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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, Sep 8, 2021.

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  1. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Don't worry, I'm sure the next expansion will include 1 added bag slot, so you will HAVE to buy this to even it out.
  2. Tattle New Member

    As a potential new player after watching friends and family play this is the worst idea. Now between the cost of the game and the cost to make you look different with Daybreak mall type stuff. The cost of the game itself monthly, competing with bot users the game has made it near impossible to advance in the game and enjoy the game. My friends and family have played for 20 years and came back and had to compete with bot users and now you are implementing this. The game is becoming a who can spend the most money game. The fact that people are allowed to use bots and NOT get permanently ban shows this game has become about nothing but money and now to add this which is about spending more money and you can advance more. There is no way I would be willing to PAY to play this game after seeing how it is run and become a cash cow game. It is unfair to players who work to get their characters where they want to be instead of paying your way with something like this or being allowed to bot your way to the top. Unfair, unprofessional, unfun for everyone involved in the game .... and proof that this game is reaching its end. This is a sad day for this game!
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  3. Abundant Elder

    What on Earth is this non-MMO stuff?

    Dislike button ugh. :( Boosted coin of all things???? That is so odd and phone-game based. Please consider less need for changing classic games please? :( Everything is catering to new age gamers and pay to winners smh. There is always an option to look at long-term subs like the old days + cashshop, but not all these additional new things that seem extremely out of place for EQ. Most folks are here to relive nostalgia. EQ wasn't ever meant to be easy.

    I'd greatly appreciate support for free speech and expression as well this issue had been supported during the end of Mangler and Aradune... I'm fully allowed to make a fair and rational statement with the upmost due respect to every single person here. Objective customer feedback is relevant and we are grateful to be heard by anyone integrity based. Going way out of my way to be civil, respectful, and considerate with every post I make here. Not every post has to be a stand-in-line and agree post, especially with vastly dramatic changes. Have a great week everyone.
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  4. Abundant Elder

  5. Abundant Elder

  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    This is some straight up horse excrement.

    Is the the kind of garbage we're gonna get from the new owners going forward? All that talk about the future of EQ was just nonsense apparently...just another property to use as a cash grab.

  7. Abundant Elder

    This is the #1 post here.
  8. Xilbuster New Member

    I mean just about every other mmo gives these type of things for free included in the subscription , Everquest is already one of the most expensive games out there and get so little out of paying a subscription. as in they don't really Add jack for content for it. Really bad move.
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  9. Hithiquen New Member

    imho the game really does not benefit from even more pay-to-win mechanics
  10. Elysania Journeyman

    One thing I would prefer with this is a 6 mo and 1 year payment option. not that it makes a difference but rather pay like $30 for 1 perk per a year than 2.99 a month cuz I dont like monthy payments
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  11. Elysania Journeyman

    and raid coin perk should include group game coins not everyone raids
  12. Numiko Augur

    This is more like pay for meh.. :oops:
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  13. Aegir Augur

    Someone's Salty at Daybreak about too many life-time subs still playing the game for "free" now.

    Should just have updated the "Heroic Character" Boost instead. It's falling way behind current content and a 5% perma experience boost won't help that in any way :p
  14. Gindorf New Member

    Sounds like F2P live server complaints...
  15. Shalana New Member

    Instead of trying to bleed the players you have how about creating some new content, do some advertising and get new players to spend there $$$ here. By selling bonuses and redoing old maps you aren't going to really get players to return to EQ. If you want EQ to die keep going down the road your going with selling bonuses and reselling expansions we have already paid for.
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  16. Warpeace Augur

    Where are the stat food and drink slots....

    My disappointment is real:oops:
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  17. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Sure are alot of negative people in EQ i say go play WoW or something! was hoping for 20 slot trader bags and they need to make two extra inventory slots one just seems weird to me.

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  18. Ashigaru Augur

    Very poorly thought out, likely doesn't interest many (even most) EQ players - and has the potential to actually reduce income overall, by encouraging players to move to other games
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  19. Aenvar Augur

    It's so blatant they are just after money and I can understand that, but it's terribly sad to see our ancient and beloved EQ heading this direction. I don't think the offered "perks" are properly valued or even enticing at all.

    Also sorry Accendo, I'm not charging against you but whoever in your team that had this bad, bad idea.
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  20. Kalvenie Elder

    I guess this is aimed at TLP true box servers, where the demographic and mind-set might be more towards doing whatever it takes to win, including paying for some really really minimal gains, due to the minimal in game perks in the areas within each pack.

    I have 6 account, 6 traders, 11 mains,
    None of what you're offering remotely impacts them in anyway, after the years of investment in the game. And at £8+ per month sub (less if I pay quarterly), and £25 per expansion (if I don't decide to buy premium), you're already making at £726 per year out of me.

    12 slot trader satchels should have been in game years ago - I just create more alts, and 20 extra slots per alt isn't worth it, when a new character is free.

    30 - 40 slot bags on 11 characters.... plus housing storage crates... one extra inventory slot feels very misplaced. (like most of my items).

    Who isn't maxed in crafting???

    Yay 10% discount on bags of platinum to add to the tens of millions in the bank.

    If Merc AAs made Mercs more useful...

    Who doesn't have 99.999% level maxxed??? Who's dying that much!!!?

    experience bonuses aren't overly useful when the majority of XP IS FORCED TO COME FROM PROGRESSION.

    Yay more platinum..... if only there were things to buy.

    I have 4000 raid coins from CoV raids going spare............. Same for the last few expansions..........
    An extra 2, 3, 4 coins per raid aren't going to really help.

    What would I actually like?
    I would pay extra for a raid geared merc that can actually handle themselves.
    I would pay extra for a 115 level character rather than an 85 heroic, so I can get on with the game rather than finding time to power level (which will become harder with the 30 level gap at 120 increase)
    I would pay for Wiz DPS to be fixed
    I would pay for armor suits that are difficult to get (raids)
    I would pay for certain merc looks that are not available
    I would pay for destruction events of Ak Anon, Kelethin and Rivervale. Over, and over, and over again.

    Just say "this is for TLP" and all other players are again, not being given any cake.
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