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    About expansions, added note just because, to write something interesting:

    Fun features are important, not mini game like things but creative things that don't change the way things work.

    You can enjoy this at all levels. Like for people that like to play around with the original game or up to a point beyond: example I buy everything at least once, (expansions included) but hardly ever bother with content that borders on recent but relive creatively endlessly and am perfectly content.

    It generally cost no more money to add features to such a mmo, (mostly) static npcs text, ideas and variations on how it already works.

    Oh people would complain a little if they were desperate for something else and thought it would cost Dev time, but once they had it they would love novel things, that are not just cosmetic/flaky. Hint: it would not.

    Also eq players could mostly make this stuff up for the Devs like idea thread. Unless the idea is stupid in that it would req changing the way the game works. Hopefully it would be like a glorified hotfix to put them in.

    I like new features because of this, but nothing silly, flash like type, trendy or too copied ''from something bad''. Streamlining is not the point of eq, nether is it to make something nightmarish, it never was, you just had something you had to do something with.

    As for trendy it like: Eqs style of graphics makes it appealing in its own way that you like. Just as Up all night movies like Flash Gordan, Barbarian girl, whats her name, vice academy, etc... wont win entertainment awards but they sure are fun.

    Streamlining simplistically is the problem with modern games (modern if your a fruit fly and you can play anything you like from any point) however.... beyond a certain point of streamlining, I just laugh at the absurdity, like that TNG episode where people are starting a fire and letting animals go on the enterprise.

    Adventuring is doing something with something, figuring it out, text driven/grinding and originally speaking, MacGyvering.

    Example of something right gone wrong:

    It sucked to make bane strike auto, except for those who play on high end and only then, that have many buttons to push. Also it was fun with its little system to earn it working better, now on the low end who the hell that didn't remember would care or pay attention?
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