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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, Sep 8, 2021.

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  1. Yoda New Member

    EQ is already pay for win, get over it.

    You can buy Krono and give it to someone to PL you to infinity while you AFK as it is now.

    Typical ,EQ players crying because someone else might get something they do not have. 5% exp bonus..meh.. so buy a damn potion. None of this is is groud breaking. Some people just like to cry on this forum.

    Be happy they are finding ways to make monety and keep the game going. Otherwise go play something else.
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  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I posted a potted history of EQ's early engine updates - link below - there have been some small improvements to the 2004 era EQ dx9C engine since then though.
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  3. taliefer Augur

    I like these perks. Ill be getting them, and know of several others i play with will be as well. so all the "noone is going to buy these" are just flatly wrong.

    also, how can there be so much salt over something "noone will buy" and also be pay to win? so much nonesense in this thread over a small thing.

    reminds me of how people were when the marketplace was introduced. supposedly that was the death of eq and a "slippery slope" to pay to win as well.

    still waiting for either of those to occur. some of you may want to look at actual pay to win games too, since these perks arent remotely it
  4. Riou EQResource

    It would be cool if Krono use was expanded to be a choice of 1 month sub, 3 months of the 3 tier option of this or 1500 dbc
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  5. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I'll pay $25 for illusion Pyrilen illusion!
  6. Demetriix New Member

    This is horrible. Nickle and Diming people even more than you already do.
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  7. Qelil Augur

    While I find this news both insulting and disappointing as others have probably said here previously, you can ignore it if you don't like it. That's my plan. I guess they will see what the market will bear. I have nothing against the company making money which also keeps the game I've loved for so long alive. However, I think it ought to be earned by providing actual value for the subscription and expansion costs along with fixing long standing technical issues with the game. Personally, I already pay for three annual subscriptions along with expansions and I occasionally spring for cosmetics and toys. That's enough. If all of us doing this isn't enough money to keep the suits happy well, I'm sorry but anything more is a bridge too far for me personally. For those glad to have the opportunity to pay even more money to play for questionable benefit, well enjoy I guess. It doesn't hurt me any although I think you're getting screwed. It's your money. :D

    When I hoped the new management would invest in EverQuest (silly me!) this is not quite what I had in mind. What a dreamer, eh? lol
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  8. henry0918 Journeyman

    WOW SHAME on you , have you guys no shame ?
    is any of the original developer from Verant still on this development team ???!!!
    what the hell are you guys "busying" at?
  9. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    I guess the big question is; will the proceeds go to improving EQ, some other new game, or dividends to shareholders.

    If it's used to fund more game improvements (like better server hardware) for everyone, that would be great.
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  10. Visitor Augur

    Some time ago, I suggested building a new (renewed install), starting with the original and maybe Kunark and Velious. Then run it as TLP, the idea is to put in as much of the original content as can be confirmed as possible, and most importantly, the characters have to be movable to live servers - Intact, and also be able to move from live to the new install. Given time with a functional ability to move Original characters to the new install, the TLP can be built several expacs at a time up to current, and in a few years, everyone moves to the replacement install. Old non played characters can be archived, should we - hopefully- get old players to come back. I suspect that there would be at least a decent number of players would choose to test out the new install server with the oldest expacs.
  11. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    What I find most entertaining about this (next to crossing a bridge too far on pay to win) is that you're introducing an influx of help tickets by doing this. You won't enable account to account transfers because they create too many help tickets, but you'll cross this bridge?

    Some one above said it best imo, these perks are best as future expansion features.
  12. IamJan New Member

    Luckily I'm on Agnarr, so don't have to deal with this.
  13. Moege Augur

    They are making a profit in fact they make such a profit that EQ is subsidizing their other games. Go read the balance sheet from the buyout. What they are not doing is reinvesting in EQ. Players have to be hapyy with laggy server and be glad "hey the game is still running"
  14. Kalvenie Lorekeeper

    Waring_McMarrin You:
    I take it you never take call of the wild on raids and never die multiple times while learning an event? This isn't about raiding once you know and understand the raids but as your guild is still learning them. If your guild is working as hard as they can and never giving up on a raid as soon as it starts going wrong some people can end up dying a bunch. In the end it doesn't matter how well you understand raiding or play your class if others mess up and cause your death.[/quote]

    You just seem to be engaged in whataboutery with this.

    Call of the wild still enables you to take an actual rez......... AGAIN, if you are not getting a buffer that allows you to take enough rezzes, YOU are the problem, and not helping yourself or the guild by coming to a raid unprepared. I'm a wizard, I die plenty when over DPSing tanks before they lock aggro in. Fail to plan, plan to fail. $2.99 a month to give you some peace of mind for not spending an hour or two getting a buffer... go for it. It feels like a waste to me.

