New Expansion (Yep, That's Right) and More!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. shadowgod Augur

    She said them 2 raids scale from 75-105 so I'm guessing there is no level increase in this expansion.
  2. Leex Augur

    Ahh, sorry for both of your comprehension problems then.
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  3. Reht The Dude abides...

    They said 15 or more raids, no where does it say 15 raids in hate and fear. It could be like Reign of Fear, where it was the new raids + revamp NTOV raids.
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    One good thing after the Pre RoF content nerf....I never ever want to see another level expansion
  5. Darkark Augur

    15 raids in pofear / pohate? Really? Bro, you hit maximum hate too quick, back to the OP for you, stay calm, and read carefully.
  6. Greymantle Augur

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  7. Schadenfreude Augur

    Has anyone been able to do this? I'm fairly sure I don't have enough currency on the accounts without TDS.
  8. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I doubt they will reach out to specific people for a beta test. I'm going to try to get in on some of mine but not expecting a miracle or favoritism.
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  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    ok so 7 raids in Fear (Cazic, Terror, Fright, Dread, Dracoliche) & Hate (Innoruuk & Maestro) :p n and 8 raids somewhere else, I just hope they don't repeat TDS and put them all in the same zone.

    After the final portal not being finished in RoF and after the number of portals decreasing in CotF as well, I've become a pessimist.

    Still waiting on Gnome Mountain which Piestro said was a great looking zone and that was back at the beginning of CotF. Which reminds me, will we finally be getting the Clockwork Heros Forge?

    I just hope we have a good story as to why we have to go back to plane of hate & fear.
  10. Axxius Augur


  11. Zaph Augur

    Would be nicer if the Beta testers were people who still played EQ and gave a damn about it, Rasper quit ages ago, why ask him to beta something he wont play?
  12. Rainbowdash Augur

  13. Reht The Dude abides...

    It doesn't say he has been asked, it looks like he is fishing for an invite.
  14. Furgle New Member

    Please remember to leave original copies of these two raid zones in place for those of us who enjoy getting epic 1.0 pieces.
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  15. CrazyLarth Augur

    and drop the epic drops in the new raid zones.
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  16. Raynrace Augur

    Holly, please consider this....

    When beta opens, do NOT release any raid information to the beta forums.

    Secondly, only allow guilds to test 1 progression raid with only that raids information. If there are non progression raids like fear, hate and 1offs that's fine but do NOT let a guild test more than 1 progression raid and that 1 raid is the only one they will know when everything goes live!

    This will create a level playing field for all guilds in competition and will make the content last a lot longer.

    Feeding a few top guilds ALL of the strategies in beta gives us an unfair advantage over all of the other guilds.

    I believe at least 25 guilds have beaten Arx5, if there are 13 to 15 raids plus fear and hate, 1 or multiple guilds can test a single raid and have plenty to spare for the rest.

    Again, fear, hate and 1offs that are non progression dont really matter in the race to be first but I think it would create some awesome competition.
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  17. Sancus Augur

    Does "over 15 raids" mean 16? :p
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  18. Warpeace Augur

    You realize the information was there in the forums so everyone could see it right? It wasn't a secret.
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  19. Reht The Dude abides...

    Hopefully it's 15 original raids + some revamp raids.
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  20. Duhbeast Augur

    Looking good guys, keep it up!
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