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  1. ARCHIVED-kilzit Guest

    Ive been a TSer for years and was really looking forward to making new Cultural armor.Please help me out here if im wrong.To make new armor,seals and augs you need to have TS skills past 300,trophy and AA in salvage and so forth to really even have a shot at a combine.But in UF all i need is the specific clay and template and combine and sweet its made.Hmmm whats wrong here.
  2. ARCHIVED-Mnesis Guest

    Honestly, kilzit, with 300 smithing and a 12% trophy, I had easily a 50% or higher failure rate making my set of cultural. That's right... half or more of my attempted combines failed.
    Still, this armor, once tweaked and revamped, is suppoed to be roghly equivalent or slightly better than Tier 6 armor, better than the best group armor from SoD, so I would fully expect it to be just that hard to make.
  3. ARCHIVED-HeartzBroken Guest

    I think you are confusing cultural crafted armor and the Underfoot group armor (stellite, cellestrium etc).
  4. ARCHIVED-kilzit Guest

    Im on Xegongy server .Here in the baz you can buy the templates already made.Guess what im saying is it takes no TS skill at all to make final combine.Zero chance of failure.IMO anything that is player made needs to have some sort of TS envolved.Where as stated above with 300 skill and trophy to make cultural you have a failure rate of 50% or greater.
  5. ARCHIVED-Tuldail_TT Guest

    As far back as PoP there have been player made sets of armor that had no fail combines. Nothing new here.
  6. ARCHIVED-HeartzBroken Guest

    Group and raid armor never required a person to have tradeskills, even if the armor required a tradeskilled component to make. PoP and GoD armor certainly didn't.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tuldail_TT Guest

    HeartzBroken wrote:
    That's exactly what i'm saying.
  8. ARCHIVED-kilzit Guest

    ok i can see not needing the skill for final combine as in making old qvic armor.Then templates should be made no trade.
  9. ARCHIVED-Dev-Ngreth Guest

    The expansion "drop" armor will not be made "failable" nor require that everyone gain tradeskill skill to make.
    I made require a tradeskilled template for 2 reasons. The main 90% reason, to fit the flavor of the expansion... but 10% of the reason, to create a market for tradeskillers to sell templates to players making their drop armor.
    Cultural armor is it's own little thing.
  10. ARCHIVED-Rooks Guest

    Cultural was dead even before it was released.Granted its better than t5 group gear from SoD but outdated by t6 from UF that takes no skill to even make.So much for bringing cultural back.Now as for templates Making them no trade sounds fair.Need skill to make them with no worry about final combine failing.
  11. ARCHIVED-Dev-Ngreth Guest

    You do realize that since cultural can go in the bazaar... people that do not own underfoot can get it... thus a market.
  12. ARCHIVED-Kazolo Guest

    Dev-Ngreth wrote:
    Yes, but the vast majority of the level 85 population has UF......
  13. ARCHIVED-kilzit Guest

    Please Dev-Ngreth take alook around in Bazarre on Xegony and see how much cultural armors for sale as opposed to templates.That way you will actually get to see whats going on.Cultural has absolutely no market.
  14. ARCHIVED-NamelessShaman Guest

    I think the market for these will be several months down the road when alts need to gear and noone is doing progression much. Additionally all the people on Nameless are selling the armor for 100k+ symbols 100k+ and seals for 50k+ making it a 250k upgrade which many people do not have (especially when SoD gear is relatively 'easy' to get)
  15. ARCHIVED-Bowdrie24 Guest

    Looks like cultural was added as a selling point to get people to buy new xpan. So for the $40.00 i get to make inferior armor to try to sell.Nice.But hey its better than group gear from an xpan ago and totaly useless in the 1 it came out in.Watched what few pieces of cultural thats been made up, talked to those that have made it and no its not selling.The bazzare is still dead, nobody is going to start to do tradeskills for an inferior product that wont sell.With cultural being better than group gear as it should be all tradeskills would pick up as it did last time.tradeskill items such as silk,ore,pelts etc would finnaly have a value again.Oh as it stands i can goto baz buy a template and get the rott clay and hey got my new armor.
  16. ARCHIVED-Matthyas Guest

    Has anyone else noticed with the cultural armor drops that spongy loam, immacuate spinneret fluid, and immacuate marrow are not dropping from anything in the Underfoot, or has it just been bad luck for me?
  17. ARCHIVED-Mnesis Guest

    Bowdrie24 wrote:
    I do not have Underfoot.
    I DO have a complete set of cultural that I mostly made myself. The parts I didn't make I bought the components fo... including the ccosgrove dust... in bazaar and had someone else make.
    How is it a selling point in Underfoot if I can get it without Underfoot?
    On another note, ngreth has already said that he will take another look at Cultural due to focus conflicts and underpowered pieces.
    Now, feel free to relax, untwist yer dainty feminine undergarments, and give them a little more time to work things out. They're designing block upon block of whole new content on a foundation of programming over a decade old programmed by people who don't work here anymore, just to please you and me. As much as anyone may whine about time or their pay, there's always going to be bugs when an expansion goes public... if you don't believe me, I challenge you to try programming for them; as an ex-programmer of IBM business mainframes in COBOL, I have the vaguest glimmer of the horror that must be programming new content on a decade-old platform. If you cannot imagine it well enough to give them a little respect, space and time, and just point out a problem, discuss it civilly, and wait, then you need to sit down and be quiet, because grown-ups are talking.
  18. ARCHIVED-kilzit Guest

    Yes we are talking.
  19. ARCHIVED-Bowdrie24 Guest

    Hmmm you dont have UF yet your running your mouth about something you know nothing about.your right sit down junior US adults are talking
  20. ARCHIVED-Kalthanan2 Guest

    If there were no market for it, it would sit in the baz and not sell. There's none for sale in my baz. There are two possible reasons:
    1 - No one is making it
    2 - It's selling out immediately
    I think there are very few people who can make it because the quest requires people to kill tons of gold golems for random updates, and those golems are in a hard to reach spot. I know someone who had to kill over a hundred gold golems to get the updates. Can we get numbers on how many folks have done the quest per server, per race? And only a percentage of those folks will end up selling any in the baz.
    I've seen *one* person who has advertised they are making it to order in my baz. I keep a trader up 24x7 these last couple weeks, and I check General and /auc. I haven't been able to take a group to the gold golems; everyone's too busy doing progression. I tried to get there myself but died to SI several times trying different routes around the silver golems and giants.

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