New expansion - anything for new/returning players?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by aindriuc, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. aindriuc Elder

    Hi all,

    I am just wondering if there is any catch-up leveling mechanics for the new expansion? I know having tried over the years, the leveling process is too grueling to do solo. I was wondering is there anything in the new expansion that can help keep or entice returning or new players? Something that would speed up leveling to get to max level quicker?

  2. Slasher Augur

    no EQ really lacks in the catch up leveling mechanics we have been asking for an updated heroic for years they just don't seem to want our money.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I may be wrong here but don't bank on a 100 Heroic happening, the devs (well Ngreth) has said it is on their radar without any current timetable but that doesn't mean they'll even do it, it's likely to still be an ongoing conversation i.e. if making a 100 Heroic even makes sense for them.

    Part of the problem is even at 85 there is a sizeable "knowledge gap" for a player who hasn't already been playing at 85 or higher recently, so much so that the stories of feeling completely inept/inadequate/overwhelmed are common & even more common are the complains that "the numbers are just silly now" or "it's not me that sucks it's the game that's at fault" AKA "I will never admit that its really me that lacks knowledge".

    A level 100 Heroic has all the problems an 85 Heroic has, amplified.
    So really there's a strong argument that a Heroic needs to have some "advanced level tutorial" or "gloomingdeep mines on 'roids" and to do that for 16 classes is a pretty huge developer-intensive time-sink. But if the devs don't have time for that do they just go ahead & create a 100 Heroic & say "well, you wanted it we made it, but it's totally on you to figure this stuff out cuz we don't have time to help you learn it, sink or swim time folks!" ?

    In an ideal world Heroic Characters would continue to keep pace with the game, staying within XP level-range, and each heroic would have some tutorial available, but the more the game puts in, the more complex jumping to the new heroic gets and the more involved any tutorial would need to be. It's not an easy problem I think if the devs are going to do it right.
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  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The only "catch up mechanic" of any real; note was already released, and it was Overseer, there's nothing in CoV that helps except maybe the progression if you aren't 115 already and can get an actual group to do it with.

    Catching up with the top end of the game will become increasingly more difficult from ToV onwards for anyone who cannot get help to run them through the progression as the amount of XP required per level gets escalated to such a ridiculous level you need to kill vastly more mobs to go from 110-115 than you needed for prior level jumps - so consequently the only way to XP at a reasonable pace is by way of progression.

    So, Good Luck, and don't forget to log in every day for your overseer xp since that will be all it will be worth doing if you can't get progression groups, great value for your sub...not.
  5. aindriuc Elder

    I come back every expansion and hope there is something to entice me back to play. I might purchase a subscription and give soloing up again a go on a necro or something.

    The problem is once I get to high sixties, the leveling experience becomes fierce and the mercenaries no longer carry you. That means you won't be able to play any kind of group class because you can't survive and do enough damage.

    While I understand purchasing a level 100 heroic isn't the best way to learn the class, I was looking for something to help me solo a class from the start. Better gear for leveling for example or improved mercenaries.

    Or maybe a solo dungeon that gives you experience for each run.

    There are loads of things to do or can be done to help new players get to end game fast and get to where the action is.

    Then again, I realise everquest has become much of a boxing thing where most people have multiple accounts and are using third party automated tools while attending, which seems to be allowed these days.

    I'd like to give everquest a go again. I know each time I give it a go, I quit after the grind gets too much.

    Anyway, just wrote a forum post to let the devs and everyone else know, the new and returning player still has to be catered for.
  6. TenkenTurtle Elder

    I came back after a 10 year hiatus and yes while the knowledge gap was huge, I'm still learning some new things, it just takes some commitment. The trick to getting my level 67 Paladin to the current level of 105 when I came back just took some trial and error. Which is also very good for learning. I found that looking for a group was usually unproductive. Starting groups was much more productive. Finding a location where I could molo was key. Cause, at given times other people of your level range wanting to group were slim. But once I found a good place to molo which could also be better for grouping, the experience and knowledge flowed nicely. Eventually you find regulars that want to group with you. They come and go. But using this method I experienced tons of content and met lots of players. At times I wasn't leveling as fast as I wanted. But at times I was getting experience out the ying yang. Everquest has 20+ years of content. For a returning player there is always something you can do that is entertaining.
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  7. Wolfwoodd New Member

    To give the Devs some credit, 2020 is not the year for innovative, developer intensive changes to the game. Like most of the rest of the world, the Devs have been dealing with Covid - people being in quarantine, out sick, or adjusting to working from home, etc. Even with all this, they still managed to put out an expansion. Honestly, I'm just happy we got one.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    It really depends on how much you can play what your best tactic for catching up will be.

