my enchanter Vivexa, she is starting out in Erudin/Toxxulia Forest area, almost got to lvl 2. I will be trying to log in again in a couple hours (crosses all fingers and toes). I hope to join up with you guys soon. :)
  10. Selinaris Journeyman

    I like the whole no teamspeak thing =) I hate using VC =)
  11. EmeraldOne New Member

    I'll be on for quite a while tonight. I can't invite, but if you catch me on we can at least hang out and group up.
  12. enciscojarbez New Member

    I've a mage/druid I'd like to join with. I mostly play during the day EST. I will try to find someone online to invite us.
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  13. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    I definitely like the foundation of "group, play, have fun." :) And if Delecreux is any example of the sort of folks in the guild, I'm totally in. :D

    Is anyone else able to invite yet? Or do I need to look for Tzvoch?
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  14. Vexen Lorekeeper

    All members can invite others to include their friends, family, alts, etc. :)
  15. Murdish New Member

    If anyone is near Misty this week I would be very happy to join others who seem to be from a time before guilds were just meat grinders for raid gear. The Pantheon raided plenty but it was more to help the whole than yourself. The most heated discussions were, "No you take it! I will get it next time."
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  16. SuedeVeil Lorekeeper

    Hey I like the sound of this guild, my hubby and I are looking for something like that as we don't use teamspeak and are pretty casual. May I ask if there are active people late night PST time? 8pm+ since that's when we are more able to group up and chat.
    Who can I message in the game for more info? Thanks
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  17. Vexen Lorekeeper

    Search for anyone in Norrathian Alliance (/who all Norrathian) and find someone near you that can send you and invite. They have to be int he same zone so there are some areas we haven't gotten to yet.

    Tzvoch is on every night that I can get through the queue without it dropping me. Be patient and I will find you. :)
  18. Kluwen New Member

    I like the sound of this. I will be doing /who to see if any of you guys/gals are around Misty when I get on in a couple hours.
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  19. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    Quick question -- Will this guild be staying on Ragefire?
  20. Vexen Lorekeeper

    Yes. :)
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