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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, Sep 8, 2021.

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  1. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    You must be joking.

    I have seen your comments on various topics and they are always harsh..
    Fishing macro afk playing (ok, while at the keyboard) bring up some old statement that is from an ex employee holding it like its a scroll of life for your belief.. and you tell this guy quit blaming krono for what people do? aren't one to talk.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Well it is a pretty well understood fact that 3rd party sites have been selling plat, items, levels, characters and other things long before krono and will continue to sell them even if krono wasn't around.
  3. Atomos Augur

    Ranting over and over? It's been mentioned how many times? Go ahead, count!

    You haven't read a single thing at all. I haven't blamed KRONO for anything.

    I am blaming PEOPLE who choose to spend $8-12 on Krono from a 3rd party website instead of $18 from DBG, which causes DBG to need to create garbage systems like Perks. If people were giving 3rd parties any money instead of DBG for any reason then I'd be blaming that too. Because *gasp* it has nothing to do with Krono, it is about money not going to where it is supposed to be.

    Learn to friggin read dude.

    If I ever blame Krono for anything, it's for keeping Everquest alive. The game wouldn't exist without it. But the amount of people paying real money to someone besides DBG for those Krono is way too high.

    And then there are the complete fools who think buying a 3rd party Krono doesn't affect DBG because the Krono is "already paid for." LOL.

    2 people want to buy 1 Krono. They both get it from DBG. DBG makes 18x2=$36. This is NEW income for the company.

    2 people want to buy 1 Krono. 1 gets it from DBG, the other buys it for $10 from a website. DBG makes $18 of NEW income. The other Krono could've been purchased YEARS ago and as such so could that $18 been spent by DBG YEARS ago.
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And people have been buying from those 3rd party sites long before krono.
  5. octavio hernandez New Member

    you dont have the spend the money on the perks only if you want to its not a big advancement 1 bag slot 10% more merc exp and reg exp isnt huge yes you will level 10% faster but dont mean you have to buy these things you have to understand EQ is full of mutiboxers around 40-70k players total in the entire EQ they make 9-15$ from each account thats paid they have to make their money some how
  6. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    It is what he does, starts stuff in the forums.. I can say the sh word.

    but it is what he does. Check out his other threads.. All about macro and key repeaters to start drama to argue.
  7. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Lie, you said I was on ignore.

    Please stop your drama .

    All you do is bla bla bla..(with everyone)
  8. Atomos Augur

    Buying what, exactly? What could you buy on a 3rd party website before Krono that you could also buy from DBG?

    Still waiting on you to count my black market Krono rants.
  9. Tigonus New Member

    • Initial thoughts when I saw the headline - oh cool sounds fun, a bit of innovation is always welcome I wonder how this will be implemented...
    • Thoughts after reading the spiel - really not enthused on the idea, feels tacky and occupying a weird middle ground where it pisses me off asking for additional money but doesn't provide perks worthwhile enough to justify this what Ji Ham was talking about when he said EG7 would invest more in current acquisitions?
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  10. Beardsy Lorekeeper

    A "Perk" I wanna see - Right click exp potion buff and pause. Holy hell the amount of times I'll pop a pot and 30 min in my group splits, then I sit there like a moron LFG using the entire pot. Fix this. I don't care about your obscene levels of exploitative profits.

    Another one:

    Since /pick sends you to zone in, it shouldn't have more than a 30 second cooldown. 5 Minutes is absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Not sure what exactly your point is here. There has always been a thriving 3rd party market and all krono did was change how the market worked.
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  12. Atomos Augur


    You won't answer a single question asked of you.

    No idea why you even come to these forums. All you do is post misinformation constantly and you're just a meme to anyone who actually wastes the time to read what you have to say. I'm not even convinced you actually play the game.

    Not sure I've ever met someone this deep inside their own little bubble. I pity you.
  13. Risiko Augur

    I will not be paying for any of these perks.

    I am sure there are people out there that will pay for them, and I am sure that Darkpaw Games' parent company will make money off of these perks.

    Is it too expensive?
    No. I could easily afford to pay an additional $5 a month for each of my accounts.

    Why will I not be partaking in the perks?
    Opening the door to more additional charges for a game that is over 20 years old and already charges over $15 a month (with taxes) is ridiculous and quite frankly shows a high lack of respect for the customers that have kept this game alive for the past couple decades.

    What's next?
    If people accept this new feature, then what keeps these perks (or a new "feature" being created eventually) from evolving in to perks that give you a better chance of rare drops, rare spawn, faction gain, etc?

    What happens when you buy a future expansion only to find out that the best rare chase loot only drops for you if you have the "super cool rare loot finder" perk? What if said chase loot will drop for you with out a perk, but it has a .000000000000001% chance to drop unless you have the "chase loot finder" perk that makes is 1.5% chance to drop?

    Where does this end?

    Yeah I am sure we will be told that it will never evolve to that level of pay-to-win, but remember we we've been told many, many times over the years things that ended up being walked back later. Anybody remember how there was no room in the game client for new armor models, and then there was plenty of room when they were able to charge us for both turning the feature on FOR EACH CHARACTER and sale us the armor visuals in store?

    This is yet another pandora's box that will be opened, and just like every time before, they will not listen to us. They never have even though Smedley specifically said they would. It never happens. We are here to be talked to and not heard. Pay for these perks, and you WILL be telling them all they care to hear... money.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I guess you can just keep acting like it was krono that started the 3rd party markets. In the end what is the difference between someone selling a krono through a 3rd party website or selling plat/items?

    In the end it is the same people selling both of them as they either farm plat/items to sell directly or to buy krono in game with.
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  15. Atomos Augur

    No one said 3rd party markets started with Krono. As usual, you are having your own conversation and argument with yourself, putting words in people's mouths and stating completely irrelevant facts.

    And seriously, you don't know the difference between something the company is selling, and something it is not? Really? lol wtf dude. You can't be this oblivious.
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  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sorry but I fail to see any difference between selling krono or selling plat/items on a 3rd pary site.
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  17. Atomos Augur

    DBG actually sells Krono. Selling those on a 3rd party website actually affects DBG.

    DBG does not sell plat and doesn't sell any items you can buy on a 3rd party website. Selling plat and items on a 3rd party website does not affect DBG.

    Understand the difference now?
  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I don't see the people buying it for cheaper at a 3rd party website buying it from Daybreak at a higher price. I mean there are plenty of risks with a 3rd party transaction.
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  19. Kalvenie Lorekeeper

    I understand.

    Person buys an item from legitmate seller at $20
    Person then sells this item to a reseller for something "more valueable to them" where the original item has to be sold at lower than market rate, say $15

    The reseller then sells the item at $17.50 so is attractive to another person, undercutting the legitimate seller, and still making a profit.

    EQ loses out when the person buying at the lower rate is a new entrant to the market, or intends to use the item for it's intended purpose.

    A similar, but not totally reflective example would be ticket resellers who buy at a lower rate than the original buyer paid for, and then sell at a higher price, usually often over the original price because of supply / demand.

    all of this, is very off-topic.

    Kakgumu's post - really appreciate the insight from this forum user.
    Definitely have to distinguish the negativity towards Pay to Win, and the negativity towards this specific offering.
    I am personally hostile to what is being offered, the price it's offered at, and very much resonate with the comments Kakgumu posted.
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  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    JChan said they were going to work on a 64 bit client. This is probably how they are supposed to pay for it. But I am not a fan of additional monthly charges since we pay for a 21 year old game those feature should just be thrown in for everyone in my opinion (if they are added at all).
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