    If you play very casually you are better off on a live server - you get 12 months between expansions there rather than 12 weeks or less on TLP.
    I would suggest starting up a couple of F2P boxes so you can have a 3 player 3 merc box team eventually to level yourself up with, long term that is a good self-reliance strategy. If you play casually you really shouldn't bother with TLP, catching up when you fall behind will feel even harder there.

    If you play a lot, join a guild, get power-levelled & then be consistently playing to gear up & aa up.
    Alternatively start fresh on the next TLP that rolls around or get onto one of the current ones, join a guild, get power-levelled & play consistently.

    If you don't want to join a guild and you can't or won't box you're in for a slow painful journey no matter where you play as the game just doesn't cater to solo players (without boxing) at all, it doesn't really even cater to boxers, though it should to some degree at this point in its life-cycle.
  9. Nanilu New Member

    They do have something similar. Have you tried the Heroic Adventures? If you have a J5 mercenary, you can pretty much solo many of the Heroic Adventures given out daily from Clayton in PoK. (Don't forget to pick up the exact same quest from the HA NPC once Clayton teleports you to it). From there, complete the dungeon, click on "Lesson of the Devoted" just before handing in the last task and bingo, you get two completed mission for the price of one with extra bonus on top! I've levelled so many toons up to 98 this way it's crazy fast. Can even take on many of the rare spawns within the adventure (not always, I've died a lot). And you do get good gear by buying upgrades from the Marks of Valor you earn.
  10. Junck Journeyman

    To the OP, be careful what you wish for as max level "where the action is" may not be what you are expecting. You will still be heavily reliant upon finding a group. If you want the raid scene, find a helpful guild that will PL you and get you geared up to raid. If you want the end game group experience, you will still need a friendly guild that has group opportunities. You have hit upon the reason people box their own group, so they are not dependent upon pure luck to find a group within their window of play time.

    I have helped many people in my guild get to max level and then have seen them slowly stop logging in since they still are not self sufficient.

    It's a GREAT game and I strongly encourage you to find a fun way to play that suits your style!
  11. Dibab Augur

    i mean we dont really need the upgrade. You can get from 85 to 100 without much effort or time.
  12. code-zero Augur

    between overseer and dailies and HA's you can work your way to 115. The old grind can be discouraging since it's just grinding. While you're on you can make efforts to find a guild and groups. They are out there but no one is sitting around with a group waiting for you to join them
  13. Slasher Augur

    I think what some of you fail to see is what the current generation of MMO players wants. Other games do it perfect even EQ2 has heroics up to 115 ? They want to jump into the game where most players are and in EQ most players are 110-115 not 85 not 90 not 100. No reason a heroic cant start at 105 when AAs are already autogranted up to 105.
  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    EQ is the once considered gorgeous but now thought of as butt-ugly tired older brother in his early twenties still wearing 90's fashion. Big bro goes out to work at the dreary factory after paying for his own college course to get his engineering degree and pays a lot more rent than the kid sister and eats less food than her, he actually paid for the IVF treatment his parents needed to have his sister & paid for all of her care until she was big enough to earn her own money, he paid for her tuition, some of her cosmetic surgery and kept his parents in food & clothes & a home for years. His friends have said for years his parents should care for him better but mostly they just use him for his money.

    EQ2 is the energetic and very beautiful teenage daughter a part time dancer & model, she might not be wearing the latest fashion but she dresses way more nicely than her brother does, now she is earning she pays much less the rent her bro does, but eats more and despite all her big bro did for his parents she gets far more of her parents attention than he gets, their parents secretly wished that their daughter would completely replace her brother when she was born so they no longer needed him but she couldn't command the wages he did as despite his ragged looks by today's standards he is still more popular.

    That's why EQ2 has 115 Heroics & EQ still only has 85 Heroics, favoritism.

    (note: this entire post is intended as satire)
  15. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    My advice is to find an expansion where you can solo the progression(or some long quest chains), and just complete it.

    By the time you are done you will have gained some levels(and a few quest rewards), without noticing the grind.:)