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  1. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    LOL ...

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  2. Uomanrotyr New Member

    Remembering back to the LoN launch, essentially loot crates before they blew up, it made them a ton of cash in the short-term. It also drove people away en masse and disgusted people like myself. Even more so when I saw people in the GL on Prexus literally begging for RL money to pay their rent after blowing it all on LoN packs. Think one of the characters was named Takeenda or something like that, a drakkin cleric. Now, such practices are widely acknowledged as predatory and addictive. EQ was an early adopter AND early to bail, but not before massive damage was done to the player-base.

    This seems like the early promises about LoN, that it wasn't going to become a pay to win mechanic. (At least they didn't make that failed promise, again) That before things like Kiss and the Naggy familiar came out and gave players large, unfair advantages at the time. Only through time and increased mudflation did they actually relevel the playing field. Now my Kiss on my shm, thankfully, is like the Ring of the Ancients on my sk; nothing more than a, "Yep, I got to experience that back in the day," piece of memorabilia. One that I got lucky on in both cases.

    This is the testing of the waters. People largely won't see this as too intrusive and will ignore it. Next, they will look to appease those asking for larger bonuses. Then we get to watch another exodus of key players, forcing another wave of mergers, further decreasing long-term profits for short-term gains. And all while failing to reinvest into to the game generating the revenue itself.

    I've come and gone a lot over the last few years. Each time I come back, I'm eventually forced to remember events like this that drove far more loyal subscribers away for good.

    Instead of "perks" like this, you need to find a way to reverse course. Something that could improve profits if done properly. I do wonder about WoW's idea of rebalancing things by dropping the level cap and essentially rebooting things. Something like that could go a long way to retain returning players and new ones alike.

    All that said, I find it hard to justify a price increase in any way under the current circumstances. And improvements to the actual game should improve profits by increasing the current player-base and thus shouldn't necessitate increasing costs to the player. Such things would be far less daunting now if improvements hadn't been ignored for so long. Now, I'm not sure if anything short of crowd-funding would produce enough money fast enough to actually allow for addressing the issues in a timely manner. Even then, it may not do enough fast enough to survive another widespread exodus caused by decisions such as these.
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  3. Kalvenie Journeyman

    6 accounts = 6 traders. It's plenty... Need more? Start a new account and get 100+ slots. Still better value than the cost of the perk.
    Need storage? Start an alt.

    If having a random additional skill-up going from 0-300 is what is going to motivated someone to "finish working on them", they aren't really that bothered. Skill-ups don't make crafting any easier. And the mechanism to get from 300-350 doesn't rely on random skill-ups so is still going to be a pain.

    Firstly - if you're not building up a good buffer in your level to stop from dying, then that's on you.
    Secondly - if you're really dying over and over to the point you're going to delevel, paying 2.99 a month is not going to help you be better at 1. raiding 2. playing your class.

    Thirdly - the inference on bonus experience is that it is pointless if the primary route to getting XP is being forced to do progression. A less on burn for 30 mins is sufficient to replenish any glyphed away AAs, and maxing out AAs at the start of a new expansion really doesn't take that long that a bonus of 10% will show significant increase in time. I know this because I use chanter learning aura at 9%.

    11 alts and I'm still at 44mil plat, all with tradeskill armor. Why, because getting the items to craft is pretty simple and I don't actually need to spend any money other than the 30k on the combine item.
    Making plat is one of the easiest things to do in EQ

    Expansion completed, all achieves completed - I don't have all max luck, but yes, all TS raid armor done. And augs done. Months before the new expansion comes out..... getting there "quicker" is pointless. When you can beat raids with previous expansion armor on...

    These perk are not stable revenue flow, either. They are switch on when need and stop subbing when don't.
    purchasing the "no delevel" perk seems to be a preference for those at the start of an expansion - switch it off after you finish up hitting 99.999%

    Why pay for storage, when a new character is free.... and you can just move stuff between.

    Why pay for XP when you get to the point you're maxxed...

    The perks are a cash sync for TLP server races, for those who want to pay to get ahead, and for players that lack at the start of expansions. And still. None of them actually make sense.
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  4. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    11 alts and only 44m? ouch oh yea i went from 2 traders to 4 so i could sell more pretty tough with only 100 slot per char. FtP but you have to sub to be a trader pretty damn lame!

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  5. globeadue Journeyman

  6. Dre. Augur

    This is where I point out the perk is "coin from your kills".

    Not coin from selling diamonds to a vendor. Not coin from bazaar interactions. Not coin from quest rewards. Not coin from Krono.

    Coin from kills. In a game where many (most?) of the mobs don't even drop coin when killed, and when they do it's pocket change.
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  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Not everyone wants (or can) to start multiple accounts to run multiple traders at the same time. Not to mention you are required to have a subscription (last time I checked) to use the set up a trader which makes it even harder if you want set up multiple traders. In the end the perk lets you put 32 more items up for trade on a single character which can make a big difference for some

    Every little bit can help and 10% over 300 skill up across all the skills can make a decent difference especially when it gets harder to skill up

    I take it you never take call of the wild on raids and never die multiple times while learning an event? This isn't about raiding once you know and understand the raids but as your guild is still learning them. If your guild is working as hard as they can and never giving up on a raid as soon as it starts going wrong some people can end up dying a bunch. In the end it doesn't matter how well you understand raiding or play your class if others mess up and cause your death.