    Sure you have everything done well before the next expansion but that is not the case for all guilds and players. Some are getting there a lot later and some don't get there at all. It just depends on how fast and often they are able to beat the raids. You shouldn't consider everyone finishing their gear super early like you do.

    sure - guilds take different amounts of time. DBG put in the metric of increased coins at periodic intervals. We're now at 40 coins per raid. And all the drops. If, as a guild, one is at a point where you still haven't been able to gear up majority of the raid from doing the easier events only. A few people in the guild spending $2.99 a month to get 1, 2, 3 or 4 extra coins per event IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU PROGRESS.

    I said before - you can beat a number of new expansion events with previous expansion gear. That's the point of progressive raiding - build up the guild from last expansion and then start to build up again to make the new raids easier to beat.

    If you cannot beat an event, gear may help you survive a bit more - spending $2.99 doesn't really get you there quicker if you can't beat the event... the coin increase over time is the saving grace. Actually focussing on the problem, which isn't gear, it's poor strat, poor player performance, or an unavoidable wipe from wooey mechanics, will enable you to beat the events and get you ready for the next expansion.

    These perks are not a stable revenue flow? That is a pretty bold statement to make considering they have just been announced and one has already had a slight change to it (2 inventory slots instead of 1). Also need to consider the fact that not everyone wants to do the things that you are doing.

    In game purchases are not stable revenue. It's not a bold statement when you understand retail revenue models. Most revenue from ingame purchase hover around launch of something else, or related to a specific event. With this model, it is likely sales will peak when there is a new TLP server launch, or a new expansion. Events that happen... two or three times a year? And it will fluctuate based on whether a player is motivated or unmotivated, sees it as value, or doesn't feel they need it at that point. It's neither regular nor expected revenue.

    Not everyone is max level and max AA so they might want to keep the xp perk around longer. Not to mention if it works on a TLP server they may want it for each new one.

    So guesstimate how many people aren't max AA, who would see having 10% regular xp at $2.99 per month a needed perk. And ask your self, do they ahve the time to really utilise the value of that $2.99 if they aren't max AA already. Because this is about time vs outlay. 10% potions cost 100 DB Coin. And you get 500 for free remember. they last for 4 hours. 20 hours of 10% time for free each month.

    Each expansion has what - 2000 to 5000 new AAs?
    Let's do a little calculation to prove the effectiveness and go for the higher number just to prove the point. i've reviewed some past logs and see an average of 90 kills per hour. based of 1 AA per kill and imagining only having one hour a day to play:
    90 AAs with no xp mod - 55.5 days
    99AAs with 10% xp mod - 50.5 days
    135AA with 30mins LoD and no xp mod - 37 days
    139.5AA with 30mins LoD and 10% non stacking Xp mod - 35.8 days
    144AA with 30mins LoD and 10% stacking XP mod. -34.7 days

    Using LoD greatly reduces the time to attain AAs, we all know that.
    The difference between no XP mod and 10% mod is two hours. TWO days of game play if you're only able to do one hour a day, for $2.99 a month.

    the difference between using the DB Cash bought potions that you can stack=up on over a few months is ONE day (one hour). For $2.99 a month.

    So this doesn't seem biased, can extraplotate to 4 hours of play a day and an example if you only have 500 DB cash to spend.

    No mod - 360AAs per 4 hour session - 14 days to max
    LOD no mod - 405AAs per 4 hour session - 12.3 days to max
    LOD and non stack 10% for 5x4 hour sessions, then no mod - 11.9 days to max
    LOD and non stack 10% - 436.5 per 4 hour session - 11.5 days to max
    LOD and stackable 10% - 441AA per 4 hour session - 11.3 days to max

    For 2.99 per month, you can speed up getting 5000 AAs by 0.2 days or 0.6 days if you only have 500 coin, playing just 4 hours per day. If anyone wants to check the maths here... please do. I won't profess to being max skill at quick math.

    TLP server - totally get the race, and like I said, I can only see this as a benefit to TLP servers.

    Bah - and after doing all those calculations, I've just re-read the perk. it's a 5% bonus.....
    So even worse!!!!!!!! 11.8 days to max rather than 11.3 days to max... so you get there just as quick quicker with the DB Coin bought potions.

    Sure new characters are free but what about people who actually play a lot of alts and don't have the space to make new alts for storage? What about those that don't want to keep creating free to play accounts for storage?

