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    There are many versions of the Kelethin song and you should visit the zone to test it. You could also switch the sound fonts in the BASSMIDI Driver configuration so that synthusr.sf2 (which is the EverQuest sound font) is at the bottom of the list . 1mgm.sf2 had been extracted from a Soundblaster AWE32 and many players had used only a Soundblaster 16 Value or a similar 16 bit card which did sound different. It is necessary to restart EQ after making changes in the MIDI configuration.

    Some songs will sound better and a few even worse. It is about impossible to replicate everything to its original state especially with modern hard- and software. Windows XP was maybe the last MIDI friendly OS and since then MS reduced the MIDI support and quality with every new windows version. I will try to find a better solution for Windows 10.
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    nice, thank you! :)
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    Oh noes, someone hacked my website. :eek:
    See yourself what has happened by clicking on the banner ...
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    Ummm...not clicking.
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    Much mischief!
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    I have played around with the formulas from your link for 1-2 hours and have experienced that they are pretty inaccurate. Now after I have changed the roundings it seems to result in better matches. 43+65 and 56+85 do work at least. It seems that the matchings are hardcoded into the game engine and that it is only possible to approximating to it with formulas.
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    Thanks. Are you going to update the page with these new findings?
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    Already did so.
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    19 old screenshots are waiting to get explored. Those were not made by myself.
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    Ice website, thanks for sharing