  8. Grove Augur

  9. Aldren Not Black


    Actually?! It's two slots now?!

    Thank you, thank you! All is right in the world :) :) :)

  10. blake New Member

    I just came back to this game after a very long break from it. I was enjoying my time again which is why I decided to subscribe. I am sad to see all this pay to win crap come into the game. What is going on here? Do you even listen to your player base? Or do you already have your heart set on milking this game dry?
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  11. Gobbie New Member

    I can understand peoples frustration with having to pay additional for perks.. I also see how the company needs to keep making a profit to keep the game running. I was surprised you could do all three. What if you got to choose the first perk and had to pay for the other 2 if you wanted them? Make the 1 perk permanent or able to change on a monthly basis. Only one I'm really interested in is the xp one and maybe the bank/merchant one, but for me I don't know if its worth an extra bit a month on this game. To some it may be and that's their choice to pay for it or not.
  12. Coffinstuffer New Member

    None of it seems relevant for a locked progression server. $5/m, hmm, think I'd rather subscribe to Apple News! or one of hundreds of other apps. Not paying extra over my sub. We already buy extra DBCash. Please put some stuff in that I can use on a locked server.

    Every time something new is offered, the feedback is 1)Fix current and ongoing game issues 2)Don't charge extra for what you've put into the game in the past via DBCash. People feel ripped off and you stir up a lot of angst.

    I'm sure this is happening, No point in any of it for many people. BTW do you loose the extra bag and inventory slots when you stop paying the monthly fee? HAHAHA that would be funny, tons of items on your cursor LOL.
  13. Scila Augur

    Understand that "perk" isn't something that you pay for - it's something you get as a result of existing in an environment. Meaning you pay for the game and they give you bonus this or that periodically - that is a perk. Marketplace is granted dbcash as a perk - you can then spend that on items as a perk. Buying something as is advertised as a "perk" is an add-on.
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  14. Finchy Augur

    it's not even just windows's trying to move the code to a new engine, like unity or UR4 or anything from modern day. If I am remembering correctly, EQ's code base will not be compatible with any of those engines since the one EQ is running on is custom, it was built specifically for EQ and nothing else. Again, if i'm remembering correctly, the game would literally need to be recoded from start to finish to even consider moving to a modern game engine, not to mention how many things would need to be changed for combability reasons. It'd basically be like building a completely new game; at least the effort would equal to that (or more honestly).
  15. Zanarnar Augur

    The game engine is modular though, they have already done 2 upgrades to it. They badly need to do another one to make it run on DX12 (at least) not DX9.0c and bring it up to modern standards.

    Before you say it can't be done, remember the game launched requiring DirectX 6, the engine was then upgraded to use DX7, and then upgraded again to 9.0c where we have been since 2006.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And I do remember a lot of bugs occurred that took some time to iron out each time it was upgraded. So while it can be done they need to allocate enough time to make sure they can fix any issues that happen post upgrade.
  17. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Before it was this:

    Adventurer's Perk – Become one of the greatest merchants of Norrath

    * Gain a 5% experience bonus that multiplies with other experience bonuses you earn.
    * Rake in 10% more coin from your kills.
    * Earn 10% more alternate currency from modern raids.

    Challenger's Perk – Challenge the world of Norrath

    * Loyalty vendors, such as Alerynril the Loyal, will provide a 10% discount on loyalty items.
    * Your mercenaries will gain experience 10% more quickly.
    * You won't lose a level when your character falls in battle.

    Merchant's Perk – Become a mighty adventurer in the world of Norrath

    * Grants access to twelve-slot trader’s satchels.
    * Enables an additional slot in your inventory.
    * Adds a 10% chance bonus* to gain skill points in crafting skills.

    Now it is this:

    So out of this thread, you were elected to change 1 inventory slot to 2?

    Do you know what you are doing at all?

    Who is responsible for this decision of "perks".
    I want to know the name of the person responsible for this decision.
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  18. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I used to help SOE do UI adjustments with advice years ago.. and be an author over on EQInterface.
    I am not impressed.

    Updating a UI set over on EQInterface for an author that doesn't update was out of my compassion for the game. To adjust someone's window to allow there vision issue see the maps better by changing the background color was out of kindness.

    You are PAID From our subs and you come up with monthly charge (ontop of expansion purchase and monthly standard fee) to simply put an extra slot in a UI piece?

    I do NOT think that is worth the THOUSANDS of dollars you would make out of a 'pay to win' option in the game by unlocking 2 inventory slots if players pay a montly fee.

    Ripping us off of features that should be included in the standard expansion that comes out every 12 months.

    Who is in charge?
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  19. Numiko Augur

    Biggest upgrade they could do for eq. is rewrite it to be a 64 bit game, that would open things up so much for improvements. But I also understand it would be a huge undertaking that would offer daybreak little monetary return so am not holding my breath waiting for it.
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  20. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    That is what it really comes down to now, if they want to do further pricing, they have competition.
    This game is not up to par. I have so many issues in game just trying to walk through pok near the small bank, loading graphics, even in guild lobby.
    Raids seem less stressful then those two locations.

    New players start out missing tells and information from helping players because of UI issues and setting... never mind the lag.
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