    WHAT are they storing if 8 characters with 30-40 slot bags in all inventory and bank slots, and houses / crates.ANd what..... someone would rather pay $2.99 a month for ONE slot than take the 10 seconds it takes to create a new F2P account and the 5minutes to set-up 1 new character and fill there bank with deluxe toolboxes? Who are these people; I would like to meet them and ask them to give me the $2.99 to do it for them.

    As I have said several times these perks might not be for someone like you who is pretty much maxed everywhere and that isn't an issue. The perks don't have to target everyone and I am sure they will be closely watching how many people pay for them and adjust them as needed so they sell as expected.

    Again - think about this 20+ year old game and where players are. Who is this extra $2.99 perk really helping. Are there that many players so desperately trying to get to 115 max AAs, 300skill in TS and full up on traders that this will even be a blip in profit on regular servers?
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  15. Kalvenie Lorekeeper

    A good point to make. There are some places where coin drops more readily, but still 100-200pp per kill isn't going to make you a noble owner very quickly.
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  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    That sounds like a great idea at first, but I think that asking a returning player to pay more to catch up to the rest of their server seems to me like a d**k move and it then provides a get out of jail free card to the devs to not bother properly enabling sub max level players with better catch-up systems.

    Could argue that this could potentially be a "choose your route to max level" by either selecting a Heroic Upgrade (85 or some future higher level option) from the marketplace or taking the "I will level my damn self but I will pay for a boost to get there" by subbing for the perk.

    A paid option is okay by me tbh, but ONLY if there is a decent catch up mechanic that doesn't require a wallet-voyage that acts as a short cut too. The current measures are really not good enough to bridge the gap from 70-110 in a reasonable amount of time.
    Money as a short cut is somewhat tolerable so long as there's a cut off point to where it helps at something around 5-10 levels below the cap. I am also open to them adding more "defiant" style gear to the market place and as random drops in game they seemed to stop with that at 70-80 and I think they should have kept that going, at the worst it was nice for alts until they got expansion drops.
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  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    From interviews with actual EQ coders of the past and recent times it's the assets* of EQ rather than its code (*that are in custom file types) that present the greatest problem to moving to a modern standardised graphics engine, the cost for either porting/converting them into a standard version or building some middleware that allows an off the shelf engine to read those effeciently given the immense amount of assets EQ has is probably the sort of thing that must give JChan headaches when considering the path to the future for EQ as a product.
  18. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    This would be like asking the current team to build the normal annual expansion (which have been far smaller than some of the early expansions built with way more developers) and also to build another expansion on top of that that is much bigger than the ones they have been building for live.

    You would need to more than double the size of the existing team to do an EQ rebuild like this I think and before you did that you would need to have an engine upgrade for the whole game that can render both the older existing assets plus the new revamped ones & maybe even allow a player to choose between them since there is still a bunch of players who like old models in old zones and actively petition for that kind of "old game" to be kept and preserved.

    If money were no object you would end up with an EverQuest Graphics Engine and assets that is built to display in 3 different styles.
    1. Classic to PoP style DX8 "Classic era" zones*, npc* & player models*
    2. GoD up to CoV style DX9 "Golden era" zones*, npc* & player models*
    3. Revamped 64-bit DX12 *Heroic era" zones, npc & player models + new standalone pathing, particle and collision detection engines so that they can be improved & maintained independently of the engine.The graphics bedrock overall needs to be far more modular. And then with all that in place of course better developer tools, art tools, model tools, animation tools.
    *and these could have improved-version options such as high-resolution textures, additional skin options, additional hairstyle options, additiona face options etc.
    But hey, pipe-dreams and Bezos money investmnet aside, I am not sure the board members are fully engaged with putting money IN to EverQuest in order to actually get more OUT later on, the value proposition for them currently seems to be milk us for all that they can get away with.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    For years they have been cleaning up code, redoing databases etc. I'm sure they are working towards updating EQ. But it takes a huge amount of time and we have no idea where we are on that timeline. It could be months away, it could also be years.

    We don't know all the things going on it the background, many times we have heard about back end changes messing things up, with many questioning what they could possibly have done that messed up X.
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  20. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    If someone at DP said this, it just goes to show how little they know.

    The assets are easily ported. While the file formats and construction are OLD SCHOOL. Blender is free and supports python custom modules. People write import engines for old tech all the time.

    Flat out the code is the complication.

    No wonder they haven't made any big moves, they think there's going to be a problem with assets? The most proprietary and legacy thing they have is the sky. Scrap it and redo it, the sky is nothing.

    People are already extracting the files and putting them in modern engines. It's so easy.

    The code is the only thing that can't be simply 'ported over' in any way.
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