New EverQuest in the works can we submit ideas?

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  1. Vicus Augur

    And obviously the OP wants a EQ3.

    People are all over the place in this game and I don't think there is a right answer, I do think there is a "best answers"

    If you continue to just support the original will get long support but no new players and your 54man raid team..will slowly be 3 people less every expansions...or replaced with bots. Guilds can merge and the game from a player standpoint can sustain for another decade or more...servers can be merged ect ect..but from a new money standpoint for DPG's would be maybe making enough just to pay their salary..or would have to cut the team down even further.

    If you make an EQ3 many old timers that don't want the bells and whistles that come with it if they go more like WoW. If they go more like Pantheon...then maybe they will see the light after launch and slowly go where their friends have gone too but there is no given.

    I think the "best" solution is a remastered EQ. It will still be EQ at heart with some quality of life changes and a prettier face lift. While the older timers will refuse to leave.....when their friends who do go tell them come on over it's better then you think, and they get there and it "feels" like EQ..I think that will long term be the most popular game as it can find a happy medium for both sides.

    With that said, that will only happen till DBG sells the franchise because looking through there history, they have never made a new game outside of a battle royal. Just bought...expanded...and sold. Which from an employee standpoint has to be a little scary. Many of these devs aren't ready to retire and probably don't want to be starting a new career in their 30's and 40's.
  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    If this is the best, why would they not just re-build the game engine from the ground up? This meets everyone's criteria and gives the current game, and its customers, the best of all the proposals made here and in every thread like it for the last 20 years.

    But why hasn't it happened? Because it would not yield enough profit to make it worthwhile.
  3. Vicus Augur

    This hasn't happen because DBG does not make new games. I also think rewriting the old code would be my personal favorite but while that would bring back a decent amount of older players (if they actually added stuff to the game like new classes, races, systems, ect) but I don't think it would bring the next generation of Everquest players. Like it or note but graphics nowadays are what makes people at least give it a glance. If it looks bad then they will not look deeper.

    How many 20 year olds have played one of the best games ever made, FF7? Probably very little. How many have played the new FF7 remake? Since April 10th 3.5 million sold. Same story, face lift and some mechanic changes (much more drastic changes to the mechanics). BUT even if the game was just the same story, amazing graphics, and used the same turnbase at the would of still sold 3.5 million..maybe more because people loved the old school games (maybe less also).

    My point being..Everquest is still a BIG name in the MMO is just not a powerful one anymore. Same mechanics, same classes, same world, same lore, new graphic engine and database would be a hit.

    I will give 1 more example. If what you say is true then I DO not think this would of worked out the way it did. I believe when the devs said "you really don't want classic, you think you do but you don't" would of been true, but now we know it wasn't.

    WoW classic.

    Original wow was released in September of 2004. By the end of 2005 it had 2.5 million subscriptions. It's max being 12.5million during Wrath of the Lich King. But in Classic 1 year after launch they were at 2.5 million.

    WoW classic released in July of 2019 and in August of 2019 Blizzards subscriptions TRIPLED (up 223%). The devs during the production of WoW classic stated that while the game plays as close as they could make it to the original game, they did do some upgrades to the back end system to make it compatible with the current WoW patcher, website, ect. They didn't change the graphics or anything (made them worse...they made their current games graphics...worse and made profit).

    So like I said I agree that upgrading the current code would be the most preferred way but I don't agree that it wouldn't be worth it. Players are at the end of the day the ones that ultimately hold the power of what is successful.

    A Everquest remake OR just an overhaul of EQ...advertised well would bring back old, new, ect. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. But ...still my opinion is anything that DBG supports and releases would be garbage because while Dark Paw games would give it everything that had, DBG would give them a butter knife and some yarn and tell them to go catch a Grizzly Bear.
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    That explains Minecraft.....
  5. Zinth Augur

    thats for little kids...
  6. TheStugots Augur

    Quick Google search says it has over 100M monthly players and an average age of 24.
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